wiking - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - wiking

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Annette Lorraine (Formerly Annette Habsburg)/Gretta Swahili

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:


Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

Once a few weeks ago for EoRG.

If so, why?

I was playing Bravo SL and using mortar for the first time and trying to get practice in. At the round’s end the CO was sending announcements asking for everyone to leave Nexus as there was a lurker present and he figured he’d OB it. I offered to use the mortar instead and it was approved. Delta Spec apparently wandered into Nexus despite the announcements and was hit by the mortar. I was perhaps a bit too eager to get more practice in dropping rounds but it was not a deliberate attempt to grief.

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I am familiar with both of the primary CIC roles: XO (47 hours) and SO (76 hours). I have decent familiarity with medbay having 24 hours as CMO. I am familiar with commanding in the field and try to command proactively and communicate with CIC when I am playing SL. I have no playtime as the other department heads but am familiar with their role in the SOP/ML and have interacted with them as XO and SO a lot.

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

While Annette’s ancestors held wealth and political power in the distant past, the rise of the UPP in central Europe was not kind to them. Faced with persecution, arrest, or outright execution, her family fled to the United Americas where, like so many cases of emigres fleeing from radical revolution, they entered military service with the dream of someday fighting to retake their home and power.
After the decades stretched on with their homeland still in communist hands military service simply became an unofficial tradition for the Lorraine children on behalf of their adopted homeland. Annette’s older brother and sister were both officers, her parents were officers, and her grandparents were officers. She never really considered entering a different career and continues to obediently serve how she always assumed she would serve.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

Annette’s most dramatic taste of combat was in her service as Executive Officer aboard the USS Alberta when a point-blank UPP ambush killed her CO and most of her crew. Rallying the remaining Marines and enduring point-blank ground-to-orbital defense fire she managed to avoid the total loss of her ship and crew despite long odds by ordering a rapid and risky combat drop. The success of her operation did not manage to save the Alberta from the scrapyard but it did manage to earn her an oak leaf.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

I personally believe that the unilateral nature of the pardon means it really should only be used when I believe a crime has been mis-appealed, an offender was genuinely ignorant about their mistake, or a crime was a product of circumstances intended to further the success of the operation. A pardon should also only be used when it’s clear that the perpetrator is very unlikely to reoffend.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

I receive a report that one of my squad leads has been found guilty of a manslaughter charge and their squad is clearly extremely upset by it. Apparently the Marine was shoved repeatedly by the Corporate Liaison and after requests to stop were ignored reacted by drawing their knife and inadvertently decapitating the Liason. I have had this marine in my squad during my time as SL and they’ve repeatedly been eager to take up responsibility as aSL and had a good attitude.
-I would likely pardon this marine, despite their inappropriate escalation and technical guilt. Given the Marine was clearly not the one initiating the fight it seems very unlikely that they’re going to reoffend. As well I believe that having quality leadership for squads is operationally important and will make the round much more enjoyable.

The ship’s sole doctor has been arrested for taking an SSD’d Marine and deciding to perform some “experimentation” by swapping their limbs for robotic ones, earning a Crimes Against Humanity charge. The doctor rather flippantly explains that hugged are reported to be coming up and that I need to pardon them so they can do their job, offering no remorse for their actions.
-I would not pardon this Marine. Even ignoring the fact that a Crimes Against Humanity charge is a capital offense necessitating a fax to the provost, I do not believe they’re even remotely remorseful of their actions and they are likely to reoffend. To keep the ship functioning in their absence I’d probably have myself or the XO on standby to help out with emergency surgery in medbay while using the combat tablet to conduct what operations we can.

I ask over engineering comms for a report on my orbital bombardment and about a minute or two thereafter get a reply that the OB is loaded and information on the type. I do not pay much attention to who sent it assuming they’re an MT or SO and simply thank them and prepare for the operation to start. Later I get a call from the brig. The person over the radio was an inexperienced CT from Bravo squad who wasn’t familiar with procedure and entered the open engineering door. After finding them there the CE ordered them arrested for trespass.
-I would likely pardon the Comtech. Given they were in active communication with the CO it feels as though I have almost given ‘de facto’ approval for their actions even if I wasn’t paying attention to who was reporting to me. In addition it seems from the fact that they were reporting things up to me that they were genuinely attempting to be helpful.

