When do I get robust?

You probably don’t know me. But you’ve probably seen me about. I play quite a few characters and quite a few roles. I’ve been around for a couple of years now, almost exclusively as a marine player. But I have dabbled a bit in Xeno, mostly playing carrier (which I am awful at). I’m nearing a thousand hours and I have yet to be robust. How long did it take other people to become good?
Currently, I’m decent at med, engi, and CIC but I’m by no means great.


I can recommend you to click on your opponents, it helps greatly to inflict damage on them. When you learn this simple trick, you’ll be good.


Being robust is not someone who can score a lot of kills, being robust is knowing the mechanics of the game to put yourself in the best possible scenario to keep yourself alive and do the best amount of positive work for your faction.

Knowing who to triage, knowing how to rescue someone from the brink of going perma, knowing when to push, when to hold, which barricades need repairs or where the enemy are moving.

Basically, being robust is just a fancy way of saying being experienced. You’ll gain these skills the longer you play.

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Oooh thanks. That helps alot. I have actually exclusively been clicking on my team mates. Thanks for clearing that up.


It’s about practice really like any skill. If you want to be good at something then practice deliberately. Watch those more competent than yourself and learn from their actions.

With this game knowledge plays a huge part in it more so than a lot of things. Even in combat, knowing what not only your toon can do but other’s toons as well is a huge benefit.

Its a culmination of your skills, and nobody ever completely climbs that mountain. Some people just get closer to the summit. Try to think of robustness as that.
Knowing the map, the situation, your available options (within the current context), and hell just what mechanics are in play, are just as important to being robust as fragging. Hope this helps, im fairly new to CM but Im a well traveled spaceman.


copy everything good players do


Like using an AHK?


are u implying every good player uses ahk

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Yes. Everyone who’s playing worse than me is a noob. Everyone who’s playing better than me is an AHK user.


You don’t have to be. Just have fun. Push crates and roleplay silly. Who cares about being robust? Play Reqs and drop spare guns for these so-called “robustos” that lost theirs so they can keep doing it.

100% guaranteed advice to get BetterTM

My answer to “when do you get robust” would be “is when you outplay the people around you”.

You don’t even really need to be better than anyone who could possible have joined the round at the time, just be better than the people who are already in the round.

I would say that two to three thousand hours of playtime is the common consensus I have gotten at which point people are most commonly reffered to as robust.


Being robust isn’t a skill or anything it’s a state of mind.




Try more Adderall. That’s what I do.

In a more serious sense a lot of other people have summed it up pretty clearly, but yea. It’s less about combat and more about knowing your stuff.

I play as Queen a lot and truthfully I’m absolute dogshit at any kind of fighting, but I know just about what every caste does, I know lots of niche tricks each caste can do, and I’m very familiar with the limits of my own.

I’ve had rounds where I went on a forty man murder spree despite being, as I said, dogshit at the actual clicking on enemy part because I know exactly when I need to retreat (Provided I don’t fail to account for something like the increased damage of the commander’s protagonist gun or a rocket), and how to use my environment to cover for the fact I can’t juke or do any of the fancy shit you’ll see sweaty warriors do when a trio of them murder an entire squad on their own.


Instructions unclear, injected teammate with dose of unga. Now what?


It will likely take you much longer than 1000 hours to get “robust”, and will take a commitment to copying other good players on cm or whatever code base you play. Landing your clicks is only half of it. also league of legend players seem to be good at this game as well.


Aight, everyone so far has given valid answers that I would consider much more important to follow then this. Truly, game sense, experience, capability in a variety of roles, map knowledge, and comprehension of your equipment and how best to use it is by far the most important thing you can have.

But cmon, you don’t want that answer, thats lame and requires taking ages to familiarize yaself with so much bullshit. So here’s what you are gonna do. Go join delta squad, play a consistent character, bring a motion detector, machete, light armor, and an mk2 rifle with reflex, angled grip, and extended barrel attachments. Now you are gonna wanna turn on burst fire mode and basically never take it off.

When you get in combat, you want to, and I know this sounds way obvious, but aim for the fuckin sprites. Dont try to aim behind them, or predict their pathing, if you click on a sprite then all your burst shots will hit regardless of any direction or speed of movement. Pack as many extended mags and AP mags as you can, and use them appropriately based on how much armor the enemy has.

Stick with your squadmates, and try to maintain a heavy balance of as many healing chems as you can possibly manage in your system at any given time, you want to be going down as little as possible, and staying down even less, oxycodone is your friend here. UNGA juice is a good thing to pack, works fast and can carry easily.

Now, you wanna start making metabuddies with as many people as you possibly can. Learn who the competent and consistent players in your squad are, and talk to them, remember their names, and communicate with them consistently, at least in game. Metabuddies are generally your best bet for when you go down tryna do stupid fucking flanks or get woyer grabbed because you thought you were the hottest shit this side of Chinook.

Now, once you have your consistent character, rigged out loadout, bloodstream jam-packed with a metric pharmacy of chemicals, and goonsquad on standby to save your dumb ass, start playing PFC and only PFC, and dont fucking stop playing PFC. Take every single fight you can while marines are pushing, and be the biggest bitch in existence when they are retreating or stalling.

Once you get more than a single fracture, your light armor no longer is useful, so go bitch out a doctor for surgery, with any luck this is one of the aforementioned metabuddies, and they’ll work fast and well. Now, at this point you’ve learned to always rush DS and skip brief every op, never speak to anyone besides your own clique, and flame every single person who FFs you in dchat like they are Grenfell tower. Start posting your top-kills fun fact in LRC as much as you can, and edit together sick frag montages for your youtube channel. I look forward to your linkin park compilations, and happy hunting.

(Hope you enjoyed this roughly 50% serious scrawl, good luck dawg)


I am normally a support player. But just for you, it’s linkin park compilation time.

Go hard in the paint