Ahana - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Ahana

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord username?

Who is your CM character?
Laurencia Beck, Eleanor Tudor

Are you 16 or older?

Eastern Standard Timezone


On average, how many hours are you available to moderate?
Typically around 15, it will fluctuate with work, class, and maintaining my health.

Do you have any previous experience in being staff (not just SS13)?
Yes, I have ample experience. I have been moderating communities for coming close to a decade now. I have moderated forums, different games, and different communities. I am currently a head of staff for a non-SS13 community. I started as a moderator years ago. I helped rebuild the system to be more autonomous, so it does require some of my time, but not much. It granted me a great understanding of staffing structure and enforcement and how to handle situations even though they may not be cut and pasted from SS13. I have been a moderator for various Discord chat rooms as well. I have also volunteered as staff in SS13 previously. I have been an administrator on three different servers: Persistence SS13 - Administrator (appeal management, staff training, maintenance of server like opening and closing, ticket handling) Runtime Station 13 - Administrator (ticket handling) Estrella Station 13 - Administrator (staff training, maintenance of the server, ticket handling) During my time as a staff volunteer, I received one SS13 report. It was from Persistence SS13. The report contained complaints about me playing Veggie Tales songs on the music bot Rhythm off YouTube, which our Discord used at the time. I got reprimanded for playing the Veggie Tales songs. Aside from those servers - I was also a part of the women’s management club for SS13, Girl Power 13. Unfortunately, it was hacked and dismantled by the Host of Estrella station at the time. I have contacts for all previous positions, except the head of staff position, since I am the contact for such.

Do you play any servers aside from CM-SS13?
Not at this moment.

Provide links to any previous Colonial Marines applications that you’ve made:

Are you currently a staff member elsewhere (not just SS13)? If so, where?
Yes, I would not like to disclose where, however. I do not wish to entertain it on the forums. I do not believe it will impact my abilities to moderate here except in dire circumstances. I think select individuals would use it to strike at me, too. I am not currently a member of staff anywhere in SS13: Persistence SS13 - I got placed into the legacy staff department by the new management team. Runtime Station 13 - I resigned from the server on good terms. Estrella Station 13 - I was demoted, fired, rehired, promoted back, fired, and then banned through a long intrapersonal conflict with the host. I am one-hundred-percent willing to explain what happened here through DMs, as management previously moderated the content.

Have you ever been made for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?
Yes, I have received one ban, the ban was over 24 hours from CM-SS13, but this was over a year ago.

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on any SS13 server?
I do not believe I’ve been banned for over 24 hours from an SS13 server, aside from CM.

Are you familiar with Discord?

Communication is a vital part of being a Moderator. Are you willing to actively do so with the team?
Yes, I am willing to communicate with the team as a moderator. I have extensive experience with communication and training as well. I do not mind applying all skills I have of it with the staff team.

Common Situations:

A player randomly shoots someone at round start and MPs have detained him.
First, I would like to develop an understanding of the situation if it was not aHelped by any party. Sometimes things that seem random may have a story behind them - even early in the round.

I would first look at the logs available to me and ensure this is not a situation of proper escalation. Lethal escalation may be within the rules but not ML. If I look at the recent logs of both parties and determine that it may be grief/IE, I would proceed to PM both parties for their side. I would look deeper into the logs to see if I missed something or if there may be a story that did not appear at first while awaiting their responses.

With all the logs I can find, I will contrast the testimonies with them. If there are gaps - I will look specifically for those gaps and their context in the logs if possible. After pulling all the information I can, I will use my best judgment with the situation.

If I determine it is a rule violation, I would apply a note and check the playtimes of the player who breached the rules. If they are a newer player especially, it may be worthwhile to discuss why it is a violation and how to improve rather than close the ticket immediately. I would apply a ban or escalate bans if they have a history if necessary. However, I would prefer to try to tread lightly with newer players so that they’re able to try to improve their behavior.

As for the victim of a rule break, if they cannot be fixed/treated ICly within a reasonable amount of time (or cannot at all), an aHeal would be appropriate. I prefer to leave it for in-character treatment; so it does not degrade the RP atmosphere further. I recognize that it may be even more unenjoyable for the player: so I will use my best judgment.

