Why can I not reinsert an empty magazine into am XM51?

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It’s not just XM51, it’s all weapons now.

Change was made awhile ago and I hate it. Sometimes I DO in fact want to reinsert an empty mag into my gun.


WHAT. That is an awful change. Who on earth added it?? I am going to hunt them down.


Why would you though. Genuinely curious. I agree you should not be handheld and should be able to insert an empty mag.


Hypothetically, I am running an XM51 on my backslot. I only have 1 mag. I am out of spare shells. I don’t have any space for the empty mag. I want to keep the mag, but I don’t have anywhere to put it, because previously it was kept in the scattergun.


A lot of situations where you simply don’t have time/space to store the mag somewhere.

I’ve had situations where I’ve seen an unloaded gun on the ground and an empty AP or extended mag, and I tried to put the mag in the gun to make both easy to carry

I’ve had situations where my gun is empty and the AP/ext mag drops into my hand, but all my storage slots are full but I’m also being attacked and I don’t want to just drop the magazine so it can be acided in a tenth of a second so I stick it back in the rifle, stow the rifle, and pull my pistol

I’ve had situations where I’m showing someone how the weapons work and they try to do something that makes complete sense - putting a magazine into their rifle, and we spend an extra five minutes figuring out that it’s not working because the magazine was empty (???)

Basically there are a TON of side cases for why I want to put my empty magazines back in a gun, I can’t list every situation I’ve had where it frustrated me, all I can tell you is that it doesn’t make any sense and it has only inconvenienced me without benefitting me in any way.


Silly change in my opinion

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