WH0_T00Kthejam - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - WH0_T00Kthejam

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Larry ‘FAT’ Westland

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

I would but I genuinely can’t get onto the old forums.

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?


Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I am very familiar with command it’s roles and responsibilities: Loading the OB, Setting up AA and assigning squad overwatches all while planning all while making a plan for an assault on the ground. Then it also comes down to Marine Law, knowing off the back of your hand while being able to deal with appeals you have been delegated to and generally how to conduct yourself.

Department heads have different roles and responsibilities obviously, CMO is in charge of the medical and research departments and must make sure their staff or well behaved or give their approval along with the commanding officers for corrupted. CE makes sure the ship isn’t burning down Naturally we come to the CMP whose job is. To make sure Marine Law is being upheld and enforced properly by both marines and crew, finally we come to the RO whose job is to make sure the Marines on the ground have ammo and material to work with.

Hours in XO:

107 Hours

Hours in SL:

248 Hours

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

Larry comes from a family who have all served in both the United Americas and in the Past the United states at one time or another however none of them ever became an officer. Larry wanted to be the first to break that trend and like his nickname suggests he went big.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

A disastrous operation with command of the operation coming down to him as the third in line. A undeclared ‘bush war’ with a unidentified Union of Progressive Peoples unit. With the only real option left, Captain Westland performed a daring counter attack, later in his Memoirs he cites taking a burst of inspiration form the Chindits and their time in Burma.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

Honestly I’d probably rarely if ever use a pardon, as the trade offs the come with it can back fire on you badly a time I’d find it acceptable to use a pardon would be if someone as genuinely vital to the operation, not if a specialist or smartgunner was arrested, you do something stupid that’s on you. Besides there are other tools than pardoning for minor crimes- such as NJPs which can be administered

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

One example would be if the crime was capital- because you can’t. Another example of when I’d NOT use a pardon is someone was going around beating up marines with a chair, because what’s going to stop them from doing it again? I’d only end up getting arrested. A example of when I would use a pardon or consider it is: if an engineer was arrested for taking a medical vendor- which he’d of had to of asked for beforehand. Because it can be argued that engineers are vital roles- they build the FOB and establish comms.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

Battlefield Executions are tools that should and shouldn’t be used I’m not going to say I’d never use them because honestly there are lots of other ways to deal with people using MP and non lethal means. Now when do I think it’s appropriate to use a BE?
If someone is attempting to incite a mutiny, I think this would be an appropriate reason to use it, as they are attempting to undermine my command and overall the operation.
Or when there is someone is attempting to mow down the requisition’s line with an M2C.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

Examples of when I wouldn’t use it are when some marines are hitting each other with a chair- as, escalating to a BE is rather extreme when there’s other tools and ways to get them to stop hitting each other. However an example of when I would use a BE- is if they try actively killing an MP in front of me even after being told to stop. As it’d be a threat to another persons life within my presence.

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Jams is a great player and an outstanding community member. Has the Mentor and Synth WL. Also a former CO. I can +1 this. Do the Corps proud.

i trust you to be awesome, my favourite aussie.

Great RPer and commander, I trust them.


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You’ve got the hours, I’ve seen you command a lot of times.

I think you’d be a perfect fit for CO.


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You were already a CO prior and your answers reiterate to me that your knowledge on paper remains largely in tact. After playing with you in-game, I can also confidently say you are capable (although you missed me getting gibbed because of your damn dog, grrrr).

Solid +1.

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I had Jam as my XO a lot so I should also drop my vote here.

After I deployed to lead from the ground, they took command of the CIC and kept me and the marines down there informed of the frontline situation and Queen’s flanks. When I was organizing a flank from the west, your announcements helped a lot so marines could follow me and open up a new front to make the xenos fallback.
Overall very good XO, player and roleplayer.

You were a former CO and the application answers are good to me.

+1. Good luck with your application!

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I had WH0_T00Kthejam as my XO several times, very capable roleplayer, has grasp of tactics and strategy, he has my +1.

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My big problem with you is that I honestly believe that standing at 350 pounds you’re just not fat enough to call yourself FAT in the 22nd century. Whenever I come to a briefing to see the legendary “Fat” Larry I want to see someone massive and I always end up disappointed.

