What do you think of making honor guard it's own job instead of pulling them from MP's?

the purpose of this post would be to help me construct a dev document to make honor guard a proper job slot.

bellow is just a collection of point around it… feel free to expand or correct those points with the aim of
making honor guard a proper job slot thanks

Why this change:
i feel like honor guard should be their own job because they have a totally different set of rules to fallow.
1-Right now they are to guard CO when he go down ground site.
i would like to expand it to guard CIC and any deploying XO/CO.
2-the number of kit currently is two…
i would like to make it something between 1-3 depending on the server pop.
3-Rank current rank of honor guard are those of MP.
i would like from them to have at least E6 to be above any MP
4-clothing armor… i think they would deserve different set of cloths to separate more from MP’s
5-Would they retain some Police ability ?
yes i think they should be allow to detain people that are causing trouble in and around CIC.
they should also be allow to detain people if ordered by the CO/XO they are protecting…
they should delegate the processing of those prisoner to proper MP…
6-equipments …
they would need both lethal and non lethal way to handcuff people medical hud and some medical items to heal the VIP they are escorting…

I feel like it would be kind of pointless adding an entirely new role that only exists for one person. I mean if there’s no CO then it’s basically just playing MP but restricted to CIC.

CMP is already tasked with guarding CIC staff as stated in their description


Sounds like role bloat to me.


Role bloat

HG are also not meant to have any MP powers for obvious reasons

MPs guard CIC just fine

E-6 for literally what?


Just throwing out an idea but one could make Honour Guard a ERT-like ghost role that wakes from cryo to add gameplay opportunity for otherwise ghosts.


Same reason CL doesn’t get an assistant, the role would have nothing to do (besides being MP lite) if the CO doesn’t deploy.

We should give me back the Commodore rank instead. That rank sounds so fking cool.

Role bloat + awful + people would roll it for the cool guns only / alt “deplooooyer” SOs + no


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