Would you support a "Squad History" or "Squad Culture" page on the wiki?

This would involve significant events that shaped the squads we have today, trying to remain impartial and accurate and not mentioning specific people to prevent it being a popularity club page.

Some examples being: that time charlie was green, when the term delta-[still banned???] was popularized, why bravo became the fob squad, etc.

I would be interested in contributing to such a page, but I only have a limited amount of knowledge on this specific subject, and mostly regarding charlie squad.


You might have better luck doing a google doc and running it through the discord Lore channel.

In either case, I’m wary of such an article since I don’t want it to devolve into a, for lack of a better word, circlejerk of people salivating over their characters.

I’d focus on the lore of the squads, and not mention any specific characters.

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Delta history be like: Insaneo ‘Lunatic’ Crazy III takes charge, 50% of delta perishes.


Agreed. Any information on the squads would have to be devoid of any individual events. I don’t want to see some guy post 6 paragraphs on how fucking badass he is, and how he single handedly invented the deltard-Charlie rivalry.

Rather, it should be informative, like “Bravo has traditionally been assigned to FOB duty on most ops. Such duties commonly include X, Y.”, “Bravo is commonly referred to by other squads as bravoids, piss-boys, lemons, fobbits, cadehugging gremlins, fuckwit turds who can’t aim for shit, the squad that gets solo capped by 1 burrower, X”, etc.

Just to get new players up to speed on squad slang and what to expect.


Bravo history: Dick Mcbaggins the PVT forgets to close cades at the Whiskey megaFOB. 10 millions marine dead, 40 trillion civillians capped.


make sure to mention that :grapes: r da best


Go for it! Anyone can edit the wiki and make a page :slight_smile: