What's the best Medbay music?


I don’t know if you’ve heard it several times, but in the Lower Medbay there are three songs that play.

1 - Birthday at the Waldorf Muzak Orchestra
2 - To Bing Muzak Orchestra
3 - You (Voce) Walter Wanderley

Which sound is the best of these thre three?


The way Birthday at the Waldorf Muzak Orchestra plays softly in the background with an almost space like trance aspect to it just sets the tone and mood of like a Stanley Kubrick movie or something. When I am running around gathering up my gear at the start of the shift and that song plays it just feels right like I’m actually immersed in the roleplay as a doctor on a space ship in the future handling advanced medical technology, creating chemical healing mixes and dealing with alien larva.

To Bing Muzak Orchestra always puts a smile on my face when I’m doing chemistry for medics for some reason.

You (Voce) Walter Wanderley Is also good but I feel like it’s the more common of the three or something and/or I’ve heard it the most so I don’t like it as much as the other two, but still good.

Nice thread/question 10/10

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To Bing Muzak Orchestra still the best one for me, energetic and cheers up. I can imagine CMO and the doctors dancing shaking their arms like walking very happily to this.

Birthday at the Waldorf Muzak Orchestra It’s also a happy song, but for me it’s more “a joy in the middle of the round” while To Bing and it’s like I woke up and started dancing.

You (Voce) Walter Wanderley the Brazilian number 1° organist. Although this song is a rearrangement I think it is my least favorite because of how often it plays. This song is like the round is ending and we go back to cryosleep. This kind of vibe.

An admin could play the full musics some round in the future like It would be nice to listen to the full song in game instead of 10 seconds or 5 seconds of the music.

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