YangTaiji - Player Report: Shinshan Gohiro's , EORG

YangTaiji - Player Report: Shinshan Gohiro’s , EORG

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Easton ‘Tricord’ Shafer

Accused BYOND key:

Don’t know

Accused character name:

Shinshan Gohiro’s

What rule(s) were broken?:


Description of the incident:

When the round ended. I was near the Alamo in New varadero. I heard a character screaming about a “nade” (the sound effect) but I was sure it was a joke and was a training nade. Until an explosion occur “INSIDE” the Alamo. With wounded aboard and even a stasis bag with a hugged marine waiting.

After entering the Alamo to check on thoses who survived the explosion, helping people with anything I can. IG Characters was pointing to Shinshan Gohiro’s who primed the grenade. And as soon as he was on his feets again. He prime ANOTHER HEDP and send people all over the Alamo.

I instantly Ahelped about it but the round ended few secondes after.


I was out of the Alamo the first time, only the explosion sound was heard for me.

OOC: Edgardo1: please
PVT Shinshan Gohiro says, “��ьььь”
Scotty Willey looks up from the laser designator.
Scotty Willey buckles in!
Overwatch: Your primary objective has been changed to ‘Recover wounded and supplies and return Shipside.’. See Status pane for details.
OOC: Leja: statistically, the best map is Chance’s
OOC: Takemi: Crazy?
OOC: XanHiroki: crazy?
Shinshan Gohiro unbuckled !
Asheia Lindolt cleans and seals the wounds on Myles Elderson’s right foot with bioglue.
OOC: KevinTheGreat: crazy?
OOC: Kaeeris: Shitting ?
Synan Kal buckles in!
Reese Martinez buckles in!
OOC: GeorgeBush911: crazy?2
Flip Steele has thrown the stasis bag.
You buckle yourself to the passenger seat.
Flip Steele buckles in!
Asheia Lindolt buckles in!
OOC: XanHiroki: rats? I was rats once
The Dropship Hatch airlock emits a loud thunk, then a click.2
The handful of pistol bullets (9mm) shatters as the explosion engulfs it!
Asheia Lindolt slams into the Alamo!
OOC: PWNRA: cartwright is a long tiime friend of gramps, along wit his father, granfather, and great granfather
Jamie Winston is buckled in to the passenger seat by Reese Martinez!
Flip Steele unbuckled !
Myles Elderson seizes up and falls limp, their eyes dead and lifeless…
You unbuckle yourself from the passenger seat.
Lauren Wells unbuckled !
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Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer has grabbed Shinshan Gohiro passively!
Lauren Wells puts the bicaridine EZ autoinjector into the brown webbing vest.
PFC Flip Steele says, “Stop that fuck fuck sake!”
Malcolm says, “I would not”
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer puts the HF2 health analyzer into the black webbing vest.
Malcolm says, “He bombed”
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer puts Medic Autoinjector (M-M) into Pressurized Reagent Canister Pouch.2
OOC: AnuChikibriki: can we have a fun non stomp please?
Lauren Wells checks Shinshan Gohiro’s pulse.
Malcolm says, “The dropship”
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer starts feeding Shinshan Gohiro a pill.
Malcolm says, “Stop healing him”
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer fed Shinshan Gohiro a pill.
PM to-Admins: Hello, Someone is EORG by throwing live grenade in the alamo and killing everyone.
Your right foot hurts.
Lauren Wells checks Shinshan Gohiro’s pulse.
Greg Boeb salves the burns on his head.
Cpl Scotty Willey says, “Based medic”
Lauren Wells bandages Shinshan Gohiro’s head.
LCpl Greg Boeb says, “Jesus”
Lauren Wells bandages Shinshan Gohiro’s left leg.
PFC Easton ‘Tricord’ Shafer asks, “Who did it ?”
LCpl Isabelle Colletti [Delta (HM FT1)] asks, “HUH?”
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer starts feeding Shinshan Gohiro a pill.
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer fed Shinshan Gohiro a pill.
Malcolm points to Shinshan Gohiro
Jamison D. Stickerman examines himself.
Lauren Wells starts performing CPR on Shinshan Gohiro.
OOC: Barristo: HvH event
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer has grabbed Myles Elderson passively!
LCpl Greg Boeb asks, “What the fuck was that?”
