Westrover - Discord Volunteer Application

Discord Volunteer Application - Westrover


Discord Tag?

Are you over 16?

Any recent bans?
No recent bans for either CM the game or the DIscord

Any recent notes?
Transferred from multithread test: POSITIVE NOTE: calmly and patiently explained complicated medical concepts to two medics. Big +1. by morrowwolf (MaintainerProjectLead) on 2023-04-16 02:58:08 by morrowwolf (MaintainerProjectLead) on 2023-04-17 17:17:13

Why do you want to become a Discord Volunteer?
One of the discord managers told me to apply so… I’m applying and also the Discord Volunteers is lacking, Overall though i think Discord volunteers are understaffed as is


A person posts Ricardo, is it okay?
I have no idea what the fuck as “Ricardo” is if ima be honest…
is this… is this in reference to that fucking guy dancing with a fat cock? if it is, yeah i would verbally warn the person for slightly nsfw content and ask them to not post them again, if they post it again then yeah ima warn them

A person seems to shitpost in #real-banner-art-submissions, what do you do?
depends, is it in context of the conversation? if so then its grand like the issue is very very very minor but should be discouraged none the less, so here is my thought process in 2 situations i can see arrising

  1. a convo is happening and a shitpost meme is relevant:
    I would wait till the convo is over then @ them and say hey just a fyi keep shitposting in respective channels
  2. its a random shitpost with no convo
    would @ them the second I notice and say to keep it in respective channels

A person is posting a very low effort image in #real-banner-art-submissions, what do you do?
depends on the faith of the image really

Is it a inexperienced artists sharing some of their work in genuine good faith then i would not do anything really, We were all beginners at some point

If its in bad faith, like a shitpost drawing or someshit then yeah i would just say to throw it into respective channels and if the person continues to act in bad fath in the channel then warn them

Two people are having a very heated discussion in #shitposting about politics. A person @DiscordStaff/Volunteers, What do you do?
I would verbally warn them to move to current events or dms, if they continue warn them and if they continue after that time them out for like 10 mins 20 if its really heated just to act as a time out corner really, and if either party are breaching TOS then obviously a ban

A person from Staff posts something you believe is inappropriate, what do you do?
keep quite honestly, If it bothers me it bothers me, nothing much i can do about it, if its serious shit then i would talk to them privately and if its just a shitty meme or a joke that did not land I would let it slide and keep it to myself

A player is being very argumentative in #StaffHelp about a matter and you get pinged to deal with it, What do you do?
Try and get as much context as possible, probs either dm all parties or have them explain in turn, once context is achived i will take corosponding action such as warns temp mutes etc depending on how bad it gets, if its just insulting each other and all that then yeah i would probs just tell both parties to break apart till a resolve is found through context

Someone requests to be certified or be given a WL role, what do you do?
Explain to them how to sign up for a WL via the forums and the requirements needed, if they persist explain again and again but its in genuine bad faith then i would verbally warn

A CM Staff member tells you to ban someone, but won’t say the reason. What do you do?
Ask for context, i aint banning a person till i know of the rule break simple ass context is key and a shot in the dark is sometimes never worth it

Council members of a Whitelist are shitposting in #WL-Announcements, what do you do?
I would warn them for misuse of their responsibilities and breach of trust of the use of the channel

A council member is violating one of our Discord Rules, what do you do?
if a council member is breaching the rules, well i would take action, a council member is still a member they fall under the same rules that everyone else signed up for

Wider Questions:

What should Discord Staff’s end goal be?
To keep shit civil and the space not toxic

Is there a case to be said for the usage of certain words, such as “nigga”?
Slurs are a big no go, no matter if the person is apart of any minority, they can say it in private spaces, but use of slurs when I cannot fully validate everything it is better to just go with the overall no

Is there a case to be said for staff to be “more transparent”?
not really? sometimes yeah but i think thats just miscommunication more than anything

Where do you personally draw the line for 18+ content? Give some examples.:
I draw the line when it is very clearly lewd and jerk off material, softcore porn and other shit is a nono but if a image contains a person who is in a lewd outfit i would not instantly go “THY SHOW LEG, WHENCH” y’know? i would probs just be like okay lol like if someone is showing dick and tits yeah that 18+ but if a person is wearing clothing like thigh highs mini skirts etc and the image is not overall lewd or suggestive then i would be chill with it

Any additional information:
i honestly dont mind the result of this and hehe first volunteer app

Hi! Most people on the team would love to have you join up with us. However, they’d prefer see more time between your last note and now. If you’d still be interested, we recommend reaching out to any of us for helping you adjust to what we’d like you to do to join into the team. For the time being, I suggest we put this app on hold and have you reapply in a month or two when more time has passed with your recent note. If you’re still serious at that time, reach out to me and we can make arrangements :slight_smile:

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