ZACSO-X - Player Report: Queen, Rule 6: no metagaming

ZACSO-X - Player Report: Queen, Rule 6: no metagaming

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Zarah ‘Zapper’ Plums

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Rule 6: no metagaming

Description of the incident:

I, alongside 4 other living survivors were holding secure dome as a survivor does and we fought, and we died.
However, the Queen who was very annoying with Queen eye all the while then IMMEDIATELY after marines landed built a 4 tile long heavy resin wall on the north side of dome that was breached, as per Rule 6 xenos can only do this if it serves a purpose related to combat, however, there were no xenos inside of the dome, no special xeno structures, no tunnels, and no other entrances.
And then even MORE unbelievably after the colony synth Malcolm came back, broke the walls, was about to revive the last guy who wasn’t perma, Queen eye was STILL THERE and started walling off Malcolm AGAIN thus scaring him off and successfully perma’ing all survs.
I believe this is a clear cut case of a xeno tryharding the prevention of corpse recovery.
Now although I don’t hate xenos quite as much as my fellow survivors, I would expect xenos to hate me too, but even I have some etiquette, I’ve NEVER intentionally killed any small host or larva I’ve come across even when they deserve it for frontlining next to LZ instead of evo’ing at hive, and I would expect xenos to have the same basic respect.


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One detail I wasn’t clear on, Queen only walled off OUR CORPSES, she only did so after we died, not while we were alive

Hello, folks. Malcolm here.

One thing I would like to confirm. The queen spamming walls was not enough to save the survivor. He really didn’t have time to be revived after I cracked in my way into a literal 4x4 block just meant to make it unable for any survivors to be realistically recovered.

The fact she tried to block me in again not withstanding because that would of made sense the queen literally just crapped out a bunch of her special walls to ensure that survivors would perm and marines would be unlikely to get to them.


Just found out Queen ckey is most probably KingPhilipIII, since he mentioned it in the category acid goop

I was going to pull logs for this, but after reading into them, I noticed that this had already been handled in round.

Report closed, action already taken

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs