what exactly are UA peacekeepers?

they have no lore associated with them. they are obviously inspired by UN peacekeepers but that’s it there’s no mention of them on the wiki and they aren’t even Colonial marshals so what exactly are UA peacekeepers? national guard of the colony? they aren’t riot police as they aren’t from provost

They’re probably a step above Colonial Marshalls. Riot police, in general, aren’t strictly tied to the Provost. It’s a big ol’ Galaxy. We only really see them in the Prison, where it’s kinda implied they were the first response force.

but we also see them on Solaris ridge which isn’t exactly the place where a riot would happen.

Hard to say. Solaris has a secret mining operation that is covered in contraband from the loot we see. I don’t think it’s that of a stretch that might have been sent there too.

My guess is still they’re likely the non-military version of riot police.

in my head, the UA peacekeepers are basically like the national guard and riot police combined

Well, the UA committed several genocides, their most prevalent on Torin Prime where they made concentration camps and executed half of the civilian and rebel population on the planet, which would lead most to believe that they are either a private organization who work with government contracts, or have a level of authority and clearance that far exceeds the CMB and USCM.

More plausible sounds to be the first one, being that they are a private ‘government’ organization who work by contracts, similar to most alegianced PMC companies today. They own and operate their own prison facilities which house top secret Wey-Yu organisims which would lead me to believe that they play a sort of grey role in the galaxy operating as a sort of corrupt peacekeeping force. The fact they own their prison facilities, control sentences, conditions, and are completely exempt from regulations and galactic law means that they are likely a private organization with lots of power who are unofficially part of the United American Administration.

It wouldnt be too far fetched that the UA would dispatch a riot control team or two with a highly loyal company officer to keep mining activity on Solaris ridge completely private, that and combined with the fact that they used some questionable weapons (hunting rifles and incendieary weapons like molotovs) would lead me to believe that they were Wey-Yu Aligned, since their equipment worked to cater towards xx-121. But thats just my 2 cents, and of course, very opinionated!

so something like the 1800’s pinkertons?

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just a united american peacekeeping force for colonial unrest that doesn’t reach the level of needing colonial marines, not that deep. or maybe im wrong and theyre actually the super secret EVIL antagonists of the video game Colonial Marines Space Station 13

UA Peacekeepers appear to be a general catchphrase to represent police/law enforcement of differing levels. They are not riot police that would be the RCP with their red and blues. Peacekeepers are your equivalent of local police that do street patrols when there are no departments near, in a US Equivalent that would be something like the state police or county sheriff assisting because there is no local PD. In our case that is because colonies so far out can’t afford or purposely don’t have(a la corporate influence) their own PDs. The Peacekeepers are on nearby patrol and respond to emergencies(Fiorina asks for assistance, also is a UA outpost. While Solaris Ridge was having corruption problems and likely the CMB asked for assistance from UA forces)

Exception to PD restrictions is that the Colonial Marshal Bureau can supersede this due to Colonial Law mandates(thanks Colonial Administration!), and thus we don’t often see UA Peacekeepers on the frontier, as they are mostly closer to the UA sectors.

*Subject to lore changes.

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