z a n e b o t - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - z a n e b o t

What’s your BYOND key?

z a n e b o t

What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Randal ‘Zane’ Wilkerson, Emily Mills, Zane

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?


What clan are you joining?


If minor: Give your clan lore.

Yautja Character Story:

Old app for reference. z a n e b o t's predator app- Sah'tin Dhari - CM-SS13

I whitelisted you before, never caused problems as a pred when I was whitelist maintainer and you maintained roleplay standards than. +1

Zane’s a real one. He’s been playing longer than I have and I’ve been around for 6 years. +1

A’right, I know you from the old cm staff & playerbase, never had issues with your synth, I never interacted with your predator sadly.

I got some questions for you since HC Certainly is in constant changes so.

1st Question

You are currently trying to recover a piece of gear inside the FOB, the gear is basically 3-4 tiles next to entrance cades, there’s only 1 marine and a turrret, what would you do?

2nd Question

One of your fellow Brothers prepares a small fighting pit in big red (BAR), It is running smoothly, your partner is currently having a honor duel with a private. Suddenly a group of marines enters and start shooting across the fighting pit. what would you do?

3nd Question.

You are currently having a honor duel with a marine in the colony, while you fight with them, a Synthetic units tries to save the marine and starts pushing you, the marine asks the synth to stop. The synth disengages. How would you react to that?

1st Question: Since the gear is located in the FOB, I wouldn’t retrieve it until it either goes into orbit or goes somewhere else in the hunting grounds.

2nd Question: Seeing as they are deemed dishonorable for interrupting the duel I would engage with the marines in an attempt to get them to leave, to preserve the integrity of the duel. If they do decide to retreat, I would go back to spectating the duel however if they keep interfering and don’t leave I would fight until they die. Personally I would allow them to recover the dead and retreat though. (In the past there was no problem with another yautja doing this and I didn’t see anything that would prohibit this in the current HC but if I’m somehow blind please let me know.)

Third Question: If the synthetic does indeed disengage I would continue the honor duel with no repercussions to the synth.

While the story is a little lackluster, your history as retired staff and ex-yautja, not to mention your vouches, make a pretty good base for your application. The answers above were also good.

I’m inclined to give my +1, but I’ve barely seen you around! While it’s not meant to be an obligation, I’d rather you got the whitelist if you actually planned on using it every so and so. So, please try and show yourself around some more, and I’ll consider it.

More questions :

  1. You’re observing the battlefield, chilling, until a random marine enters your personal space and asks for a ‘duel’, without having had prior contact with you or other yautja. What would you do?

  2. A marine whose name you don’t recognize on an OOC level starts shooting you without a word, all by themselves, and they’re doing pretty well. What would you do?

  3. Another hunter makes back-handed comments about your prowess on the battlefield. What would you do?

Hope to see you around!

Yeah so about my activity at the moment, I work and I’m in school so my time is pretty limited right now especially since it’s time for finals but I’ll try to put some more time in when I can!

  1. Although its not explicitly stated, I would think this is metaing the honor code and therefore makes them Temporarily Dishonorable. I would consider it somewhat lrp that a marine would walk up to a 8 foot tall hulking beast and just say “hey do you want to duel?”. I don’t think he should know of honor duels or anything about them especially if hes just a random marine. I’d probably tell him to leave or go away. If he continues to press it I will not round end or outright kill him but I would rough him up and throw him back to the marines afterwards to hopefully deter him from trying it again.

  2. I think if they are doing well and its actually a good fight, I would gladly partake in the fight and use worthy weapons on them. Unless special circumstances were met and I was in the middle of gear recovery or hunting a predalien I would probably try to cloak away and continue with the priority issue, but if that wasn’t an option and I was cornered. I’d fight my way out and use what means I can to get them to either disengage with plasmacaster or fight them off, or any other means or methods of stuns/slows that would get the result I want without egregiously ruining that players expierence/round.

  3. I would stand my ground and defend my honor, in a roleplay sense. Your honor/pride/clan/prowess as a hunter is everything in Yautja culture and for someone to disrespect any of those things invites a beating. I would reply or retort or argue in whichever seemed the most organic and felt the most fitting way. Through escalation if the other Hunter did not back down from his comments I would challenge them to an honor duel. And prove that I am capable.

Apologies for the long wait!

While you have been accepted into the Whitelist before, your answers certainly show you’ve kept up with the Honor Code. The story itself could be improved, but your community support and experience with the Whitelist makes up for it.

This application is Accepted, welcome to the whitelist!

Added pred:approved and removed pred:waiting