Add "spec tokens" to the game

What if everytime you play and survive a whole round as a: rifleman or any other groundside marine roles that isnt spec. Your chances of rolling spec next round goes up by 5% and stacks up to 100%. This would reset everytime you die, get permabrigged, or roll spec.

I think this would be very intresting to implement ingame. It would give people -or atleast some people- a genuine reason to fear RP.


Wait you havent gotten a spec token yet?


I have suggested a system in the past to basically give people who’ve yet to play spec a higher chance to be selected. I imagine the issue is more convincing someone to code and maintain such a suggestion.


Acid goops the other way dude


So people who dont take risk, in the end can by what you are saying get spec roles much faster? No thanks.


I am going to Platinum Nurse then get my spec token.

I’d just make rolling for roundstart Spec akin to rolling in the larva queue to a degree.

The game prioritizes people who have not played spec yet, then it selects people based on who was the last person to play spec.

So if you have 20 people rolling Spec the game would assign it as such.

  • The 2 people who have never played Spec get the first pick and second
  • Person X who played Spec 14 days ago gets the third pick
  • Person Y who played spec 9 days ago gets the fourth pick

I’m not hung up on the specific of the system but I do think introducing some fairness and equitability to high value role selection would be ideal instead of the RNG fest we have now where you can legit go months without getting a role based on bad luck.


rng good

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Roll spec like a normal person