When you start playing both sides you start to care about balance a lot less

Like hell yea xeno nerf? I’m down. Oh a marine nerf? Hell yea that’ll let me frag more keep it coming.

You seem to be mistaken in the way that both xenos and marines can’t be nerfed to just end up being less fun for both sides.

Read: Warrior nerf can be viewed as a counterbalance to a slug nerf (which would be wrong as fuck: warriors being limited to 4 range lunge is way more impactful than slugs being dogshit), attachies nerf (GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING BARREL CHARGER FUCKING CODERS!!!), m39 nerf, zerker rav nerf.

Only things that can be a net positive for both sides are dumb fucking mechanics being removed like fucking Shaman getting axed.

Dudes see this and think “hell yeah”


So true. Nerfing something to a state where it could as well be removed or close to that with the excuse of the other side being nerfed similary as well doesn’t increase fun.

When I start playing both side, I see marines have good handholding mechanics but still cry for more.

Screw you, the Queen being high on a shaman buff and her own frenzy pheromones running faster than a runner was absolutely hilarious.

Hell yeah