What do you think of the new Aliens game?

It’s an RTS game like Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction


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Same crew that make the Battlefleet Armada games!

Some of the few 40k games that dont suck.

Ill have to buy it based on my hours in Armada 2 alone

It’s pretty fun. I enjoyed it!

Have fully played through it start to finish and doing a 2nd playthough.

Story isn’t let us say traditional Aliens story telling. More similar to the Dark horse comic book stories where they go a bit whacky.

Gameplay is smooth but does require some polished and updates that are coming. Also a slight learning curve.

Custom difficulty settings to fine tune the experience.

Atmosphere is pin point accurate. When playing at higher difficulties when you are being bum rush by Aliens with Marines being abducted. You feel the pressure and it is good.

Overall a great experience for any Aliens lover.