Xenos shouldn't understand human language

So one thing i have noticed while playing this game is that whenever you use a grenade, the xenos all run away. Why? Oh yes, that’s because they can hear player callouts when using grenades. I propose that when you play as a xeno, you shouldn’t be able to hear when they call out a grenade (only humans) as they do not physically have a language capacity in their brains. Now you might say “oh well they understand certain words because they heard them in the past”, but these xenos are all born within the same day and focus on evolution of physical stimuli rather than the understanding of human words. If xenos were scared of someone saying “GRENADE”, why wouldn’t we just fake them out when we are being overrun by just saying it… anyways i think the aliens should either not hear it or maybe just hear a warcry instead of it.


Yeah, i don’t think its the callout that warns them.

I have a feeling its the bright red outline, huge exclamation point, and loud beeping noise that all emit from a thrown grenade.

Most HUMANS don’t even notice the grenade callout.


Animals don’t understand human speech but they can understand that certain words may equal certain actions if repeated enough.

Xenomorphs may not understand human speech but they are smart enough to equate the word “GRENADE” or “FIRE IN THE HOLE” with an imminent explosive.

I think its fine.


yea, or that. I think aliens shouldn’t be able to notice when a grenade goes off.

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The only thing I hear from this is “I don’t know how to cook a grenade without FFing the entire frontline, so xenoes should be rule obligated to take grenades in the face”.

So short answer, massive skill issue.


If you continue to read the rest of my post, you’d see that if they were scared of the word “grenade”, wouldn’t that just benefit humanity because we could make them tactically retreat into an actual bomb zone. If that’s the case, then the most op weapon on this game would be the training grenade since it would just scare the shit outa them… straight into a cas.

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Good idea I’ll bring training grenades to make xenos temporary retreat. There’s no way they’d think it’s a fake grenade…. Right?

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In lore, xenoes can read human brain waves or whatever, and react accordingly wether they are scared or not. So if a marine was doped up enough that he thinks he is invincible, xenoes should have a fear aura around him that he is not to be fucked with. Because they see pray that aren’t afraid of them as something not to be fucked with.

Nope, you must be getting this idea from your own insecurities. My post is about the xenos running when they hear it, nothing about FF. I usually use 1-3 HEDP grenades on myself if I’m alone and surrounded by aliens, but as soon as they hear my dude shout at the top of his lungs, they start running away. Yes, I do throw the grenades at them while they run away, but the grenade will never be a direct hit in their face which ruins the point of the explosive death. I want to at least do some damage while I die, not just a single bleed on their sprite which heals after sitting down for a few seconds.

Also in your comment after this about a fear aura. That shit sounds like it was made by some discord furry boy. Unnecessary lore like that also introduces many different types of loop holes of how you would defeat aliens (like for example if they had some sort of psychic power to read minds/brain waves, you could also fuck with theirs by overloading their heads with signals). However, because I don’t care about aliens reading human minds (which isn’t in the game or the movies), I’m just going to assume that the biological viewpoint succeeds in this post. In which, aliens would rely on pheromones and the inherited predatory instincts. They are superior in terms of biology, as said in the movies (and hence the lore), and that they are at the end of evolution as perfect lifeforms. Also in a world of beeps and blips, how would an alien distinguish a grenade beep to lets say a radio beep? Like for example if a predator activates that nuke on his wrist, do you think an alien would understand their letters and the beeps? Well clearly not in that one movie when that one predator blew up thousands of aliens in his death. The other time this happened was in the original with Arnold, when he associated the beeping on the predator’s wrist as a bomb. This is because humans know that beeps are usually used as either a notification or a countdown as shown in the movie. So you may ask, “oh so why did the human know but not the alien?” … The alien isn’t from our planet… they don’t correlate beeps with countdowns.

My point stands, Aliens shouldn’t receive any auditory notifications of a grenade (because then that would be considered meta gaming, the player knows that sound because they played as marine in the past).

Ok, so…

Xenos beign a hivemind after the first grenade explode and one of them learns it’s a “boom tube” then we can assume all of them now know what a “boom tube” is and does and run from it.

Also the marines are responding to a distress signal. Xenos were already there and already attacked the colony. There are grenades on, I assume, all maps. You can bet those colonists tried using grenades on the xenos, and now all of them know what a grenade is.

Your post should be titled: “I want to die in a blaze of glory but the xenos know what a grenade is and I dont get to be cool. I want to be cool.”

Now that speaks volumes about insecurities.

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Your comment is intended to hurt me but it has no effect because usually when I die the grenades work amazingly still but not to their full potential because they don’t get the full shrapnel spa day.

Also I haven’t mentioned once about “glory”. The most obvious reason of a grenade death is that I don’t get chestbursted so I’ll be dead but still revivable. I’m looking at this in a statistical manner for the server managers, so I don’t really care about your emotional deduction on this post.


This is a massive cope and skill issue my man. Sorry.