vortex265 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - daman453

vortex265 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - daman453

What’s your BYOND key:

When did this incident occur:

Your character name:
Shepherd White

Their BYOND key:

What are you reporting?:
Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:
I join in a hour late so op is in high full, i get on the ground and get to the frontline. 15ish minutes later i start pushing with a flamethrower. Delta SL pushes and runs into the flames. he instantly turns around and shoots me despite me being behind him with the heavy m44 rounds. The marine next to me was confused as well. i shot at him twice in retaliation he goes down (one i didnt actually think i hit but was later told it did it and then a second time when he was on the ground after still being on fire). following that, i take two rounds of m44 ammo on him and his armor which had the ammo on him and his shotgun. between the time i also pick up a m44 that was on the ground. when he comes back i give him back his shotgun and drop the armor. he goes “wheres the armor” and shoves me and i told him i dont have it (the armor was right in front of him) he then goes “goodbye shepherd” and i get bonked. daman goes i think the SL shooting you was a accident and your being malicous. i told him i thought i only shot him once when he was down because i didnt realize i hit him the first time and took the two m44 ammo and gave him his weapon and armor back. the admin goes for constantly 20 minutes like “are you sure?” and “your lying” and “did you take anything else?”. at no point did i keep track of the actual SL’s name because he was just (the delta sl) but i actually picked up HIS m44 which was labeled with a last name but i had no idea because i didnt physically take it off his body and didnt keep track of the SL’s name. and daman banned me for 24 hours.

This would be a first ban and actual serious note in 3 years and the constant “oh your lying” and “your being a dick why dont you admit it” i think is way overkill.


Hello! I am the staff member reported.

Here’s my perspective.

I checked attack logs. You attacked him a minute after he shot you once. I spoke to the player and they said they accidently shot you once while they tried to examine you. You then walked over to him and shot him while he was in crit on the ground. This killed him. There was a 1 minute gap between this. Then stole his armor, shotgun and m44. Armor and shotgun was returned, but not the m44, you took the m44 and the ammo.

You claimed you didn’t know how it was a dickish move of you to shoot a player long after it had happened. This player in question gave me videos of the incident. I then asked you about any taken weapons. You said you returned it all. I asked if his weapon was returned. He said it hadn’t. I checked again. you took his m44. He asked for it back, you didn’t give it back. I gave you many chances because i honestly thought you would fess up. You persisted. I then told you that i saw the gun beside your body, your prints are the only ones on it. I have a video of you taking it as well. You still did not fess up.

I escalated to a 24 hour ban because of a few reasons.

Reason 1: Clear malice in action. The SL posed no threat to you, and you killed them while they were in crit while saying ‘Fucking asshole’. You remembered he shot you once, bided your time, then waited until they couldn’t resist.

Reason 2: Extensive Lying and Lack of Remorse. I had gotten access to video taken of the incident, it painted a very clear picture that differed from your account. When asked, you did not budge from your story, even when told that i had video evidence. Then you never budged on stealing a M44 from the marine. Not once, as i asked you over and over again if you were sure, did you budge. You said sorry once during the course of the ticket. However, being sorry is admitting guilt and then working to correct it. Any amount of owning up to what you did would have been a Heavy Warning. That didn’t happen, so i acted accordingly.

Reason 3: Seriousness of the Incident, you with malice greifed a player who had most likely accidently shot you once. You waited until they were disposed, killed them, then stole equipment and gear. The players round was effected, a player that in acutely made a mistake in shooting you. Your actions did not meet the severity of what was done to you.

All Video Clips and screenshot of the fingerprints of the m44:

Screen capture - 96a8c80dd2b7487b92061eaf9d511ec7 - Gyazo - Vortex picking up MOU of marine (returned)

Screen capture - 61d600e28444733d6b85586b4c40931f - Gyazo - Vortex picking up the m44 of the marine

Screen capture - 76f18733c957a84620ea649e672f1503 - Gyazo - Vortex killing marine while they were in crit.

full incident video can not be posted. a copy can be found in #investigations of the staffcord

(M44 was labeled MCCLARK) and was beside vortex’s body.

(I spoke to the player about his ‘goodbye shepherd’ comment.)

So you think I would tell the truth about the ammo shotgun and armour and then suddenly like I’m going to lie where I got the pistol from?

I absolutely didn’t know who’s gun it was I was just missing a pistol and saw one on the ground with the 6 other guns around the lower area

There’s no way I’m also remembering names at the front line a hour into a Op which I was late for

Its a lot more how you berated me for so long saying I was lying and being a dick with no actual reason for me to do so and then banning me when you didn’t get the response you wanted

(I’m going to respond once and then leave it for logs to be posted)

As seen in the gif, the medics took the armour off the SL. You seemed to have understood that the armour and MOU belonged to the SL, as it was below the SL’s sprite. The video shows the SL pull his M44 then falling into crit. So the M44 is below his sprite. The medics start to help him. You then shoot him. The medics drag him away. Within one tile of him being dragged from his M44, you pick it up and pocket it. I could excuse it away as ‘ooooo gun’ in the heat of battle, but I do not think it was that.

You had already battled with this player, and this is after he asked you for all his weapons back. You said to me and him that you gave him all his weapons back. If it was a unlabelled m44 I can understand, but he wrote his name on it. I don’t think it was an accident.

IF you hadn’t have fought with this player and IF the gun was no where near him and IF you weren’t asked by the player and staff member if you gave back all his weapons then I would rule this a accident. You did none of those things.

He claims he accidentally shot you due to trying to examine you. Shift click is the hot key to examine, clicking on someone without hitting shift could have happened. He certainly did not take any further action or attacked you in regards to this incident (other then saying some things about it IC) it’s you that held the grudge, it’s you that waited a minute to shoot and kill him, it was you that stole his M44.

Accidents happen in CM, the lesion learned here is that you should never attribute malice to the actions that could be explained away by stupidity. Sometimes people misclick, sometimes they misfire and hit a fuel tank. Sometimes they hit the wrong cords. It happens and it’s fine. You don’t take matters into your own hands and grief other players if they make mistakes, then lie and lie about it in tickets when asked over and over for honesty.

I spent 45 minutes on this ticket, and did log diving to verify what the user was saying. There was also had videos. Again, if at any point you owned up to what you did, it would have been a heavy warning. Instead we are here.

At zero point did you say “give back his pistol” instead you went on for “40” minutes which u berated me calling me a liar and asking me to tell the truth and that I was being a dick

I was missing my m44 and saw one on the ground and picked it up, again I didn’t keep track of the name of who I shot at any point because he has a blue L on top of his character and went by that

You believe him right off the start but instantly started calling me a liar because I didn’t keep track of a name

Again you didn’t tell me to give him back his pistol and I had no idea who’s gun it was it was just on the floor next to me and thought it was mine and then saw it wasn’t and presumed it was a dropped pistol with the other guns that was stockpiling in that pit

And keep in mind i literally had zero reason to lie to you about a single pistol and yet according to you that’s the whole reason for the ban

I watched the videos provided by a witness who for privacy won’t be identified. You basically walked up to him, killed him while he was in pain crit during which he was being treated by a medic. Regardless of the theft or the lying of this, etc… this is a clear cut case of escalation violation/griefing and the punishment for such can be from warning up to 24 hours for first offense.