add new RP option for roles.

i have just understood how to make option to the role.
i propose to make your idea real in the near future for RP option to the roles.
i will personally work on adding RP option for medical research etc… surgeon chemist xenobiologiste.
those addition will be pure RP flavor…


Can you elaborate further? I am always pushing for increasing RP.

  • you mean like the alternative names for roles from Bay, or like 'here’s a fun thing for engineers to fix that has zero impact on the round"?

the idea is to add some choice to role to add yourself a specialization to increase the personality of your character.
ex being you like being a surgeon if what you like doing is surgery or that you want to RP as a surgeon.
would give immediate clue on what you want to do…
phase 1 would just be some change on your starting text and maybe changing the name on your ID
phase 2 would be to change your starting clothe or adding new option to your vendor…
(ex for a chemist i know their is chemist clothes…)

so for example if you want a spefic new option for a role you do that:
role : doctor
option : surgeon
ID job name : surgeon
text that you get when you spawn explaining your job:
original :
You are a civilian, and are not subject to follow military chain of command, but you do work for the USCM.
You are tasked with keeping the marines healthy and strong, usually in the form of surgery.
You are also an expert when it comes to medication and treatment. If you do not know what you are doing, adminhelp so a mentor can assist you.

Thank you for fleshing out the idea. I really like it. Adds more RP options with minimum shake up. Top notch.

You could do a ton of fun titles like this:

Squad Marine:

  • Marksman
  • Pointman
  • Shock Troop
  • Squad Grenadier
  • Heavy Gunner
  • JTAC Operator
  • Technical Support/Junior Engineer
  • Medical Support/Junior Corpsman

Marines could have long-range rifles with scopes, double-shotguns, a gun that focuses on quantity over quality of bullet, and so-on. A cute, specific title could help cue Squad Leaders and marine Commanders as to not only what they have to work with (wouldn’t wanna make a fireteam for flanking with only mini-medics and long rifles), but what the company wants to do today.

(There’s plenty others, but certain gameplay niches would depend on gear you couldn’t guarantee at roundstart)

I think it’d be pretty cool to see them all have quirks too.

Nothing too big, but little things that make a cool difference.

  • Marksman: Ability to use the aimed shot skill the sniper has, but requires them to stand still for a certain amount of time, maybe 3-5 seconds.

  • Pointman: Can wiggle out of an enemy’s grab attack, but at the cost of stumbling them to the ground, (taking time to recover)

  • Shock troop: Can use the rappel system to deploy on their squad leader or an SO, doesn’t require a flare.

  • Squad grenadier: Auto cocks the UGL, allows for a further hand grenade throw.

  • Heavy Gunner: Allows the user to deploy and operate machine guns faster, as well as higher accuracy with them.

  • JTAC Operator: Spawns with the JTAC skill, better laser designator, and JTAC key.

  • Junior Engineer: Allows the ability to build basic cades/repair cades.

  • Junior Corpsman: Allows the use of regular autoinjectors and advanced kits without fumbling. Still fumbles with health analyzer, cannot defib.

my post is for new option for jobs but only for RP purpose as i know it will cause a major NO if it’s not 100% RP fluff

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Keep it to RP only. Anything above that may be consider powergaming and or mix/maxing.

need your feedback for the first PR on the first option addition.

yeah as I said on the surgeon pr post, I don’t think this is a good idea, simply because if it became mechanical at all it would be extremely problematic

also I don’t really think that adding random titles to different roles is a good idea, sure it might be cool for your HRP character, but for other people who just want to know what damn role your playing it would be extremely frustrating

I think it should be randomised each round, where every rifleman in a squad basically rolls for it and there’s limited slots for all of them (1, 2, or 3 if pop is crazy)

I think having the mini-role added onto the regular role is the way to go

example: Melvin Sebastian (Charlie Squad Rifleman - Pointman)
You can still figure out who’s who because obvious reasons, but you can micromanage if you’re a super SL/TL

all of the mini-roles should be straight upgrades, because if it’s a downgrade it sucks if you roll the wrong one