Add a marker to mortar (and CAS?) explosion location

  • Mortar case

As the title says. We’ve a few nice warning markers that could be used to mark the epicenter - there’s already text warnings so im rather baffled this wasnt added aswell. Especially if you consider the lack of “dot” warning due to pre-lazing coords all over an area.
Should prevent the frustrating cases of xenos running into mortars because they weren’t in audio/warning range (this happens to runners ALOT) aswell as marines getting ff’d because they didn’t expect danger close.
Doubt it’d be significant balance wise aswell and frankly I dont see any negatives here, since - as mentioned - there’s text warnings already.

  • Cas case
  1. Firemission

Marking the firemission area - not the exact spots missiles land, but a nice warning “line” in the direction the FM’s going, since as people complain - even if you get the text warning you do not know which direction it’s going.
Think it’d be good for the game even if it makes CAS weaker - it goes in line with all the attempts to add warnings and eliminate deaths out of nowhere.

  1. Direct fire

Mostly wanted to address the cases where the spotter disables his lase immediately as the PO fires, making the CAS seemingly strike “out of nowhere”.
Might not be applicable without messing with balance though, as I’ve no clue what are timers between PO firing to sound/visuals appearing - in this case the mark would have to be here before current warnings to not be pointless, as by the time they appear it’s already too late to dodge.
The above would be a desired balance change anyway - not a big fan of “silent CAS” and how confusing it can be for everyone everytime it happens. Also the “just melt flares” people often bring up in response isn’t really applicable as a CAS counter - the last time I tried I got gibbed by a missile, even though I was ready for this to happen there was simply no time to get out of the way lol


I’d disagree with this. Skill issue or something



Does this post really belong here and not the acid goop one because there’s no way you’re serious right now.


I think this would be a good addition.

Xenos get indicators for Oppressor yoinks, Boiler traps, Resin Whisperer structures, Lurker and Prae attacks, Spitter empowerment, and probably a few I’m forgetting. The general consensus being that taking a lot of damage to something either offscreen or with little warning is generally unfun. You could include resin holes/spikes not being literally invisible in this, too.

A bright, blinking exclamation point the same as Requisitions supply drops probably wouldn’t do more than let you know what just hit you.

Mortars, CAS, and OBs especially already benefit from far more damage and range than the comparable telegraphed Xenomorph abilities: anybody who relies on them striking with no indicator besides a chat log and sound effect is using a crutch.

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I agree, I’ll PR to make queen invisible next and just add directional warnings to the stomps.
Idea bad because idea bad or is there an actual issue?

??? indeed.
whats the issue?


The amount of audio warning given by Mortar/CAS is sufficient that unless you are resting in the epi-centre of the attack you should be able to escape before the attack strikes. Even then you have a decent chance to evade if you stand up quick enough.

This is like suggesting that Boiler globs should produce a giant warning on where the boiler is targeting.


Well, yes, they should. That’s why boiler globs were removed in the first place - because they did not show the target area.
It’s also why sniper has a visual mark on (You) and not just audio and text.

The issue isn’t resting in the epicenter. It’s being too far offscreen to hear the warning in the first place and/or having to guess as to its direction - the CAS warning forces you to vacate the entire screen because you do not know where it’s flying rather than moving to a specific side like with the mortar.


They do, it’s a giant glob that comes hurtling at your face. You can see it coming

The only ranged attack xenos have that has no warning was warrior lunge, and that was nerfed down to 4 tiles so you can see that coming too.

I would love if the game created a giant “WARNING” symbol where the Boiler is aiming AND gave us 5 to 10 seconds of a giant WHOOSHING sound as further warning I am about to be hit by a boiler attack.

Getting maybe <1 second of warning of a boiler glob coming your way is no way comparable to the amount of warning a mortar or cas gives. Stop being delusional.

Runners might be at risk of missing some of the audio que, but you still get some of the audio so my advise is to just run away when you hear any kind of whoosh sound, your a runner, you run fast.

Its a skill issue.


Next we need the queen to have a 5 seconds warning before any of her screeches that anyone within two screens can hear, then the direction she’s coming from along with the fat stomps she does on her way to the front.

