Yves#8656 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Yves#8656

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You were banned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official. | Permanent discord ban - Coordinated harassment and acting in a manner promoting atrocities and conflict.



I would like to say outright that what I did was stupid, however it was not by any means harassment nor condoning atrocities and or conflict and the fact that this has been put on my record is slandering at best.

Myself and two other members of the community, JoeLampost and NuggetsOnToast had played a brief game of Red Orchestra 2 as the Soviets, after we had played we agreed that it would be funny to pretend to be soviets and attempt to eastern-ify our names alongside hammers and sickles, we bantered with other members of the community in CM Discussion before someone entered (I forget their name) @'d me calling us disgusting and that we were condoning the ‘Orcs’ attacking their western neighbor, ukraine.

I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not so I replied with a gif of Stalin alongside adding a Z to my username, thinking he was trying to troll, this however was not the case as they started citing atrocities such as the Holodomor and other soviet crimes against their own people during Stalins regime, which only prompted me to keep posting Soviet gifs until they blocked me, which I can see as callous.

A day passed and I @ SpartanBobby with the user that was upset calling russians orcs, saying it is quite funny. Shortly after I was Permanently banned.

during any of this did I, Nuggets or Lampost (Who was away at the time) say that we condoned the actions taken by Ukraine or by the soviets nor did we harass someone.

My hope with this appeal is that the ban is reduced and the note is changed, however I fear that may be too late as I have seen screenshots from the CM discord of various members of staff parroting this note, slandering not just my reputation within the community but Nuggets’ and Lamposts as well.

Thank you for reading.


This is a ban conducted with management oversight, not regular discord moderation. These are not appealable to the discord team. If you want this to be appealed or overturned, you need to reach out to myself, Forest, or Frozen privately for instruction