Voting on Whitelist Applications

Whitelist Application Rules

  1. Do not be a dick:
  • If you do not like a person, do not just down vote them if you cannot give constructive positive or negative feedback. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. Do not ask a bunch of what if questions or scenarios especially with the intent to just cause grief to the person applying.
  1. Give feedback:
  • Do not just +1/-1 a person without a reason. If you have constructive criticism or positive feedback to leave, make sure you post it
  1. No neutral votes
  • Neutral Votes are useless to the councils and staff. If you want to hold back to observe a player, you do not need to make this intention known. Post your vote when you’re ready to give positive or negative feedback.
  1. No shitposting/off topic/banter
  • We have a discord, shitposting forums for a reason. Applications are a serious process.
  1. No shitpost/meme applications
  • Making a shitpost application will result in a 3 month suspension from being apply to apply for a whitelist. This may be escalated further or otherwise held against future whitelist applications.
  1. Application Involvement
  • If you do not hold the whitelist being applied for, and/or do not have objective, constructive, feedback to provide from interaction with the applicant, do not comment on the application.