[Ven's] New Burrower Strain - Digger

Burrower Strain - Digger

This strain is mainly for “expanding” support.

What this strain give?
This strain remove tunnel making ability and making traps for 2 new abilities,

  1. Ground Tearing - This ability allow to remove/transform “unweedable” ground to weedable one (for example LV624 grass)

  2. Dig Hole - This ability create deep hole in ground/weeds, when placing resin node on hole it will hide it (some sort of wierd resin sprite), when marines step on trap, they will be trapped and need climb out (it take 3-5seconds) of course marine can still shoot around eterence to hole (1 tile around, because they are in hole) to defend itself.

When hole is out of weeds/exposed, it can be used by T1 (or lower) to hide from enemy fire and used for ambush, of course marine can still fall to this holes if they walk on them.

Counter: Use shovels to collapse holes, it will take like 5-10 seconds to do so (shorter or longer it depends if someone ever made this)

This sounds good on paper, but I don’t know how it would work in practice. Lots of marines are gonna complain about ground being weedable again, but if it’s as bothersome, or just slightly less then snow, I don’t see an issue. The trap is neat as well.

this skill would have cooldown or require to stand still on tile you want to “terraform” to weedable one. (same for dig hole)

it depend if it ever will be made as actuall strain.

for the love of all that is holy CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE