What is the Best and Worst Colony to Live on?

We’ve all played on the maps in CM, from LV-624, to Chance’s Claim. But let’s put aside our hatred for Maps that slow down gameplay and instead focus which would be the best place to live.

I would like to live in Trijent Dam, as it has the biggest medical facility out of all of the maps, so you can get the best medical care on the frontier. Especially since other colony’s medical centers consist of just two room, (LV-624). The worst for me would have to be Kutjevo Refinery. Place is just too barren and small for me to enjoy living there, plus since all the survivors wear safety gear like hard hats and reflective vests I bet it’s a real health hazard.

What are colonies that y’all would like to live/not live in? Whisky Outpost counts as a colony.

Trident Dam would probably be pretty comfortable. It’s literally the only colony built as a proper city.

522 probably would be decent as would new varadero.

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Solaris Ridge.

good old LV-624 would presumably be quite nice if you were an archaeologist or likewise. it’s not a permanent settlement, at least, its more of a base for the archaeologists and whatnot. it just seems like a decent place with a potentially beautiful environment.

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Trijent Dam — no, thanks. Acid water doesn’t come out of nowhere. Probably it’s a hellish place to live.
LV-522 — looks very grey and depressing (just like in the movie). In the movie it was because the planet was still in process of terraforming, so no way I’d live there.
Solaris Ridge — looks nice, but constant sandstorms would be very annoying. Mind that every building has storm shutters for a reason.
New Varadero — man-made paradise, but constant tropical storms make it dangerous.
LV-624 — probably the best pick, because it doesn’t have any huge problems, besides the fact it’s jungles with related flora and fauna.
Kutjevo Refinery — quite nice, but it’s an industrial place, not made for living.
Shiva/Sorokyne — too cold, no thanks.
Fiorina — it’s a space station, but also a prison, so no.

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