Why was the cats office removed..


Why was cat office removed? I just saw the old map of the Almayer on the wiki and noticed that it’s removed, and also that it’s really outdated. But why was Jones’ office removed??


CM devs are just more like dog pepole

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Admiral jones went bankrupt so he had to sell his office and is currently sharing a room with the CO.


Jones was demoted and lost office privileges

Call that old? The CO’s office used to have a window to outer space. I did enjoy the window into Jones room from the hallway though, so you could check in on him without needing to go inside.

The office was removed as a nerf to the MT gang. We are still waging the war.

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Well you see Lieutenant commander Stephenson went to space Vegas and blew a loooot of money on blackjack.

It didn’t work out as intended we had to get rid of the grand admirals office.

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Dammit Lt Col. Did the bookies break your legs as well?

“I did not fear the bookies. I feared the wraith of general maverick.”