Preds should no longer have trap immunity against xeno’s traps. I.E acid, hugger etc.
They are a hostile faction to both sides and should therefore trigger the traps.
I refuse to acknoledge that a pred with no mask can step over a face hugger floor trap and not get hugged by it.



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you suggest like a cat mrrp mrrp meow

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Yeah, no, preds are supposed to have little effect while passing through the lines of both marines and xenos, all this would cause is just a hole in whatever defences the xenos have put together because there was traps along the way, all this accomplishes is griefing xenos if anything. Now instead of having that hugger trap taking out a marine, a pred triggers it and kills it, now the marine is safe

Problem is they will just run around wasting all the traps that were intended for marines. And they will just heal the damage anyway and the mask will block huggers so it won’t accomplish anything most of the time.
Imagine being a burrower and spending a bunch of time trapping up an area and then some dickhead pred just walks through, sets them all off and then turns invisible and runs away.
Although I do think it would be nice if preds could activate hugger traps only if they are not wearing their mask, eggs should work like that too.

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What everyone else has said. It would just be griefing xenos. If predators could step on hugger traps, they would just never go in the hive without their mask (if any of them did already). Predators, ideally, shouldn’t be making a huge impact on the overall round, and while that doesn’t always happen, that aim would be further compromised by having xeno defenses eroded by predator trespass.

Yeah, but preds also step on marine mines and they activate? So whats the difference.

The marine part of me says claymores are more disposable but the runner part disagrees

The difference is that the Xenos’ defenses are primarily set up in enclosed caves, or chokepoints. Set and forget hugger/acid traps as a bit of an early warning system and to slow down marine pushes. Claymores are more of a precision tool in my opinion, placed in a way with marines (usually) nearby to capitalize on the stunning effect (OT mines notwithstanding).

Honestly, there isn’t one. Maybe predators shouldn’t trigger claymores either, or perhaps xenos and marines could choose who their mines target. Because as a marine it can be really annoying when a predator steps on your claymore that was intended to clear out backliners.

eggs work that way already
and i should elaborate insetad of making a joke reply
i used to use claymores a lot as a marine, but i stopped using them on pred rounds because all of them would get wasted by preds
its also its just quality of life, it doesnt sound fun for any side, xeno marine or pred :upside_down_face: