Xeno factorio megaproject


Xeno Factorio is a system designed to enhance CM game loop by adding grand objectives and depth to Xeno gameplay. It allows xenos to place resource collection objectives and structures, as well as factories to use those resources. The products from the factories provide benefits to xenos and can be used by marines for DEFCON or sold for req money.

This creates a control points system that is more dynamic and fits naturally into CM. Marine gameplay remains unchanged, with a focus on killing xenos, taking territory, and busting hives, but with added emphasis on research and recon.

This is unlike other systems that have been created.
Control points failed because of its awkwardness to put in the game (“hurr durr we must secure random oil fields instead of the colony or killing xenos”) and it’s railroading of gameplay.(The selling point of SS13 is every round being unique, this just shits on it)

Techwebs failed because its half-assed and pretty much the epitome of ideasguys “let’s just throw a bunch of cool shit together” while not even thinking about putting in progression. They never truly went into the design. They were too focused on individual tiny details without a care for the grand scheme of things. Like focusing on polishing car seats when the engine hasn’t been installed yet.

Design doc PLEASE READ


In order to gain as much help as possible and to help complete this in a reasonable time period, I am considering setting up a bounty program where donated funds can be allocated for specific tasks in addition to some money I am personally willing to fund.

The bounties will be hosted on a public crypto wallet where transactions can be tracked easily for transparency reasons


As of now, only pre-development work has started as we are still in the design phase. Should we further refine this concept, development will begin at latest at the beginning of summer 2023

Milestone goals

  1. Refinement and finalization of design concept
  2. Refinement of tasks & assignment
  • Bounties, funding,etc
  1. Mapping system completion
  • Foundational system behind xeno factorio
  1. Xeno Product line completion
  2. First TM


Would You Like To Know More GIFs | Tenor
Here is the trello which contains more details about specific tasks and how the project will work.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave constructive criticism. If you wish to help, just let me know by replying with your discord


What do all the labels on the Trello board mean?

You’ll have to look in the “info” list that details each label

edit: reworked the labels to clarify them a bit more

so like TGMC mineral collectors and capture the point like really like req does not have that many way of getting points and this could be quite cool like have the XO say “we need to knock out those two xeno controlled points” i think this is a good idea