Yayyay007 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Taketheshot56, other staff that round aside from JarektheRaptor

Yayyay007 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Taketheshot56, other staff that round aside from JarektheRaptor

What’s your BYOND key:


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Koki ‘Koi’ Mamoru

Their BYOND key:

Taketheshot56, other staff that round aside from JarektheRaptor

What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Xenos metarushed about 15 minutes in. 3-5 T2 (warriors) wiped out 6 marines, and by 12:28 they were on Alamo. 116 ghosts were in observation at around 1 hour mark, so it was really just an elevator simulator for peeps wanting the next round. I ahelped earlier and got a “Being Handled” autoresponse so I assumed they were gonna all pull back at some point, but… no, they just kinda kept being there, and of course given the FOB was 1 layer, the round didn’t last long at all.

I really don’t want to see any of the xeno players or staff punished. I just want you guys to do better. Spawn in extra marines, sleep the xenos that are still refusing to obey, anything–just letting it be an instant stomp while 116 players don’t get to play isn’t really fun. I assume when someone presses “Being Handled” autoresponse, it’s being handled. I will note that they did send out a QM announcement, but that was it, I still kept seeing the xenos going full ham mode on the LZ.


Only evidence I got is just the ticket giving me the reason why it’s an IC issue: Screenshot - a861c543c9a772c5e957c025f5289c5b - Gyazo
Even though the rules say you can’t just sit outside the Landing Zone. It’s been a thing where T3s can’t rush the LZ, but I saw them like 5 mins into the op even being started.

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Aight, hot take as someone who was just vibing as CMP this round:

If you can’t win against 3-5 Warriors as the entire, fresh, combined Marine Force 10 meters from the LZ. You will not win against them at Barrens, you will not win against them at Hydro, you will not win against them at Engineering.

We can’t win the game for you. You - the Royal you - have to play better and work together better. It is not even T3s, and they aren’t even fighting you on weeds. Admittedly, LZ2 - hell the whole map - needs a bit of a resdesign that Secure dome is further away. The reality is if you landed LZ1, and went to engineering instead, the same exact scenario would have occurred there. It’s not a metarush, they were holding a secure target that wasn’t the LZ, and you - the royal you - folded like a samurai blade.

(And don’t BS about it being a comms issue. The CIC let all of you know what was happening, what you were up against, and you still lost even after comms were online.)

The thing was that the FOB staff was primarily privates. There’s a really big stark difference here that you aren’t giving. Most of the marine force was already away listening to their orders, and by the time we got back, there were just bodies all around the FOB. At that point, they were already sieging the FOB. The western jungle area is a literal corner Hell for anyone trying to navigate it. The vines literally block sight while xenos have wall vision so they aren’t as badly effected. Not to mention if it’s 5 warriors, you can just prevent marine counterrush, especially given that most of the marines hadn’t arrived yet.

The bigger issue is that by 5 minutes past that when everyone got there, there was the entirity of all the T3s right there. You might think this is a skill issue, but if they’re just gonna sit outside the LZ, I guess this is considered a normal and fair strat then. Then this is just going to encourage another round just like this where 5 warriors sit outside and wait until everyone leaves to do mandated objectives. If that’s the norm, then I don’t know what metarush is.

My hot take is that if they metarush, stop them. You did try to do a QM announcement, that wasn’t enough, but at that point there was admin intervention that actively was saying, “Hey guys, maybe don’t rush FOB and make the round into a 20 minute stomp?” I don’t WANT to auto-win, I just don’t want the xenos to be breathing in my face at the starting line with all the most powerful hardstun kit they have to offer. It’s just not fair to people who just wanna play the game.

Had it been a midgame strat, or fog was down–I could understand, but they did this all when we had barely even gotten anything setup.
EDIT: Also, just to add, I don’t mind if my complaint is denied or accepted, nor do I want to win an argument, it’s a game in the end, and all I want is just for this to not be on repeat, since it was already incredibly lame to endure.

This can probably just get withdrawn, likely nothing will come of this and I guess I’m fine with that. I don’t really need to argue up the mountain when it’s just gonna echo back at me.

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This is not a reportable issue.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs