Why isn’t John Marine in the game?

I’m pissed off, I am royally pissed off. Why is John Marine not in the game? You’d think such a legendary marine would have some lore, be it one of those random and obscure computer emails or even a plush. I’ve heard so many stories about the legend John Marine. I heard he killed a whole UPP company with one bullet from his M41A Pulse Rifle MK2. I heard he destroyed an entire MP department with on crowbar and 4 cable wires. Hell, I even heard he was abducted by CLF so they could recruit such a strong solder, two days later he returned to a USCM outpost covered in blood, only holding an M44 Combat Revolver. So, this is a formal request to any contributor to add John Marine to the game. Might as well give him his own damn gun at this point.


he shoved John MP and got permabriged


Didn’t John CO appeal it?

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he shoved John MP and got deWL’d


That’s so sad, I followed John CO through his journey to become John CO. From John PVT. to John SL, John SO, and finally John XO. May he rest in peace in deWL heaven.



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