[XENO] Hive mind knowing nearest tunnel

= When joining mid game such as taking over a xeno who SSD the new player doesnt know the tunnel locations on the map.
= The Xeno are supposed to be a hive mind thus sharing the knowledge of such things as tunnel locations

the suggested coding is to add to the “show mark” an option to “detect tunnel”. The marker would then point to the nearest tunnel at the time of selection. It remains on that particular tunnel even if the Xeno moves closer to another until “detect tunnel” or a track a different mark (like the rally, aid etc) is selected.

This staying on the one tunnel code means you dont have to code to constantly update sorting out which tunnel is nearest only determine which it is at the time of selection.

This would assist Xenos getting to their tunnel network that the hive mind really should be letting them know about.


This is honestly a good idea, although the true ‘hivemind’ RP died out years ago (before I played) I believe this should act as a buff between xenos, the GAU buff is already as strong as it is, obliterating marines and xenos alike.