A player ahelps that a predator has violated the honor code when killing him, what should you do?
If a player aHelps that a predator violated the honor code somehow (in any case), I would inform them that staff cannot handle honor code violations.

I would inform them that they can aHelp if a predator violates server rules (like rule 1), that staff may intervene. Otherwise, it is a council issue.

I would give them a link to the forums and inform them that they may file a player report against the individual in question. I would also offer the Discord of an online councilor/senator if possible.

As a sendoff, I would double-check with them and not post/inquire with the councilor/senator until after the round finished to avoid metacommunication issues.

You see a player walking around the ship naked and clearly lost at roundstart.
If I witness a player wandering around naked and lost ICly and not in an important role (or SEA role), I would try to contact the SEA if there is one. If there is no SEA, I will do my best to get them situated while attempting to inform the mentor (or staff if necessary) team and try to get a SEA to assist them. The bare minimum of where to get gear, medical treatment, deployment, what they will be doing, and maybe LOOC for how to use the radio.

If I am in an important role, I will do my best to get a SEA to handle them (through the process I mentioned previously). If no SEA is available, I will try to stick them with an MP to go through things - or even an aSL if necessary. The worst comes to worst: I inform them to follow a buddy of sorts and shadow them if there’s no way to avoid/delegate my duties in the role.

If I am observing and not in-game, I first search and make sure there is a SEA. If there is a SEA, I could try to inform them via fax or headset, if possible, about the “recruit awakening.” If no IC resolutions are available, I could ask if another staff member wanted to assist as a SEA. If they wish to assist as a SEA, I could lobby them. Otherwise, ask to be lobbied to join as a SEA to help the newcomer if someone else does not prefer to do it.

A player is being very rude to you in adminhelps, calling you names and arguing everything you say. He is requesting to speak to an Admin+ staff member
If a player becomes extremely rude amidst a ticket, I would verbally warn them that, while I understand it may be frustrating, staff do not tolerate toxicity/hostility towards them, and continuing will incur a mute in the ticket. I also would choose to tell them that remaining respectful of each other will help us resolve the issue faster.

If the behavior continues, I will apply a temporary mute as per my warning.

If the player ever requested to speak to an admin or higher, I would inform them that players may not pick and choose who enforces policy. I would tell them that they may dispute staff actions on the forums with a staff report and that they are welcome to once the round ends.

A player ahelps that a marine is named ‘John Doe’, how do you deal with this?
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

I would PM the ‘John Doe’ player in question and notify them that name they are using violates rule nine. I would inform them it is breaching rule nine because ‘famous’ names are not allowed.

I would offer to change their name to something of their request. If they cannot come up with a name, I will give them one and suggest they use it.

Regardless of the outcome, I would leave a note stating if they were compliant/understanding and whatnot. I would also make notable clarification if they’re new to the server or possibly the game overall and make it clear it is a very light warning if true.

You see a Maintenance Tech running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green and there has been no threat to the ship in the round at this point
The maintenance technician in violation of SOP is an IC issue.

The most I could/would do here is monitor their behavior; make sure they’re not crossing into LRP territory or exhibiting griefing behavior.

If it is emergent across a multitude of players or something starts getting excessive (like a bunker or something, without the intent to metagame hijack or any of the sorts), I would open it to IC resolution with a fax to MPs along the lines of “ARES has reported an excessive amount of X, please investigate.”

A Marine ahelps that they were killed by a survivor. It is early round, the Marines have just landed, and the survivor claims that they were outright hostile to all Marines from the get-go and openly stated their intentions. How do you deal with this?
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

As the survivor admits to being openly hostile to marines, unless this is an event or test where they are an antagonistic faction (CLF, UPP), I would let them know that survivors are no longer allowed to be combative towards the USCM. I would also let them know to keep an eye on this rule, as there are various PRs floating around that may alter this at some point.

I would leave a note on the survivor’s ckey and let IC resolution handle the survivor.

I would also monitor the marine and ensure he gets treated within a reasonable amount of time (especially does not go braindead). If they cannot be treated in a sensible amount of time (or goes braindead), I will aheal them: they were the victim of a rule violation.

