What's up with the vampire lurker hate

I also don’t like fighting flamethrowers, buckshot and scouts, but does that make em OP and needs to be nerfed/removed? Hell no.

the game literally does not work without buckshot

Kill all xenos. Xenos mad x24.


Atleast you arent these poor guys on chances having thier ankles snapped

Vamp Mains RISE

Not a single one of them clicked on you.


Before the lurker got in the dropship, I counted about 39 hits on it.

This video was also not recorded on CM but on an experimental xeno PvE CM as the players shown in the video are bots. You can tell because at the 1 minute and 25 second mark, the HPR bot shoots in the mirrored direction of where the vamp lurker is due to a bug where it would invert the firing direction for lurkers.

Seriously though, what the fuck is this clip, if I tried this same exact same thing on CM Zoey Newborn would show up at the three second mark, PB me with buckshot as I pounce the sniper/spotter and then I would be finished off with a quick mk2 swap.

There were like 3 people chasing the lurker in the video without firing, they had their guns wielded and just following the lurkers without shooting.

This clip isn’t real.


I’m going to guess our HPR warrior set the gun to burst fire which is why they fired off in the wrong direction.

As I’ve written before, a lot of this comes down to the fact its hard to land your shots in SS13. Plus the Vampire does move very fast off weeds for such a dangerous caste compared to the Runner.

E: I’m also going to wager that playing on ~50 ping is a huge advantage.

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Its funny cuz i usually only play during night shifts and its just me, using my phone hotspot to play and randomly makes me hit so high of ping ill crash or lag out like you saw it hitting 2k ping, but was someone figures out how to vamp its fucking over but after getting prime on vamp its RTO LARP TIME BABY

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Having good ping in CM…

Australians in shambles

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Hong Kongers are fucking crying. You just can’t hear them cause there’s only one.

They are considering this “quality of life”. Not onlywould it help a vampire not waste time, they will get easy life steal to sustain.

Eh. the only time this will help is looking for “Just rezzed” marines, because otherwise you can just spam the ability once they are down.

If you already play vamp, its not much of a change. But if you’re new, it helps a lot to know when to use your abilities.