VitorThauma - Player Report: Gunney Finch Whiner | Emily 'Swan' Norton, Rule 2, Rule 11

VitorThauma - Player Report: Gunney Finch Whiner | Emily ‘Swan’ Norton, Rule 2, Rule 11

What’s your BYOND key?


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Travis Hastings

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Gunney Finch Whiner | Emily ‘Swan’ Norton

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 2, Rule 11

Description of the incident:

CMP Gunney Finch Whiner charged a CLF survivor with the wrong charge. Didn’t flash or stun him before removing cuffs. Removed cuffs with the airlock and the locker both open. Locker had a loaded MP5 inside. Also didn’t read his rights and didn’t tell him he could appeal the sentence. XO Emily ‘Swan’ Norton ‘pardoned’ the CLF survivor and made a deal with him, in front of the CMP. The survivor would supposedly fight for the USCM after being released. CMP agreed to release the CLF survivor from permabrig.

On dchat the CMP didn’t seem to understand what he did wrong and was instead pissed that he died. Any eventual IC punishment wasn’t enough. People have been jobbaned for much less than this.

I ahelped it and an admin chose to attempt to handle it IC instead, apparently. Didn’t go well. Admin told me I could still go for the player report.

XO and CMP both shared a serious lack of knowledge of marine law. CMP didn’t know the basics and was not roleplaying properly at all.


No evidence. Thought it would’ve been handled in the round. I believe the admin witnessed a bit of what happened though. Logs should be enough I think.

Just to help out a little, i am the player of Emily ‘Sawn’ Norton and yeah i fuck up that round so im gonna leave my byond key here.


Thank you for the honesty
Please admit where you went wrong, what rule you violated, and what you have learned from this.

It was Rule 11 Marine Law, To when i was going to release someone who was perma’d for POW as XO, and as stated above in the report i had gone to let them out, so they could fight after they where put in there.

I think it fits under this part of the rule, although I’m not to sure of it.

As for what i have learned, is to not try and release someone who has been perma’d unless it is for a valid reason such as a highjack by the xeno’s and that i should be more careful in my choice of actions in the future while i am playing on a command role or in any role that holds a lot of responsibility. I also should remember marine law when i am taking actions icly as a marine no matter the role I’m in at the time.

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The charge is actually sedition, instead of PoW but the report is primarily against the CMP, that broke many procedures and Marine Law, had a real hard lrp behavior and didnt seem to understand what they did wrong.

XO is just in the report because they tried to pardon the CLF. A warning should be enough, if I had to decide.

Since the XO admitted he goofed, once this report is completed for the CMP player, the XO will just be getting a warning

Hey there, apologies for the delay in logs. This should be everything relevant.

Gunney Finch Whiner/Badgger (JOB: Chief MP)
Emily ‘Swan’ Norton/Starkiller617 (JOB: Executive Officer)
Lenny Power/Magicbrannch (JOB: Survivor)
Travis Hastings/VitorThauma

Chat logs [2023-09-14 12:50:49.873] SAY: Gunney Finch Whiner [Whisper]: Xo (CKEY: Badgger) (JOB: Chief MP) [2023-09-14 12:51:00.739] SAY: Gunney Finch Whiner [Whisper]: Want me to process him as a pow (CKEY: Badgger) (JOB: Chief MP) [2023-09-14 12:51:03.009] SAY: Emily 'Swan' Norton [1]: Brig him (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer) [2023-09-14 12:51:18.423] SAY: Gunney Finch Whiner [Whisper]: You are a POW (CKEY: Badgger) (JOB: Chief MP) [2023-09-14 12:51:23.554] SAY: Emily 'Swan' Norton [MP]: CMP ill come and deal with the CLF there (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer) [2023-09-14 12:52:29.582] SAY: Gunney Finch Whiner [Whisper]: You are with the CLF (CKEY: Badgger) (JOB: Chief MP) [2023-09-14 12:52:30.893] SAY: Lenny Power [1]: Yes (CKEY: Magicbrannch) (JOB: Survivor) [2023-09-14 12:52:41.882] SAY: Gunney Finch Whiner [Whisper]: Well then (CKEY: Badgger) (JOB: Chief MP) [2023-09-14 12:54:22.069] ADMIN: Badgger/(Gunney Finch Whiner) jailed Lenny Power for Prisoner of War. [2023-09-14 12:54:53.147] SAY: Emily 'Swan' Norton [MP]: CMP i didnt mean jail him (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer)

[2023-09-14 12:55:02.429] SAY: Emily ‘Swan’ Norton [MP]: Intergate him (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer)

[2023-09-14 12:55:08.975] SAY: Emily ‘Swan’ Norton [MP]: Fuck sake (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer)

[2023-09-14 12:55:21.264] SAY: Emily ‘Swan’ Norton [General]: Getting it sorted lenny cmp fucked up (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer)

[2023-09-14 13:00:50.331] SAY: Emily ‘Swan’ Norton [1]: Let him out and watch him till he is off the ship and off ground side (CKEY: Starkiller617) (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-09-14 13:01:00.423] SAY: Gunney Finch Whiner [Whisper]: Ok (CKEY: Badgger) (JOB: Chief MP)

UAAC-TISSA enters [2023-09-14 13:33:42.812] SAY: ADMIN CHARACTER [1]: The weapon is not on its safety. (ADMIN) (JOB: UAAC-TIS Special Agent)

[2023-09-14 13:33:46.422] SAY: ADMIN CHARACTER [1]: And the locker was unlocked. (ADMIN) (JOB: UAAC-TIS Special Agent)

[2023-09-14 13:39:52.370] SAY: ADMIN CHARACTER [1]: He failed to secure the prisoners locker. (ADMIN) (JOB: UAAC-TIS Special Agent)

[2023-09-14 13:41:36.546] ATTACK: Gunney Finch Whiner has died to MP5 submachinegun at the Brig Perma Cells from UAAC-TIS Special Agent (ADMIN CHARACTER)

Ahelp [2023-09-14 13:57:04.123] ADMIN: Ticket #10: VitorThauma/(Travis Hastings): Can I playerreport the CMP for OOC punishment or will this be handled entirely IC?

[2023-09-14 13:59:28.018] ADMIN: PM: ADMIN/(ADMIN CHARACTER)->VitorThauma/(Travis Hastings): I was going to warn them OOCly also but you can player report if you want it handled OOCly also.

No notes were applied to anyone involved during this round.

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

Apologies for the late response on this report, due to the time passed I will be noting the CMP for this instance but will not progress it further. Any additional issues regarding conduct as an MP however will be escalated.

Added report:approved and removed report:needverdict