Yellows - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Yellows - Job/Role Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Cash Flores | SO

Type of Ban?

Job/Role Ban

What is your Bancode?


Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

Roughly 16-17 Months

Remaining Duration


What other servers do you play on?

TGMC, Paradise, Halo.

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?


Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Banned from Queen - Reinstating previous Queen Jobban due to LRP/Game Mechanics referemce in Announcements, dispite prior warnings since jab ban appealed.

Links to previous appeals:

There were 3-4 previous appeals on the old forums however they only go until 2018 meaning I cannot find them.

Your appeal:

It’s been about 16-17 months since my ban and during this time I’ve had the proper amount of time to reflect on my actions and understand what exactly got me here including my actions for the copious amount of LRP notes. I have spent this time as well playing XO/SL and various other roles that require me to be on a higher level of rp though not perfect I try to do what is needed without getting too ‘improper’ on such roles while keeping it fun.

Now I am fully aware that barely anyone in staff trusts me not to immediately get myself banned again once this appeal appears before you and me saying “I have changed” simply isn’t enough. If you wish to see me on a sort of ‘probation’ to see if I can do queen properly I am fully willing to do so in order to show that I am capable of playing xeno queen how I do on human command roles.

I do truly wish to move back onto xeno queen while following the server rules to the best of my ability but if you think I need to improve on anything I am willing to look forward on developing myself on areas that you deem inadequate.


Approving this appeal with caution. The last note you have is from over 6mo ago but is long enough for me to consider it “old”. However I hope you understand that LRP behavior while a leader is heavily frowned upon and further questionable behavior is very likely to end up with you back here, except in a more permanent sense. Best of luck.

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Added appeal:approved and removed appeal:waiting