What about changing how health work at is core and make it more organic?

what about a total change to health at is core?
Perma death condition: brain dead.

To have an health mechanic more organic we should become permanently dead if our brain receive to much damage.
how the brain will take damages:
1-direct trauma or attack to the head.
2-decapitation.(keeping instant perma for this one)
3-insuficiant oxygen coming to your brain will damage it.(being above XX oxygen damage will make your brain take damage)

Internal organs including the brain will take damage from extremely high oxy damage.
damage organs will be less functional like now.

Cardiac arrest : if the hearth is to dommage you will fall into a cardiac arrest.
if you feel to much pain you will fall into a cardiac arrest.
CPR have a chance of restarting the hearth if oxygen level are back to normal.


brainmed in cm now!!!


wouldn’t mind being able to get people out of cardiac arrest with CPR
could work like dis:
if the player is below X damage it can be resurrected by CPR but if it’s above X damage it needs the debif

One thing that I really enjoyed in Baystation was dislocations. Rather than a toolbox outright splintering your arm into seventeen pieces, it could dislocate your arm, leg, or jaw. Then, a player could make a long channel to reset it at a lot of pain for a period of time. People with the proper skills did so faster.

I think it would be a great bit of balance for faux-broken bones: It affects fewer limbs, but also helps to still let Xenos disable marines, without needing to send them all the way back shipside.


That is a good idea.

I will replace my blood with oxycodone and tram and become an unkillable nightmare.