XENO DOSSIER: Designated Tag, "D.K.D.".

Attempted Access Log

Username : Mark Rain
Password : [email protected]


Correct Information: Access Granted.





Rsr. Log: Mark Rain


Assigned Caste: Warrior

Current Status: Successfully captured, Recovered into Cryo-Stasis, More research to be completed.

Capture log:

Colony LV-446, had reported of a small infestation of the XX-121 threat were found and distress signals sent. Before a prepared response could be gathered, the infestation festered and wiped the colony. The response team were immediately scrapped and the elite MARSOC team was alerted for a new mission.

Outfitted with the USCM and W-Y’s most high-tech weapons, and available gear, 2 MARSOC squads were prepped to deploy at the colony to fight and capture any XX-121 threats. Squad A, which was designated as the heavy hitting squad, and were deployed to eliminate any hostiles alongside Squad B, who were to capture or acquire specimens of interest.

Upon deployment to the LZ, both Squad A, and B were immediately attacked with hostility although with a considerable smaller amount. Witness testimony, and After-Action Reports yielded knowledge that the infestation of LV-446 was a small hive however it withheld with its limited, yet strong offensive castes. Squad A with their latest new weaponry, decimated the infestation, the AA-R kill confirmed log states that a Ravager, Crusher, and a Boiler were all confirmed killed and 2 bodies recovered.

Numerous other T2 Castes and T1 Castes were killed. Little casualties were reported until nearing the end of the infestation extermination when Squad A’s recon reported sighting of a Deovipositored queen along with a single XX-121. The Squad A Recon identified the T2 Caste as a Warrior and alerted Squad A, and B. This was the starting point of a very cautious, and saddening tale for future MARSOC squads. Parts of this capture log have been both modified, and declassified into an Incident Log for the expressive purpose of understanding the potential threat, that even cornered XX-121’s have.

Incident Log:

Squad A and Squad B retreated from their front into a defensive position and waited for a typical cornered XX-121’s reckless rush, but instead reported no movement, not even from Squad A’s Smartgunners MD. Squad A’s SL had sent their recon to a front position to gather any information. It had been 5 minutes after the recon had moved, and Squad A were listening on comms. A spine chilling shriek was reported, and the loud ripping of flesh could be heard across Squad A’s comms. The last words from Squad A’s recon team were as reported by Squad A, “IT"S COMING! AGH-!”.

Immediately, Squad A’s Leader called for a push while Squad B were to wait and defend their LZ. Squad A’s team reportedly observed in horror as they found nothing but resin and the bloodied, torn apart limbs of their recon splattered across it. Their Smartgunners MD which had detected no movement until then, suddenly had begun to beeping with logs indicating only 2 pings found. Squad A’s Leader did not say a word in their comms before the then Deovi’d queen, whom had been hiding in preparation of an ambush screeched from their position, and from reviewed video logs, ripped the Squad A’s SL limb from limb.

The rest of the squad, which had clearly been struck with immediate shock, and stunned from the screech hastily gathered together to attack the queen as a force, which seemingly worked as seen in video logs for only so much for a second before their numbers were dismantled by the identified and captured warrior who had lunged their Smartgunner. Attacked from both the front, and behind, Squad A’s entire order fell apart and friendly fire had caused great casualties. The Queen which had been unopposed slashed, and slashed the neurotoxinned MARSOC Squad while the Warrior had picked apart the most dangerous of the Squad by what had appeared to be, pure and unmatched instinct and brutality.

The bloodshed continued with Squad B only faintly hearing the shrill cries of hardened, and elite MARSOC soldiers screaming almost like children. However, Squad A continued to put up an admirable fight. The Queen, although causing great damage was beginning to become injured from the sustained fire as Squad A began to finally regain some order and focus a single target. In time, the Queen was beginning to bleed and was close to dying. A lone Squad A rifleman with a disabled video feed, and who was not seen by either of the XX-121’s had appeared out of the disordered ranking, reportedly noticing the queens bleeding and gashed wounds, had toke out their MARSOC outfitted MK221 modified shotgun, and managed to maneuver close enough to the wounded Queen for a killing blow. The Warrior, believed to have seen this Squad A rifleman with keen eyes, noticed this and attempted to lunge them. However, video feed from a separate rifleman showed the lone man pressing on, even avoiding the lunge entirely and finally eliminating the queen. However, an unexpected event had occurred, with the Queen dying doing little to nothing but add an inane, recoiling rage to the Warrior for their Queens death.

This rage was cut together into footage of pure bloodshed from the helmet camera footage of the few remaining, alive but injured Squad A riflemen. From a nearby helmet that had been left on the resin covered floor, it was found that the warrior was in a greatly weakened state from finally feeling the effects of their Queen’s death, and from the massacre. It was shortly found curled into a fetal position by Squad B who had used their capture nets and less-then-lethal slugs to subdue, and finally immerse the XX-121 in a cryogenic pod or further research into their ferocity, genes, and the latent abilities of the remarkable XX-121 organism.


Confirm Log Out?

Successfully logged out, initiating security module.

Please Reattempt Login To View This Log.

@Usnpeepoo You forgot something from the dossier.

“Prime Warrior D.K.D. was then fragged by riot officer cause he’s a beast and DKD isn’t.”

that is head canon and is NOT true

This man is a noob, an easy frag on the battlefield and a waste of t2 slot. The story is fake and a compensation for terrible ingame skill

-1 to this woyer WL. Quite the shameful dispreay

he gets slugged and dies canonically

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gets slugged then dies

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gets banished and dies

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erm dkd did get slugged but it didnt die (it just got captured and cryo’d)

Fake story. Everyone knows marines can’t move xenos without being knocked down.