The Chief Engineer has apparently arrested the RO for theft after the RO took some material from engineering without authorization. I recognize the RO as a capable but headstrong player who has little known history of causing trouble for the MPs.
-It would depend a bit upon talking to the RO and their current attitude but I would almost certainly pardon this crime. Not only is the RO capable, unlikely to reoffend, and operationally important, they were almost certainly acting in the best interest of the operation when trying to scramble-together a good early FOB drop.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

A BE is a unique and irreversible ability to take a character out of the round at the sole judgment of a single individual. I think that it is a very important tool but also I believe that realistically speaking the sole job of the CO is to ensure the greatest number of players under their command enjoy the round. Being BE’d is extremely shitty, particularly if you don’t feel it’s deserved. Misuse of it can also reflect poorly on the role of CO as a whole and it can also deny the MPs a role in the command structure if you don’t give them the opportunity to do their job.
That being said, the inverse is also true. It’s an extremely valuable tool to protect the players underneath you from grief, incompetence, and malevolence that can derail their round. I believe that the BE should be used carefully and sparingly to keep the game on track.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

A PO has, several times now, strafed friendly lines. They’re unrepentant over comms and the marines are pretty upset about constantly losing barricades and taking losses to friendly fire.
-I would not use a BE for this. A PO is pretty stupid easy to arrest in their cockpit. I’d probably call the MPs to the hangar and personally supervise the arrest as it’s operationally important to get the PO out of the cockpit. If no MPs were available I would issue a BE.

A Pyro spec is wandering the briefing hall lighting fires between the squad assembly areas. They haven’t set a marine on fire yet but have been using their flamethrower to block off the nearby MPs that are demanding they stop.
-I would use a BE in this case. It’s pretty clear the player is using their title of spec to grief and the fact that they’re actively setting things on fire means they’re a clear and present threat. Nothing of value will be lost to the operation.

A mortar has been accused of several friendly fire incidents trying to use old coordinates to walk rounds into the xenos and firing mostly blindly. Friendly FTLs have been screaming at them to hold fire and let the front advance but the mortarman has been adamant that they can help. While deploying I pass through the FOB and see them continuing to sling rounds.
-I would BE in this case, a bad mortar is far worse than no mortar and it’s clear that this player has no interest in teamplay or the success of the operation.

The Liaison has been accused of breeding xenos. Coming into his office with a group of MPs we’re confronted with a storage-cell full of a small but clearly hostile hive. He’s adamant that he doesn’t know where it came from but unconfirmed reports of him buying plasma and other shady stuff have been surfacing all round.
-I would not BE in this case, despite his clear guilt and the damage he has caused to the operation he is no longer in a position where he can hinder us more than he already has. I would also not dream of stealing the opportunity of letting the MPs get a firing squad set up and executing him for sedition. It is both higher RP and much more fun for all involved (including the liaison).


I dont know if you could have formatted your answers in a worse way :person_kneeling:

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Yeah- not sure how that happened. Sorry, I haven’t used an internet forum in close to a decade.

Also Playtime hours because I’ve seen that asked for:

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Gretta is a amazing player IC and OOC.

Gretta is the character they mainly play as and whenever they play Hasburg (Sandwhich) you can tell that they are two different people so they are more than capable of RP.

They have proven themselves skill wise many times as a SL even though that usally ends with me finding them in the nest dead. Gretta i love you but you always die.

They would be fit for a CO and i give them my +1 even though nobody knows who I am.


+1 Gretta is a really good SL and is a joy to talk to on discord, they are also a good XO and i think should definitely get the CO WL


One of the few SLs who actually follow orders, communicate, coordinate, and don’t just act like an NPC pfc++



+1 i like their character idk why but I just do


Wiking has worked for the CO whitelist for a while now, and I really do believe they’ve earned it.

Their RP is equivalent to others among the CO whitelistees, and their skill as a commander is fantastic.

Every game I see Annette as XO, I know it’s gonna be a good OP. Humongous +1, you’ll always be part of Charlie squad. Good luck, buddy.


On the few times I’ve had the pleasure of working under her, she’s proven herself to be a very capable SL, able to maintain cohesion in her squad to do whatever it was that the aCO wanted, and an amazing XO, always keeping us in the know about the current situation groundside. Her RP is on point too. Big +1.

Also, you don’t need to include EoRG bans in your WL, lol. They happen automatically and with no moderation, so unless they happen excessively, feel free to drop it out of future WLs.


