zickusable - Player Report: Matthaus, Synthvivor Rule 3

zickusable - Player Report: Matthaus, Synthvivor Rule 3

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Synthvivor Rule 3

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I was retreating from survs’ cadeline at island with almost full health, but deep sea thought differently and threw me into fire just in front of cades. So I lost the most of my health and managed to run almost to middle of LZ1 (survs were not chasing me), then I called for help and started resisting. Some runner extinguished me. I was lying for a pretty long time in crit. Then I felt two hits with machete and finnaly died. After that synth returned to cadeline. I think that the only metal barricade I slashed one minute ago (the only harm I’d done other than emotional) is not serious reason to finish me off so far from cadeline (runner was close to me all the time, so synth even putted himself in danger by doing this)



Added report:synth

you should read synthetic rules before filing a report

When engaged in combat, ensure the threat to yourself, other human colonists, and/or colony infrastructure ultimately disengages or is disabled however you may deem fit. You may proactively engage said threats at your discretion, but may not chase them to the point you are no longer observing preservation of self, other human colonists, and/or colony infrastructure.

which effectively means that the threat(xenomorphs) can be terminated at any point in time, as long as you’re not just hunting for kills on your own

Hello, let me start by identifying myself as acting on behalf of the synthetic council, since the forum likes to only tell you about moderator status. We appreciate your willingness to report and ask questions about synthetic rules, this is in fact not against synthetic guidelines. The main condition under which a synthetic may pursue and eliminate a threat is if they are in a “delta alert” situation, most commonly this is for survivors prior to linking up with marines and hijack conditions but does extend to some other niche circumstance such as xenos boarding a dropship during evac. As this occurred during delta conditions, it is entirely permissible as an effective way to increase chances of survival. If you have any further questions please use discord to ask any of the synthetic councilors.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs

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