Xeno Cope

Post screenshots of Xeno-Mains coping. I’ll start.
Screenshot (858)

DEAD: Prime Lurker (DMT-202) (F) says, “Vu Thuc Quyen, you’re either using autoaimer or a completely cheesed out gamma with brightness set to max. That on top of your utterly broken gun. Good work, very skilled and immersive gaming have going there but even maxed out gamma would hardly explain how you did not miss a single shot on me when I was invisible on weeds, trying to dodge and pouncing all the while you were jerking around the screen”"

DEAD: Prime Lurker (DMT-202) (F) says, “man, this game, the hilarious combination of the absolutely ridiculous broken shit on marine side with the retarded and / or mentally ill no-life toxic playerbase is really something else”

DEAD: Prime Lurker (DMT-202) (F) says, “anyway, get a life retards”

DEAD: Prime Lurker (DMT-202) (F) says, “what a complete shithole”




“Colonial Marines is just stupid how unless you have 40 macros set up and 3 wifi routers, you can’t win as a MOBA xeno, combo gameplay completely shits on xenos and doesn’t work in SS13 at all. Especially when all marines have to do is ‘unga point and click’, 0 still requirement. most xeno strains now need a PhD in that exact strain and the sheer grace of god to do well with CM’s lag. These marine biased dev’s keep fucking around with xeno’s meta thinking they can turn the gameplay into Smash Bro’s Ultimate without playing a single xeno round themselves. A year ago xenos had some weight to them but now I gotta do a A+B+X+Y+Z+A+Y Combo to fucking sneeze on a marine let alone do: any damage. This shit ain’t working on a 20 year old 2d space man game that turns into a powerpoint slideshow after 10 minutes of gameplay. Give us our fucking stuns and instant damage back dev’s otherwise xenomains will go on strike and you can have fun balancing a 100% marine”


the classic lmao


feels like something out of TGMC