Spoke in DMs and some feedback, so I’ll skip the spinning rims here. Good people, reliable player, and actually has SL hours. Obligated to +1 basically on that alone lol. Although now, it brings me pain to say, you gotta go all out on the XO grind while this app is up, pump up the stats, and I’d wager you’ll be just fine.


Incredibly competent SL, as a Charlie main its definetly a good feeling to have them as an SL, they always keep their squad on maximum cohesion, one of the few SLs who uses Jtac and as such their competency alone in SL shows a good understanding.

When I notice them play as an XO its usually followed by good leadership, and enough has been said about their competency so im happy to leave it as a +1.


I’ve shared numerous hours with them in CIC, and here’s what I’ll say;

I like you, I think you’re a great groundside player, and I can rely on you when you are in CIC. During our time in command, even back to when you really first started getting a feel for SO/XO, you’ve showed humility, you’ve asked for feedback and advice in order to improve for the sole purpose of “how can I improve the round for others?”

On that alone, I think you’d be a great fit. You’re a great leader. Now, I’m going to nitpick a little here, but here’s primarily what I want to see from you while this application is up:

  1. Assertiveness. I like your character, I understand their personality, but I want to see you enforce in a timely manner any decision you make (i.e. shipside issues/research xenomorphs), though I have been seeing your reaction improve immensely, and you’ve been on top of everything recently.

  2. I can’t stress this enough, but don’t let bad experiences get to you. This is more of just a reminder, as there are always bad actors in the game. It’s a game, I don’t really see you struggle with this, but keep it in mind.

  3. You’ve got good community support, keep it. You’re not obligated to answer questions, but you should. Make a mistake? We all do, use it to learn. You’ll most likely be playing under a good chunk of COs in the next upcoming week or two.

  4. Maybe play a bit of MP?

TLDR; +1. God speed.



Fantastic charlie SL, incredible RP. Never had a bad moment with them in-game or in discord. One of the few SLs that can command a squad to follow them at all times through aura alone.


I honestly didn’t expect or know that you will apply for CO.

Anyway, I’ve seen you as my XO, I can vouch for your competency as an XO, and your roleplay abilities! However, I emphasize the importance of MP and ML knowledge in all candidates applying for CO.

Do you think that you can handle highly complex cases as the highest authority on board? I wouldn’t want to see you get suspended as a result of making the wrong decision on an appeal in your first month as CO.

+1 But I’ll wait for your answer, good luck!

I appreciate the kind feedback and +1s everyone! It’s actually pretty god damn flattering to see people appreciate my time as SL, that alone kind of makes posting the app worth it at this point.

Thanks- yeah. I had thought that was the case but lost track of where it was written and figured I’d play it safe.

Thanks for the feedback. Post your own app now so I can return the favor!

Yeah. I like to solicit feedback on the LRC on discord. A lot of people have been good at helping and many of the COs so far have been pretty awesome and supportive to play under.

Totally valid critique on the reaction time and something I’m trying to work on. One of the things I’ve noticed about myself playing this game is that I play new roles a bit cautiously, especially as far as leadership goes. It happened to me as Squad Lead too- I was a very bald fresh NCO. I like to think that I’ve started getting into the swing of managing shipside leadership better as I’ve been getting deeper into XO. I have at the very least tricked myself into being confident when I take on the role on lately.

I’ve been starting to grind out those MP hours. I got a fun character rolled up for and have been trying to engage the CMP and other MPs about Military Law in character- asking questions about weird technicalities and suggesting interpretations. Its been pretty helpful and I’m enjoying the role a lot more than I expected. I definitely agree with that too and will keep rolling it.

Thanks for the vouch! It means a lot.

I’ve been trying my best to improve my understanding of Marine Law over the past few weeks going into this both by reading the SOP/ML articles over and over and starting some MP hours. I think that I’ve developed a good grasp of things overall and am still currently trying to get in some more MP time in. Overall- yes, I’d say that as things stand now I’m pretty confident that I can avoid making significant mistakes in interpretation but will be consistently trying to improve in the coming weeks.

Thanks haha, at this point its a calling card and I refuse to stop (I swear It’s not intentional).

Hell I had an escape pod crush me the other day, I don’t even know how it happens anymore.


Wiking! I’m happy to see you finally posted your CO App, I know it’s been in the works for a long time at this point.

We’ve played plenty of rounds together – mostly with you as an SL – and I have no issue in vouching for your competency as a groundside leader. I know that we’ve been together in CIC on a few occasions, but I’m certainly interested in seeing what you’ve improved upon and learned since the last time!

Anyways, I’m not on the CO Council but I’ve got a few questions for you regarding situations you may come across as CO. Don’t feel pressured to answer them.

  1. A Maintenance Technician is on the run from the Military Police after breaking into your personal quarters and stealing items from your safe. One of your MPs eventually corners said MT and they immediately draw a shotgun and aim it at the MP. The MP responds quickly with lethals and takes the CT down, however it’s later found out that the shotgun was loaded with beanbag slugs. The Military Warden is seeking to charge the MP for Neglect of Duty and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, but only with your permission. How do you proceed?

  2. You’ve ordered the Quartermaster arrested for ordering contraband via the black market, however the QM is claiming that one of their CTs did so under their name. ARES Logs show the orders were placed under the QM’s name, but the ASO and CMP are urging you to reconsider and order the CT arrested instead. How do you move forward in this scenario?

  3. You’re on the ground commanding the marine force from the frontlines. You’ve been sending out orders over comms and command announcements, but your XO is frequently countermanding them and making your life as commander significantly more difficult. You’ve told them to stop multiple times although it seems they have no intent to actually listen, what’s your move?

  4. The CMO approached you about creating Corrupted Xenomorphs in research and is requesting authorization to begin, to which you tell them not to. As the round goes on you wind up changing your mind and authorizing research to create the Xenomorphs, but you then find out that the CMO went behind your back and already created a corrupted hive that’s about 10 Xenos strong. How do you handle the CMO in this situation?

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Damn- you’ve given my four pretty intense questions that will make me seem like a hardass.

  1. While technically speaking the MP wasn’t in danger, Self-Defense allows a Marine to defend themselves “should there be a reason to believe they are in lethal danger.” Given the MT has already shown that they’re willing to resist arrest and the MP had know way of knowing what the shotgun was loaded with it seems to perfectly line up with the spirit of the law. I would not offer the Warden permission for the arrest.

  2. This one might come down to how much was ordered and if multiple orders were placed. If we had multiple orders, given how compact and open requisitions is, it seems silly to assume that the QM wasn’t at least aware that someone was ordering black market stuff. I might go for an NoD charge if I suspected the QM was actually only offering tacit approval instead of pushing the buttons but its the same brig timer regardless. The QM isn’t getting out of the brig.

  3. I’d probably be offering an insubordination charge. It’s a little dicey to lose the XO but if they’re actively making the operation harder and have refused direct and clear orders to stop it it’s probably better to have no XO than an active hinderance to command.

  4. This is a trick question as I’d rather scuttle Almayer than handle Greenos. In this case I’d probably offer an insubordination charge. Given I’ve retroactively approved their usage having the CMO shot for sedition seems a bit excessive but I really don’t appreciate someone breeding a hive of xenos aboard the ship behind my back and I don’t want to offer tacit encouragement for that. I’ll admit that I am extremely biased against people breeding secret greenos though so maybe even that comes across as too much.


Being a hardass is part of the job description, as head of the Military Police (AKA Fun Police) you’ll need to be making a lot of decisions about what you’ll tolerate on the Almayer.

I’m obligated to point out to you that this would qualify for sedition. The charge states “To engage in actions or refuse to follow orders as to overthrow or usurp the legitimate command structure.” By actively countermanding your orders the XO is usupring the legitimate commander (yourself). Major Insub isn’t wrong per se, but it’s a very lenient punishment for a serious action.

A very measured response to a complex and potentially dangerous situation. I agree with you that Sedition would be a harsh punishment for the CMO, although I will say that it is important to take into account the CMO’s behavior prior to and before creating Greenos. If they’re utterly unremorseful and behaving like a toddler with a medical degree, by all means send them to perma brig.

Overall I’m satisfied with your answers, its clear you put thought into how you’d handle these situations. Be sure to keep playing XO while your app is up, it’s important to get that visibility.



Thanks- I admit those gave me a bit of a think. I think a lot of it comes down to situational nuance for sure as a lot of Marine Law is won’t to do.

You’re right on the XO and I had kind of edged toward being lenient based on the fact that they were capable enough that I trusted them to be acting commander and assume that they’re not just counteracting orders for the fun of it but if the XO is clearly not acting in good faith and just utterly refusing to play ball over certain matters getting them shot for sedition might be more fun.

Getting people shot for sedition is always fun- provided they deserve it.


I’ve seen you around a lot and played a few rounds as XO while you were an SO. High quality RP, good strategist, and fun to play with.