XO Rank Increase By Playtime

My suggestion is that the XO should receive a mechanic akin to Xenos or the Rifleman wherein their rank can increase based on playtime.

I would suggest the playtime required should be set to 30 hours. Since this also lines up with the minimum required XO playtime for someone to apply for the CO whitelist.

XO default rank would remain as ‘Captain (O-3)’. If the XO reaches the aforementioned playtime their in-game rank will increase to a unique O-3S grade. the name I’d suggest would be ‘1st Captain’, but ‘Senior Captain’ would also be fitting. Both these titles have historical precedence in the real world. (There’s also ‘Staff Captain’ but that’s a bit too close to Staff Officer)

There would be no conflicts with rank with this system since the XO would remain subordinate no matter what.

My reasoning for this is that it can be used by other players to ascertain if a XO is semi-new to the role or has some practical experience. Considering the major impact, a solo XO with no CO can have, it may prove useful for people to quickly know if a XO may need guidance or additional help.


Time = rank PRs are somewhat disliked by the maintainer team atm. I would check if this is wanted before anyone implements it.

Also that’s what medals are for

I like this - this idea should be applied to most roles. Even if it’s not a rank change, just something to further differentiate seniority would be good to have. Ex: Mess Technician, Senior Mess Technician, Head Mess Technician.

Really sounds weird, I don’t like it. This is an American ranking system, and we don’t use it.

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Plenty of precedence for the rank such as 1st Lieutenant or 1st Sergeant. There are also other “odd” ranks we already use. Also, its the future, things change and I’d argue either name would still feel natural for an American rank system.

I like :+1:

Captain First Class doesnt sound bad either instead of Senior Captain, military of my country possess such rank.

Medals exist partially for this exact purpose - also, it never hurts to LOOC and ask someone if they’re new to a role and want some advice.

Snowflake ranks are frowned upon by the Maintainer team because they complicate the rank system and create consequent bloat. CIC especially needs to remain static with rank (outside of CO Council and Senator) to tell people at a glance who is talking to them. I can tell a XO from CO purely by their Prefix, for example.

The more ranks you add, the more complicating you make this formerly quick analysis, especially for newer players who may have to get used to such a completely arbitrary change. The only role with this type of thing is Rifleman (an unlimited role subordinate to basically everyone, and where PVTs are purely reserved for bald newbies), and the CL, who is - again - subordinate to basically everyone militarily speaking and cant give anyone orders. They’re a rp-focused role, and so here, the rank change works.


We should be following US Marine ranks as close as possible. This deviates from that.

Its hard to check someone’s medal via radio.

The rank change won’t affect the current rank hierarchy since the XO will always be subordinate to the CO and will always be the superior to the rest of the crew.

New players will not be any more or less confused by the presence of a slightly different XO rank. The actual prefix of ‘XO’ will always be present. I believe your overstating any possibility for confusion regarding a rank difference.


Thank god the chat prefixes can help me determine who is what. Usually they look like rookies or MPs from demeanors alone, but my hearing and eyesight is failing.

I think somewhat of what Moonshanks is talking about could be cool. Say for instance, any marine awarded a medal gets a ribbon which he always spawns with. E.G: Pvt. Urist has played Rifleman for 20 hours, so his uniform will now always spawns with the “Combat Infantryman Badge” or any time a marine is awarded a medal by the CO they get a permanent accessory you can see by examining them closer somehow. You could even show time played in role in the text description when you examine someone:

“You can tell he’s/she’s completely green.” - 1 hour
“A babyface, but not his first fight” - 5 hours
“He’s/She’s been around the block” - 10 Hours
“He/She has seen more than most” - 20 hours
“A good person to ask for advice” - 40 Hours
“An expert in the art of war/cooking/medicine” - 80 Hours

I’m gonna be honest and say nah. A lot of the time these play time ranks go to their head and think it makes them better than other people. You can see this in a lot of dudes who have a plat medal. I’m going to give a prime example of why I wouldn’t like this.

There was an XO who had thousands of hours of play time, but was probably the most mid command person out there. You know the one

Now the one thing I would be for is allowing them maybe a few more points in their vendor, after all their playtime should be rewarded with more items. Not a great solution but I’d prefer this over the rank system

There’s already a promotion anyways, it’s called going for a CO app.


Unironically this lmao


There’s already a promotion anyways, it’s called going for a CO app.