What about adding the ability of FTL to change their FT name?

basically ability for the FTL to change their FT name from fire team one to i don’t know Tiger team…
or salmon Team basically keeping team at the end and allow people to use their creativity to name themself…

con could require extra work for staff maybe…

how would you call your fire-team if you could change it’s name?

maybe a pre approved list to change from since player can be pain like suggested here.


Is it possible to code in a list of names and the FTL to choose from a pop up box? Something similar to choosing hair cuts or load out items. Mind you, I do not have the ability to code it. Just asking if that was even feasible. All and all a good idea man.

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Yes that is feesible. I think it’s a good idea.

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I don’t think you even need to limit the words tbh, just let it be whatever, we have staff for a reason.

Sure its extra work but I dont feel like it would increase the work load of telling someone that “no you can’t be butthole squadron 69” or note them for LRP

i think the best would be have both a list and the option for people to make their custom FT name.
with maybe an option to turn the custom FT name off when a round is on.
and if it’s to much of an issue just turn off the option by default…
also in the idea you will only have FTL that would have the ability to rename their FT so it shouldn’t be to much of an issue…