Xenos should not be able to fight while something devoured

I quite like the design focus of going against players having “main character syndrome”, and being able to adopt whatever the latest meta is, whether marine or xeno.

While ghosted I have watched and seen a number of xenos, particularly noticable in low-pop, who will end up with a marine devoured and fighting other marines. This can be particularly devistating on low pop because a xeno who has a marine devoured not going back to the nest (or somewhere there are eggs) can remain and cause damage while a marine is taken out.

I feel like the intention of devouring is pretty clear, and it seems like being able to devour and fight with no combat restrictions feels excessive?

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I dont think removing a xeno fighting capability is ok.

But I agree with a slow down. Even a minor one.

How? Devouring somebody literally only puts a clock until they burst out of you and gib your ass with their knife.

I suppose in my entire time playing, I’ve never seen someone nor myself got out with a knife. And its relatively trivial for the xeno to spit you out and disarm, making you drop the knife very quickly.

Is knife bursting more achievable perhaps though? It could well just be my spam strat with the knife isnt good. But it seems somewhat pointless to me.

The “how” i think is that devouring and fighting seems quite main character to me. Perhaps I’m coloured by playing lowpop when it is more noticable.

In the middle of the fight? And no matter how likely it is that you’ll burst when being capped normally, that xeno that’s chosen to devour you and keep fighting is still taking the damage from you stabbing your way out, plus, you do just vomit the marine out anyway after long enough IIRC.

Knife damage from being devoured is practically negligible in terms of dealing reasonable damage. It is only if the marine is carrying a machete or a bayonet + firearm that the damage starts to become more of a concern.

If someone wants to take the risk of fighting while having devoured someone, let them. If they take enough damage to be reduced <25% health they run the huge risk of instantly being killed by a reverse burst, not to mention the risk of them just regurgutiating the marine right in the middle of the fight.

Hey there professional reverse burster here, been reverse bursting for years.

I hope the xeno who devours me fights

Gives me more time to recover and wake up before hive

The xeno will likely get damaged. If it rests to heal, thats more time for me to recover.

If i recover, I’m going to try to get out one way or another.

Even if i have no knife or bayonet nothing like that, any delay before i get insta hugged and nested is time i can potentially use to prepare to activate a nade. Otherwise my dude will be unconscious, if they dont stick around and fight.

Also consider, if the xeno fighting gets killed - youre free!

Just my 2 cents. Start putting a knife on the end of your gun! Youll be able to reverse burst but sometimes it just isnt in the cards. Keep trying and youll have your moments.

I recommend WP as a suicide nade, does very little to xenos, but produces obscuring smoke and is absolutely devestating, QUICK damage to fleshy humans like yourself. If they regurgitate me and im able to pull it out and activate it, they just lost another cap!

I’ve never liked how devour works

Why not just make it like both hands are holding the marine, so its not a devour its an actual sort of grab, and thus the xeno can’t fight while it’s got someone, and if they get knocked prone the person gets released?

Plus we even have a framework now for grabbing and running with people. We can even have the marine sprite being held by the xeno so people can visually see it. That’s more thematic, more atmospheric, provides more counterplay, makes more sense, so of course we are never going to do any of it lol.

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