1stLt Gunney Finch Whiner [Almayer (CMP)] says, “Shit”
ARES v3.2 [Almayer] states, “Attention: Security level elevated to BLUE - potentially hostile activity on board.”
Cpl Vlad Ymir says, “HAHAHAHA.”
Greg Boeb unbuckled !
Lauren Wells performs CPR on Shinshan Gohiro.
Malcolm says, “That one”
LCpl Samson Jack yells, “SO REAL!!!”
This is Private Shinshan Gohiro! He is wearing USCM uniform with some rank pins (ME1) attached. He is wearing a headband on his head. He is wearing M3 pattern marine armor. He is carrying a M41A pulse rifle MK2 on his M3 pattern marine armor. He has an USCM satchel on his back. He has some marine combat gloves on his hands. He has a M276 pattern ammo load rig about his waist. He is wearing some stained marine combat boots on his feet. He has a gas mask on his face. He has a marine alpha radio headset on his left ear. He is wearing Shinshan Gohiro’s ID Card (Alpha Rifleman). He isn’t responding to anything around him and seems to be asleep.
Greg Boeb checks Dusty Attenborough’s pulse.
You check Shinshan Gohiro’s pulse.
Malcolm points to Shinshan Gohiro
He has a pulse!
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer buckles in!
Cpl Vlad Ymir says, "Bravo."2
PFC Ivan Losavon says, “Shinshan Gohiro”
PFC Lauren Wells asks, “Oh this guy?”
PFC A.J. Acosta [Almayer (Alpha RFN)] asks, “Why?”
Malcolm says, “Yes”
GySgt Isaac Flores [Almayer (QM)] yells, “RESEARCHER!”
PVT Shinshan Gohiro says, “Uhhh”
Ivan Losavon points to Shinshan Gohiro
2ndLt Zero A.W. Bau [Almayer (Rsr)] asks, “Blue?”
2ndLt Barristo Panganiban [Almayer (SO)] says, “SPY”
GySgt Isaac Flores [Almayer (QM)] says, “MY HAAAAAIR!”
Maj James Parker [Almayer (CO)] says, “Hugged on alamo, raising for heightened state.”
OOC: Kaeeris: MG
PVT Shinshan Gohiro says, “My heaaad”
LOOC: Flip Steele: he is getting ban
PFC Lauren Wells says, “Someone KILL this man”
Maj James Parker [Almayer (CO)] says, “Of alert.”
Lauren Wells examines herself.
Cpl Scotty Willey asks, “You good bro?”
LOOC: Vlad Ymir: fr?
LCpl Asheia Lindolt says, “Can i hit him?”
PFC Jamison D. Stickerman says, “Those two grenades hurt quite a bit.”
LOOC: Samson Jack: wtf happened, i was afk
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer starts feeding Myles Elderson a pill.2
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer fed Myles Elderson a pill.2
PFC Dominic Powers [Delta (RFN)] stutters, “Ah 'sh’i’t”
Scotty Willey shakes Shinshan Gohiro trying to wake him up!4
LCpl Asheia Lindolt says, “For 2k”
LOOC: Samson Jack: i heard an explosion and came back lmao
Lauren Wells examines herself.
LOOC: Flip Steele: EORG
Lauren Wells buckles in!
LOOC: Vlad Ymir: someone dropped an HEDP
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer starts feeding Myles Elderson a pill.
Scotty Willey shakes Shinshan Gohiro trying to wake him up!
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer fed Myles Elderson a pill.
Lauren Wells unbuckled !2
Lauren Wells buckles in!
Shinshan Gohiro is buckled in to the passenger seat by Scotty Willey!
PFC Ivan Losavon asks, “Fire?”
LOOC: Samson Jack: ah
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer tries to remove Myles Elderson’s M3-L pattern light armor.
Shinshan Gohiro was unbuckled by Scotty Willey!
Scotty Willey shakes Shinshan Gohiro trying to wake him up!
Scotty Willey checks Shinshan Gohiro’s pulse.
Lauren Wells buckles in!
Your right foot hurts.
PFC Dominic Powers [Delta (RFN)] stutters, “UNe ‘BeER tOo’ mUkh”
LOOC: Easton ‘Tricord’ Shafer: Not one, TWO HEDP
Cpl Scotty Willey says, “Ssd”
LOOC: Vlad Ymir: I thought it was an accident
Cpl Scotty Willey says, “So sad”
The passenger seat is broken and requires fixing with a welder!
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer turns the emergency defibrillator on and takes the paddles out.
Ivan Losavon buckles in!
Scotty Willey buckles in!
Jerry ‘Lys’ Shafer starts setting up the paddles on Myles Elderson’s chest
LOOC: Samson Jack: so based
Flip Steele buckles in!
LCpl Isabelle Colletti [Delta (HM FT1)] exclaims, “I’m no facist!”
You buckle yourself to the passenger seat.
LOOC: Greg Boeb: is it EORG grief??? is it real???

Thanks for the report. This was handled in round.

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