Burrowers need to have a visual indicator to where they are and will be too because the current audio warning that was just added isn’t enough! Oh and don’t forget the warnings that they are digging from and to the location, everyone needs to know that.

And don’t get me started about the charger strain. It’s impossible to know when and where they’re coming from! By showing an indicator as to where they’re coming from, it’ll help the Marines dodge them as well. It’s needed because they come from off screen you know? With less than a second to dodge it.

And remember the huggers, how come they have no warning at all yet they get to remove a marine either from the round or for at least 15 minutes if not more?? A suitable warning both audible, visual and text should suffice to help with this issue.

My man what you’re trying to create is a hand holding simulator and not a game. If you’re so bad as to have a problem getting hit by something you get a fuck ton of warnings both through giant texts and audible “YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE” sounds then I don’t know what to tell you. The only caste that can get hit by it without hearing it is the runner and it’s highly unlikely as almost all of the time they’ll still hear the mortar sound, and they definitely see and hear the CAS strikes.


Actually even a last second warning would make a difference to prevent xenos jumping into it.

At sufficient speeds you just suddenly die without hearing anything, so there is nothing you could possibly run from.

From offscreen? Just dodge.

we do, its called stomps

it is, you can see them charging. Might be important to note they dont gib you on hit either.

They do have a visual warning, moreso than normal hugger traps and claymores.

You can easily pounce/jump/charge into these so its not limited to caste like runners and happens way more than you seem to think.
Im saying the warnings are insufficient beyond telling you “it’s there” and even then that’s not always what happens. I don’t think I’ve ever died to JTAC that I could hear, yet I still died to JTAC on multiple occassions.

Offscreen/untelegraphed damage should be done away with in every case anyways, which is a direction CM has mostly been heading towards, save for a resurgence in recent times with globber and SG farsights.

SKILL ISSUE MY MAN. The community is pushing back on this idea.


Stomps aren’t enough as only audible warnings aren’t enough, we need all kinds of warnings along with it. And the screech when she does it, there needs to be a big fat red arrow pointing in the direction of the screech because sometimes you can’t tell which direction it’s coming from!

You only see them charging when they’re at max speed which gives you less than a second to dodge!! Even if they don’t gib, they still do a lot of damage and stun and we all know stuns = dead Marines!!!

The visual warning is a red circle and that’s it, we also need text ones like C4ing the queen one and the screeching sound so the blind can hear it coming!!!

It’s highly unlikely to pounce/lunge and etc into it and even if you do, you can run away before it lands because you hear it anyway. And there’s no such thing as mortar you can’t hear, or CAS, otherwise that’s a bug and you should be fixing the bug not suggesting ways to mouth feed the drooling smooth brains with no eyes or ears to see the already absurd amount of warnings given to them.

I also won’t refute anything Arty said cause clearly they play a different game that’s not CM. At least I know you try to play the game sometimes.

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You make it blatantly obvious that you don’t.

It’s hard to spend a day without witnessing someone die to this, let alone hearing about it in dchat.

it’s not, the audio isn’t global.

I also don’t get why are you so much against this if the warnings - according to you - are already so overwhelming you cannot possibly miss them - seems like it’d make no difference in that case? lol

Good idea. I don’t understand the backlash since we already have messages in chat, that do the same job, but unlike visual warning on the map you can easily miss the chat warning or even never recieve it (if you unlucky enough to run into it). Both CAS and mortar were buffed lately so balance-wise it quite fair. Would be also great if CAS warning somehow indicated the direction of the ship (imagine if ship casted shadow actually, line idea also works).

Do you play the game? It happens a lot. Next time I die like this I’ll send you a screenshot and you’ll see there is no warnings in chat. And no, you don’t hear it, because sound package is being sent at the same time as chat message (but unlike chat message only once), so if you didn’t get the chat message, you won’t get the sound at all.

