[Your name here] Predator Application

Character Application: Predator/Yautja

Character Name: [Your Chosen Predator Name]

Species: Yautja

I am a battle-hardened Yautja warrior, renowned for my prowess in hunting and combat. Despite a recent injury that led to my reliance on a wheelchair, I have adapted my weaponry to include dual shotguns and an abdomen-mounted missile launcher, showcasing my determination to remain a formidable force on the battlefield.

Standing at [your height], my imposing Yautja figure is adorned with traditional dreadlocks and tribal markings. The wheelchair is specially designed to accommodate my unique physical needs, with integrated weapon mounts for the dual shotguns and an abdomen-mounted missile launcher.


Dual Shotguns: Customized for rapid and devastating close-quarter combat, the dual shotguns are my primary weapons, providing a formidable firepower advantage.
Abdomen-Mounted Missile Launcher: The missile launcher, mounted on my abdomen, allows for precise and explosive ranged attacks, offering strategic advantages in various combat scenarios.
Wrist Blades: Retractable wrist blades, a signature Yautja weapon, remain integrated into the armor for close-quarter encounters.
Cloak Device: Advanced cloaking technology renders me nearly invisible, enhancing my ability to stalk prey.


Hunting Expertise: Years of hunting experience make me an expert tracker and predator, adept at adapting strategies to different environments.
Combat Proficiency: Whether using ranged or melee weapons, my combat skills are unparalleled.
Adaptability: Despite the wheelchair, I have modified my hunting techniques and mobility to remain a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Disciplined, honorable, and relentless in my pursuit of prey, my disability has only intensified my determination. I approach every hunt with unwavering focus and a commitment to proving that even with a wheelchair, I am a formidable adversary.

My journey as a Yautja warrior has been marked by numerous successful hunts, but a recent encounter left me injured. Unwilling to be sidelined, I have adapted my weaponry and mobility, incorporating dual shotguns and an abdomen-mounted missile launcher into my arsenal. Now, I seek new challenges and adversaries among the Colonial Marines.

Reason for Joining:
The Colonial Marines offer an arena to face formidable adversaries, and I am drawn to the challenge and thrill of the hunt in this unique environment. I am committed to contributing to the immersive experience for all players while adhering to the rules and guidelines set by the game administrators.

Additional Notes:
I understand the importance of fair play and will abide by any character creation rules and restrictions set by the Colonial Marines SS13 administrators to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players.


Solid. Iā€™m bypassing the councils to have you immediately approved for the WL :+1:


The funniest part is how this is written by ChatGPT



just like real pred apps


So disgustingly fax.


How can you tell it was written by AI? Even my expert eye cant tell.


Give senator immediately. At least is honest about using AI.



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