What do You Think are the Best and Worst Events?

I have the same feel everytime Gramps flies off the handle, but he doesn’t have a borer in his brain. It’s not until he gets a SEA/Synth’s attention, murders a CL, or a few MPs that people start taking it seriously.


… I really wanna just somehow make this front page of the forums, but I am too exasperated anymore. I often forget my name isn’t the right color to point this stuff out.


Remembered a Mech squad event today (SL and an Engi in modified loaders)

I don’t remember the details too well, but it was a good meme event


any event that brings in horrible, outdated, broken content and acts like it’s a revolution in thought is the worst event

most HVH
most ‘APC IS BACK’ events
most ‘TANK IS BACK’ events
all zombie events
all hunter games events


I was in a mech event, the spec got a blue powerloader mech that has the M39 as it’s primary. It was not that good, lil bro got obliterated by friendly fire :joy:


FFA/Tribes or CTF with only fists combat. I wish we did it again.


Tribes were a fun time.

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I think the best ones are always lore driven with some pre-planning. In my experience this tends to mean pure HvH events (no xenos, cultists, or predators etc) with the antags being UPP.

The ship vs ship battles I think generally are well received. Mostly because they are more or less well-planned out ahead of time, have unique (and sometimes player driven) plots, and are filled with lore tidbits at times through messages from other ships, HC, fleets etc.

All in all they make players feel they are part of something bigger and they become more immersed.

I can’t really say if purely only fighting on the Almayer or on the ground + ship (dependent on round progression) is more fun than the other. They both have their merits and flaws, which admins need to address carefully (the pre-planning).

Mystery events, Halloween, tribes, zombies etc can all be fun but are hit or miss sometimes.

Again, biggest thing Is admins have a plan - both for round progression & for lore progression-in-round.

Overall, I’d say that while CM stopped running as many events the overall quality, refinement and ambition behind them has increased.


The best events are the ones I missed. The worst events are the ones I didn’t see a ping for before joining the round.


I just want to see more UPP in general.

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I really want Brain Worms or something similar, because of one scuffed zombie match on CORSAT.

Alpha was tasked with getting survivors, which had all gone insane, albeit they were leutenants and such. All of alpha then got a message about stuff crawling in their brain, and they all just started acting wierder and wierder. The survivors shot one alpha, and the entire squad just started massacering them, to the point where MPs were sent to investigate, who then tried to arrest them. The feeling in the brain grew ever more, and alphas started acting aggressive towards the MPs, to the point were some got arrested, which then had all of alpha start killing and decapping MPs. Command eventually noticed and ordered us to stand down or get gunned down, and we just rallied on the SL, going to fight our way to CIC.

And at the climax of us getting together to storm the FOB and then CIC, we found out it was a zombie match and just went with the flow.

It was such good adlib about marines actually going crazy, paranoid and eventually bloodlust. I really wish zombies hadn’t popped up that round.


I have video of one of the best events. All thanks goes to confirmed Dunkaroo and friend MauroVega. She is still in the outer rim fighting the Spice War against WY. SS13 Colonial Marines Event: Active colony - YouTube


MP riot events are actually really fun for both parties. Also, Zombies in general even though marines always die.


santa, thanksgiving and i unironically like WO events

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I was the first MP to get lynched… they started getting aggressive, I told them I’d use lethal force, then boom, decapped. It was not pretty.

In general, brain parasite and zombies are always super fun.

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HvH + zombies is a fun time. My favorite was one where some evil PMCs visited an active colony and started infecting the colonists with tainted alcohol before marines arrived. Zombie rounds kinda suck, but as a side show they make HvH more enjoyable.

Spooky rounds can be fun honestly. My favorite was one where marines investigated a science station with a rogue virus that made marine hallucinate that other marines were zombies. A lot of people going crazy with nobody knowing who was infected, or who might go schizo next. It was kind of a shitshow, but it was still pretty fun.

Not gonna lie


Best Events:

  1. Greenshifts.
  2. Any Event besides Greenshifts.

Worst Events:

  1. WO.

any roleplay event is great
the small ones the big ones the greenshift RP intrigue ones

mysteries and feeling like things are happening you don’t understand especially, or having cursory knowledge of it, and they have a lot of potential that rarely gets to be explored.

W-Y testing vaccines on marines that are actually DNA-Disintergrating but without the toxin effect so they randomly turn into a xenomorph later, like in some of the books
shady colony dealings like CLF smuggling rings that the marines are sent in to assess with some people roleplaying as the colonists, normal day to day living for them. maybe even sketchy of the marines.
wading through custom swamp maps trying to decipher wtf happened and having the odd CLF guerilla sitting in the trees

the rare zombie event that has an actual objective and cure, that isn’t just a bleak depressive downer ending ‘everyone dies there was never any hope’. my favourite one was on solaris ridge, evacced without me and i just got infected as they left. desperately clawed my way to where a cure was reported and took it and relinked with 4 other survivors to fight our way out and escape, using our blood to create vaccines and immunize ourselves (although i think zombies in general suck)


Yeah, I really like the mysterious stuff as well. Everything is going fine on the colony and the colonists are happy, but the admins played creepy music at the beginning so you just know some shit is going to go down, so you keep looking over your shoulder and trying not to wander alone as you wait for the shoe to drop. Sometimes it just turns out to be zombies or a secret W/Y xeno lab, which is a let down, but sometimes they do some fun SCP stuff or that hallucination event.


my favorite was the solaris ridge meteor storm, every now and then admins would just bomb an area that id fixed as an engineer while CLF infiltrators murdered MPS and marines and I just tried to dodge fucking abombs.