Bro, why do you bring up boiler? First of all, you can physically see the boiler (if you bring binos), secondly, you see the projectile and unless you’re wounded it’s easy to dodge, thirdly, boiler glob stuns and fucks up only a single marine on direct hit, fourthly, acid damage is so meaningless you get revived in a minute even if you die. Now compare it to screen-wide stun that can kill even T3 (not to mention OT shells).


The shadow is actually a good idea, as it would actually provide some kind of warning where CAS is gonna powergame firemission, but please no hand-holding-simulator 13 big red warnings on the screens so bald benos cannot run into CAS, ruining the last immersion this game has. (The hive having benos is a core gameplay mechanic, so why not make benos immune to damage in order to ensure core gameplay mechanics working, similar to benos dragging ded benos removal) If you need NEW BIG RED WARNINGS ADDITIONAL TO THE OLD BIG RED WARNINGs, literally just add a big red warning to every marine carrying a shotgun, or just expand it to all rifles as they instastun on PB either, so benos are impossible to miss these antibackliner-marines instakilling them without much counterplay.


I have to put it in a way for others to also read otherwise if you were like the other person I’d have just given a one off comedic relief “holy shit you’re so fucking stupid” and left it at that.

I personally don’t and again if it’s a bug then it should be fixed. It’s not global but it has a big range. Hell just increase the range you can hear it from and honestly that wouldn’t be bad for the off screen unlucky bastards that run into it (runners mostly).

Because even with all of those warnings they still die to it, it’ll be impossible to die even with all of these warnings because there’s a giant “DON’T STAND IN THIS VERY SPECIFIC LOCATION” red warning in the exact place it’ll hit. And also Marines often get hit by it antd hey don’t have the speed or lunges or pounces so that should tell you something about the average CM player.

As for Engine… You’re a funny guy, keep up the humor posting.

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The thing with the current warnings is that you only get a vague sense of the direction like “north west”, and there are many situations where you’re not sure which is the best direction to run because you don’t know exactly where it will land. For example a mortar is firing north of you, you cannot run south due to walls being in the way. Do you stay where you are and hope the mortar is north enough that it doesn’t hit you, or do you run north and hope that it’s south enough that you can escape without it hitting you?

I consider this to just be a part of the challenge of the game and don’t think it should be changed, changing it could possibly nerf mortar and cas too hard anyway. But I disagree with the idea that the current warnings are enough that you should always escape. If that were the case then nobody would ever die to cas or mortar except bald XXs. Also being in the epicentre when the warning goes off is actually ideal because it tells you that it’s about to fall right on top of you, meaning you know exactly where it is. That’s how important information is, I’d rather the mortar be fired right on top of me due to the information that gives me.

Nah there are 100% moments where you die as runner to mortar without ever getting any kind of audio queue or chat message warning. It’s rare but anyone who’s played a lot of runner has probably had it happen at least once.


I’ve had some times as a Predator where I ran into a Mortar and almost got hit cause I didn’t hear the sound. It is a genuine issue, I agree. Some kind of audio should be playing and I agree its unfair if some runner walks too fast into a mortar/CAS with literally no warning.

I think the issues with “not knowing the best direction to run” come down to, as you and I wrote, where you are and the environment you are stuck in. But making it too easy to tell where the mortar is landing would mean no one would die to it, so I think overall its in a good place but more could be done to give fair warning to all players.


I am not sure you can fix it because of byond. Have you noticed the sound warning doesn’t become quieter when you run away? Same applies to when you run into it, it doesn’t become louder. It’s not dynamic and I don’t think there is a sane way to make it dynamic. There is also something with the sounds queue although I don’t know the details. Visual warning just easier to implement and they will work way more consistent.

Acid goop is two blocks above, if you have nothing of value to say please go away :roll_eyes:

It would not be fair to say that it’s just a runner problem. Yeah it’s more likely to happen to runners, but it can happen to any caste. Recently I ran into mortar as hivelord (no, I didn’t use resin walk, just frenzy). I’ll tell you more, you can run into OB the same way. The only difference you usually have warnings from fellow xenos in chat.

This is a good point, I think ideally the visual alert should not show the exact epicenter tile. But I cannot think of a better way right now.