What should the medical department wear while in service?

Since the medical department became part of the military, I always thought there were too little stuff connecting them to their military service, their uniform is still civilian-alike, and nothing more changed apart from literally the rank boards. I’ve been conversating with Amory (which is making some wonderful new sprites) and the conclusion is that we don’t exactly know what could replace or add to what we currently have. Anyone have any ideas on the subject?

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honestly military doctors in general will usually wear camo uniforms like the rest of the soldiers. Or that’s my impression at least. I don’t know what else we could do about medical in that regard. If you however want to make something I’d say try making camo uniforms and armour depending on the map/environment

I do believe it needs to be something distinctive to the usual officer or marine, making it just like how it happens in real life would certainly approach the image of the doctor to the military, but would also possibly make difficult to realize who is the doctor, and who is the usual marine. It needs to be military-oriented, but need to be distinctive.

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Well I think it’s important to ask a few questions:

  1. Are doctors in the field IRL typically armed? (what with if they are?)
  2. Would doctors be armed in a military that is now dealing with a known threat like xenomorph infestations?

In places like the U.S Military, doctors wear their traditional BDUs/ACUs (BDU Superiority) alongside their patches and such that identify them from the medical profession.

If I’m reading right what you’re looking for is doctors would probably wear the regular USCM uniforms with boots and have their rank boards and come with unique patches that can put on their shoulders and such with their rank boards.

Additionally they may also have sterile gloves and masks for their own protection against respiratory threats, as regular doctors do. (all though doctors already never wear that stuff so probably just regular uniforms)

If you wanna give them something unique you can always throw in a unique peaked cap, beret, hat, ect, whatever may give them that cooler look.

Don’t take everything I said for granted though, just look up some stuff and see what you and the spriter will think works best.

Medical should wear white and be armed with flamethrowers and cats 24/7, incase they get in a self defense situation with a larva

Medical staff could use their own set of armor and helmet in case of deployment or red alert…
Probably white(blue green violet is fine to i guess if we want more diversity) with a red cross?
it make sense to me…

Well if we go after irl rules, medical personals garments follow one rule. Being obvious. Thanks to the Geneva Convention and other rules of war, if a medical personal is very obviusly marked as one, you cannot knowingly shoot them or you commit a warcrime. I dont know if those rules of war still apply in the alien universe, but judging by how corpsmen already have red crosses plastert all over them, i assume so.
But some military flare would be nice, i agree.

Wich i would like to know though, do you mean the uniform of doctors and nurses in medbay or uniforms for when deployd/corspmen? I mebday scrubs are fine i think, but some medical looking uniform for deployment would be pretty sick.

Also yes they are, but typically only small firearms (pistols or small rifels) to protect themself and wounded. They arent active combat participants after all.

I think you are confusing ‘medics’ with ‘doctors’, doctors are not armed because they are not supposedly in danger on the first place. Combat Medics is something completely different, as they are, according to the geneva convention, to protect themselves and the wounded they are carrying, and shall not participate in active combat on the overall.

oh dam, yes i did. Wupps.
But really, for whom do you mean the medic uniform? For people staying shipside or for medical personal deploying?

at least pants

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Any of both, just trying to collect ideas for Amory’s spriting work.