What do preds think of greenos?

title says it all so just comment if you know or can tell me where to look

More prey

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I’m not sure if there’s a lore basis for anything about what predators think of humans growing xenomorphs, though predators are known to do it themselves, so… they may simply not care all that much about it, or find it hilarious when they inevitably betray the marines and it turns into a shitshow.

My take is that Predators have no knowledge or real desire to care about human society and the factions therein. The difference between a USCM, a UPP or CLF soldier only comes down to what funny colour uniforms they are wearing and how worthy prey they make.

An individual Pred might be interested in the concept of humans growing aliens. Thought through the lens of a Predator they may be quite confused as to why humans would grow them if they are not going to fight them.