This also leads me to another issue with this application - the story: it’s extremely generic, with plenty of grammatical and spelling errors. I struggled to get through it. It’s also just not what I wanted to read about the character. Who cares about his heroic victories? I wanted to know how did Larry get so fat?! What’s his favorite snack? The typical evening meal?

The questions answers are very easy to copy, from any other successful app, so I don’t see a point in digging deeply into them.

Now, to the most important things. Even though you’re a returning CO player, I didn’t get to see you in action much back in the day, in command roles at least.

Lately, though, I’ve played a few rounds under your command and I’ve seen you demonstrate a knowledge of the more intermediate strategies and a decent ability to wrangle marines - I saw you do a FIltration into Labmda into FOB reroute with minimal casualties. That’s the key things I’m always looking for in CO applicants.

Weight issues aside, easy +1 from me.


Gonna be that one guy, sorry, but you’ve been dewhitelisted from CO in the past for blatant behavioral violations and have had several reapplications denied due to Discord incidents as well. Can we trust you with being different this time around and following the whitelist’s guidelines to a higher standard than before?

My Yautja clan leader for getting close to a year, proven roleplayer with ability to handle the tools a whitelist comes with. +1

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Yeah, I can certainly say this one is going to be different. For one I have learned a lot I’m no longer the same idiot who goes around breaking the rules of a whitelist, I’ve held onto the synthetic and Predator whitelists with no issues on either. Discord I have been better behaved and dedicated to cleaning my act so you won’t be seeing any major incidents from me.

Can you trust me to follow the whitelist’s guidelines to a higher standard than before?

Yes, I’m confident I can uphold and maintain any standards you set for me. I promise that you are not going to see me running around breaking basic dress code or being blatantly LRP. Yeah you gave me a lot of rope back then I didn’t appreciate it then or understand it. But I do now and I want to make up for it.

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Hello, thank you for applying once again after your de-whitelist. I just want to be fully open with you when I say I do not think you deserve this whitelist back. As you said, we gave you more rope than you ever frankly deserved and you abused it. I do not easily forget blatant stupidity and disregard for our rules. So in this case I will say I do hold a grudge over it.

OOCly from my knowledge you have not been the cleanest behavior-wise, this WL isn’t just about in-game standards but also representing the community as a whole. What I am going to say is my own personal opinion from some stuff I’ve seen in the discord: I think you can be very out of pocket sometimes. I asked to see your history from the discord staff and your last note expired about 21 days ago (not bad!) but again, it’s just personal stuff.

While I haven’t seen much of you in the game I’m not sure I really want the CO you’re applying with to be accepted, I read your story and I am not sure an ahem man of “400 pounds of American excess” with “an emphasis on the fat”. I genuinely do not want this character as a CO, the era of quirky and unreasonable COs is over. Reading the story was like night and day. The story was fine! But I don’t think it’s a reasonable telling of how you actually play your character.

Why would the USCM employ a 400-pound “ladies’ man”? The idea of the character alone makes me not want to give you a +1, it seems disingenuous to write a proper marine character out of a tub of lard, I get the story is supposed to look nice and flashy (it read fine enough), but I do not see a fat larry doing anything like what you wrote.



I’ve personally not seen anything bad come from either Jam the player, my interactions with his character or the ACOing of Larry at all. In fact, Larry is one of the few command players that I genuinely enjoy having around because they have a personality, they actually speak to people and try to interact with others, and not in an antagonizing way like some other certain XOs and even COs.

Larry is also one of the commanding players that act fast and rely information the moment they see it, which… Is very often, I’ve rarely if ever said any information that he didn’t process and immediately use for either a tactical maneuver or simply to give a heads up to other squads. His overall performance in CIC as either an SO or XO have been pretty decent from my perspective, in both being fast and efficient.

You’ve got my +1 in the bag, good luck. o7

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Can we really trust aussies?.. They are neferious… Those god damn aussies… Naah but for real, Jam is a good guy, with great deal of RP expiriance, great backbone, I don’t see why he couldn’t be trusted with CO wl, other than being aussie… :japanese_ogre:

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I’ve played with Larry as my SO and a few rounds where he was XO. He’s pretty good +1

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Hello there!

