What makes for a good MP?

What makes for a good MP? Is it their knowledge of the Law and Rules in-game? Is it a chill demeanor with Marines? Or is it being an absolute hardass with the law in-game? I’m genuinely curious about what others think makes up a good MP because as an MP and marine player, I want to know what makes for a good MP in a round and what makes for a bad MP. Outside of the common and simple “power tripping MP” answers but moreso what you have experienced as a Marine and an MP.


An MP who not only knows how to apply ML correctly but knows WHEN to apply it and to who. If someone is being a shitter and just generally antagonizing people, then you usually can be a hardass. However, if someone accidentally did something or is remorseful about it, then you can be nicer towards them. A good MP will also RP rather than robotically enforce ML.

I.e. marine breaks into for booze, you ask why, he explains he has an alcohol problem. Rather than arresting him you could refer him to the CMO to help him out.

Knowing when and when not to be strict is crucial.


rather than saying what make a good good MP let me tell you what you should do to not become a terrible one:
1-use njp every-time you can instead of putting marines in jail with max sentence if marine are cooperating of course.
2-don’t be on the lookout for crime to put the maximum of people in jail.
3-RP if their is nothing to do talk to shipside crew (medbay, MT, mess tech)
4-respect ML to the letter in doubt ask CMP or warden if you still aren’t sure ask mentor…
5-be prepare be dope and use my armory in hangar to repel xeno coming up any DS…


Very true and lost on many people.

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Listen to Mensla, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to MP.

In general though I’ve seen good and bad MPs on both sides of the coin, some that are real hard asses and others who are very chill. Both can work but there is no overall blanket approach, each situation and each individual needs to be treated per basis. In my opinion someone who roleplays a human and not some robot who’s sole purpose is to brig any and all marines tends to be a good MP. There is a difference between being chill and being lazy however and I’ve seen a lot more lazy bad MPs compared to good chill ones.


I think taking the “spirit of the law” seriously and knowing when to use it just makes everything soooo much better, because it allows you to create fun interactions, follow RP and common sense, for example:
If someone is being borderline LRP and annoying to other people by doing crimes, making their round intentionally unenjoyable you better know I am using every word and detail of ML to throw them in the brig for as long as possible.
On the other hand if someone makes a story, escalates, gives meaning and is just generally HRP I might actually try not to give them such a long sentence or at least not perma brig them so they can finish the story (when possible, obviously. Won´t let a mass murderer free just because they were HRP)


Play an interesting character and build up a reputation as a good RPer. ML wise just be lenient on people who aren’t actively trying to break the law and just NJP or ignore them, and make sure your recorder is running so you can prove their bullshit claims during the appeal wrong if they are trying to get brigged.

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Being dead makes a MP great!


this, knowing when to throw the book at somebody and knowing when to chill out is very important

also, its worth recognizing that being reasonable and kind to somebody even though they have deliberately committed a crime is worth it as long as they arent just a straight up shitter, as somebody who was treated with dignity even when they’re getting arrested will probably be less likely to be mad at MP or the game in general and do crime again, nobody likes wordless arrests where they only get told what’s going on when they’re already in a brig cell

that being said, if somebody is just being a shitter and you know they’re going to do it again when they get out then by all means be a hardass

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I mean there’s no turning around the MP reputation you just gotta live with it. Be understandable and amicable where possible. Basically:
Use a soft hand, but hold a flashbang in the other.

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Best MPs are the ones that tick “never” on the MP jobs.

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Got another tip: Partaking in purely scientific experiments, like here
Screenshot 2023-12-11 153657

MP is a hilarious role.

Everyone (including myself) starts out with the intention of “being the good cop” and “making a change”

But every single interaction with marines just breaks you down a little more. Every single marine that blantently breaks a window, refuses njp, then loocs about you powertripping. Every officer ordered arrest you HAVE to do… despite everyone arguing about it.
Every person you gave a break to, didnt charge resisting and 10 other things… then have them blow up brig and have to be manhunted for 1 hour because you gave them a break…

You learn marine law to a T because you get ahelped for tasing a guy for pulling a gun because you didnt technically say he was under arrest in the 1 second before he buckshot you…

Your frustration becomes anger, anger becomes hate, hate becomes resentment.

And then you look down and find yourself using the clause of insub to arrest someone for insulting you and the technicalities to maximize their time because they were a dick.

You are Brett. You are Beck. You are every mp they complain about… but you didnt become this way… you were MADE into a monster.

From here you either quit MP or embrace it fully. And laugh as you stuff more and more marines into perma like the animals they are.

“If marines didnt act like animals then we wouldnt have to keep them in cages” -Officer Teddy “Thud” 2 years on the job.


This is a cover story to hide the fact that all strict MPs were hired by the xenocord to arrest as many SLs, specs and SGs as possible. Don’t believe the lies, marines are angelic beings who are merely victims of the evil power tripping MPs

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If you’re good at your job as an MP, people will call you too harsh/powertripping/etc. If you’re lenient, people will call you lazy/failure/etc. People will blame you for not having perfect knowledge of everything that ever happened, despite you not being there. People will insist you explain in great detail why you’re arresting someone before you arrest them, despite it not being in marine law to do so. If you do explain, they will ignore it and free the person while you’re talking. If you arrest a non-rifleman, people will say you can’t since they’re too important to the operation. People will misinterpret marine law in multiple ways. No matter what you do, people will think you should’ve done something else. A lot of those people will pretty much never play the role themselves.

But not everyone! People will also recognize that you’re there to help. People will recognize new MPs (lance corporals) and give them more slack. People will help you out themselves, they will let you do your job in peace, they will testify against people you arrest, they will stop people from escaping you, etc.

I think a good MP is one that knows the rules (including marine law and SOP) to the best of their ability, plays a character which is in line with the rules and makes for some interesting RP, doesn’t take the game too seriously (doesn’t take what other people say too seriously either), and tries to enjoy the game for what it is. And keeps in mind that mistakes can happen.

Oh, and take my advice - separate yourself from your IC character. Did your character get stuck on alamo first drop and marines stripped you of your gear? Don’t get angry, have fun and RP it, do a *scream or something - talk to people. Then get new gear if you need to when you’re back on Almayer. :+1:

Also, TLDR am I right??

-Sam L. Johnson

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One last thing to add to my TLDR post. Try to not write someone off (including yourself) for a single round gone bad. Others can improve, you can improve… for example, you can ask yourself “what could I do better/differently in future rounds”. Sometimes there’s nothing you could’ve done, but many times, there might have been a better approach. I know I’m not proud of all my rounds, but, I just try to think of what I could do differently in future rounds, rather than burn-out and play something else.

This applies to MP but also to any role really :+1:

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You arent wrong! We have a point system.

Arresting all of command AND the co is like a straight flush.

Best Ive done is 11 of a kind. 10 in one perma cell 1 in the other.

Mostly to drive the alone one insane from isolation


To most people, as MP, you will always be despised regardless of who you are. It’s just a stigma really.

All you need to do as MP is enforce the law and roleplay. If you constantly break character for no reason, or otherwise don’t roleplay, you’re a bad MP. It is inherently just a RP role.

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Good take. This is a game take it all in good fun.