Y_Sanek - Staff Report: Malicious Intent - Stalkerino

Y_Sanek - Staff Report: Malicious Intent - Stalkerino

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:

Map: LV-624 Round ID: 17162

Your character name:

Alex ‘Artillerist’ Enderly

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Malicious Intent

Description of the incident:

I played as a doctor and asked the CMO for permission to go to the front line to help the rest of the corpsmen. I got permission from the CMO and went to help the doctors with the wounded.


At the same time, during a surgical operation, I receive a ticket from Stalkerino asking why I am on Frontline. I say I got permission from the CMO. Stalkerino tells me to go back to the fob, I did it, he asked again if I received permission from the CMO, I say yes.
Stalkerino fell silent, and soon I get a warning for “Frontlining as a Doctor.”.
It sounds like I’ve been walking around with guns and killing xenomorphs. I think it’s wrong to give a warning without clarification, because other admins when they see this warning will think the way I described above.
And this may affect the following warnings / bans which I hope will not be.
(Sorry if there are mistakes, just writing this myself without a translator is difficult for me.)

This wasn’t really malicious intent, but the note has been amended either way.


Placing this here for transparencies sake despite the closed nature of the report.

The note was overseen, and authorized by myself during training, I was in game at the time and with them the whole time.

As such the report is my responsibility, and not Stalkerino’s.