You would remember your SO round yesterday on New Varadero. Sometime while the round was going on, you’ve fired the OB without asking for permission from Captain Lukas Seltz, we may find such a move “reasonable” as the Captain was busy with CDR and his crew in the CIC. However, when you were questioned by the Captain why did you fire the OB without permission, you answered in a rather rude way.


As Naut and Walz mentioned above, you have been dewhitelisted from CO due to behavioral violations, and now witnessing such an event caused unrest among COs about your application. That’s why we want to hear your side.

Would you briefly explain us what happened at that time, and before that? Why did you see fit to give such an answer and why did you fire the OB without asking the Captain?

Yeah sure, I ain’t got 1:1 memory of the round, so I might get some details wrong but.

I was in communication with the Delta FTL, who had been radioing for an OB prior. After confirming coordinates with the lead, he said to fire. Now I wasn’t aware of the Captain had a order out to hold the OB or if there was any since he was busy talking, as you stated.

Now the situation was, not great we were being pushed back into the FOB at the time which still wasn’t properly barricaded, so I fired the OB to take pressure off the marines and give them time to plug the gaps and seal any unsecured flanks.

Yeah, my response came as me being a bit of a cunt and poorly worded but my meaning was I never asked if we had a standing order for the OBs this round as it’s sometimes specified by captains pre-drop.

Later in the round it was clarified by the Captain he did want to be the one giving firing permissions and I made sure to ask before firing the next one on his order.

Few things:

  1. I like your character. Why? Because it’s actually a character and not soldierboy 2212. My thoughts generally are that it’s too much. Maybe down it to 300 LBs and make the ladiesman thing more a low-key thing you do ICly. Speaking of.
  2. Generally you don’t play the Angle of the Character from what I have seen. I want this character to be displayed in your play in some form. Titles, announcements, orders, speeches, insults, what have you (If you call me “Dame” or “Cutiepie” as CO, I may BE you, so be forewarned on that).
  3. You generally command just directions. Giving tips of engagement, what to focus fire, callouts as to what special buildings exists where, what to use against what Castes currently exist, etc all are useful.
  4. As a compliment to you, I will mention that you didn’t make it easy to Kill you when I was Queening on that 5 hour Solaris round. When we lost our initial hive, you didn’t fall into the pit trap of letting the marines just run around. That is rare and great to see a proper tactical retreat to regroup given.
  5. Right now you can obviously tell there is a massive lack of trust in you. Personally, I think it’s kinda falsely placed. We’ve let in plenty of COs who’ve had a past of poor OOC behavior - myself included - who performed fine once having it do to a change in moral character. You have two other WLs and SEA. The only thing else you could get to prove OOC trustworthyness is Staff or this WL itself. I guess I would say build trust through consistency in Command/SL. Which is both boring, and annoying advice as it takes so long and hard to do that.

Overall it’s still a -1. But only because I want to see improvement in gameplay and rounding out of this character.

Hi, sorry for the wait. While you’ve got a lot of community support for your application, the CO Council, unfortunately, cannot in good faith accept your application at the moment.

Here’s why: the Council are doubtful of your character’s place. Yeah, people have said that you roleplay well. But multiple Councilors and Advisors have voiced their disapproval of them being appointed to a CO position. 400 pounds is also way over the sensible limit of a character in active-duty military, even an officer.

Additionally, multiple COs and Councilors have attributed to you, OOC-wise, being on the fence with moderation staff even recently. I need more than just your word to trust that you’ll do well on the CO whitelist again, and the Councilors don’t think this is enough.

I won’t pretend your community support means nothing. Several attested to your command ability, your conciseness, and several positive interactions. I, personally, want to stress that you’re very close and you should probably listen to the feedback provided by others here. I don’t want to say get rid of Larry, but perhaps make him lose some weight and emphasize other character traits than said weight or womanizing behavior; make him more complex, in other words.

If you have any questions or need clarifications on our reasoning (because I understand if it seems a bit vague), you’re welcome to reach out to us. In the meantime, though, this application is denied. You may reapply in 30 days on August 8, 2023.