[Ven's] New Spitter Strain - Lancer

Desc: You trade your massive acid production for more concentrated acid and increase membrane strenght, now your charged acid shots can penetrate barricade to hit target behind it, if it hit marine directly it have low chance to break bones and leave acid on armor.


  • Charged Acid shot now will penetrate one layer of barricade, and barricade what got penetrated will have acid on it, with will slowly melt barricade (similar to acid wave but for only 1 barricade it hit)
  • If marine get hit by Charged Acid shot, it have low chance to break bones because of strong impact, after they got hit they will have acid stain and they need roll on ground to get rid of it.


  • Because of your decreased size of acid production organ, you are unable to produce enough acid to dissolve stuff or make acid wave.

This strain is made for shooting trough layers of barricades to make marines retreat, some of you know how hard is to break trough 3 layers of barricades with turrets and marines shooting trough.

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You should also be able to shoot through walls, but it’d damage the wall too. So only 2-5 times through the same wall before itd break.


I like the breaking bones part, cause I think that acid damage in general is pretty bad, since it doesn’t leave any lasting damage.

Of course for balance the ability should have a decently long cooldown,

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