You receive an ahelp from a player stating that an MP has locked them up in permanent confinement for running into Requisitions and taking an attachment that was laying around.
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

I would begin by double checking JAS logs to see if/why they were brigged. In this scenario, I am assuming they were left without JAS completed and just left in permanent confinement.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like maliciousness. I would message the MP who put them in perma, and work out what happened. Something may have come up that required the MP to drop the prisoner off securely, etc.

I would inform the MP (without due reason), you cannot leave prisoners 1) unattended 2) unprocessed for lengths of time

I would leave IC justification for the release of the prisoner via fax if the MP was in the wrong WITHOUT reason, and apply a note.

I would leave IC justification for the release of the prisoner via fax if the MP was in the wrong WITH sufficient reasoning to avoid a note (such as OOC circumstances, having to go afk, medical emergency of another prisoner, etc)

I would NOT leave IC justification for the release of the prisoner via fax if the MP was in a gray zone with AMPLE reasoning (emergency situation aboard the ship, etc), and would not apply a note.

The round is stagnating. There are 30 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won’t leave the ship, and the aliens won’t attack. What would you do, to “encourage” the sides to engage each other?
I would prefer to leave this to admins+ to handle with their extended powers, however:

If it’s necessary that I begin the interventionary process, I would use HC/QM announcements to “push” both sides to actions the best I could. If things still don’t change, I think OOC announcements should be made to inform the players ahead of time before round intervention processes are done ex, nuke, AA boiler. I would not reveal which side would receive help - and both would receive some to keep it looking fair, however one side would receive the extra oomph it needs. Although I can’t do any of this, I would recommend it to any staff who CAN do this and are planning interventionary action.

The round ends, a Marine starts shooting a hostile CLF member and the CLF member ahelps about being killed after the round ended.
If it’s a time crunch, mark it an IC issue. Otherwise, take the time to inform the player that they ARE hostile factions, and allowed to KOS, even after round-end.

A Marine is running around disarming, punching and stealing gear at round start. You receive an ahelp from one of the victims.
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case. I would investigate and if true:

Depends on the rank of the marine.

If they’re any type of officer - I would note them for LRP.

Otherwise, unless this becomes a missing-specialist itemry case, it’s ultimately an IC issue (LRP/roundstart shenanigans if spec gear or unique itemry is stolen). I would probably send a fax informing MPs to investigate “reports of gear theft and tomfoolery by squad PFC” - I wouldn’t give a name, just cause to investigate. I would also inform the player that they may be borderlining on the “roundstart shenanigans” rule if they are doing it en masse. If they somehow may it so grievous that it’s disrupting marines as a whole, I would apply a note.

You receive an ahelp from a Marine saying that he was killed by another Marine. When you ask the murderer why, he said it was because the other Marine had punched him.
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

I’d have to investigate. Was it intentional? Were they unarmored and boxing and he landed a lucky punch that broke his ribs and organs? Or was it IE where he escalated to a PB?

Based on the statement he said (leaning towards IE), I’d ask for clarification of how he killed him, from both parties, and check it to logs.

I would apply a note for IE and (if medical cannot reasonably treat them in time), aHeal the victim.

You find out that there is an improper mutiny occuring. The mutineers are rallying together and preparing to storm the CIC. How would you attempt to resolve this situation?*
I would not take action until I KNOW they are trying to act without informing and getting staff permission first. Rallying and planning is fine. Trying to do it is a whole other game.

If they attempt to, I would aSleep the crowd. I would also LOOC that this is an improper mutiny, and inform them if they continue, sanctions will be placed.

I would not grant authorization for the mutiny as not to entertain improper mutinies, unless they have an extremely valid reason. I would place a note on the leader(s). I would make sure to clarify that the mutiny did not occur, it was prevented, but it was still being attempted.

There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and RPing but one player gets offended and Adminhelps about it
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

I would check the logs and double check what was said. I would inform them that language like that is not permitted, and would leave a note. This would automatically escalate depending on what they said. (Slur, hate speech, etc).

A marine opens fire at round start in briefing killing multiple marines and instantly logs off.
Check logs if I didn’t witness it. Did he fire once and land lucky shots or something? If it’s evident (which, if it’s intentional, you’ll probably see a long list of logs) that it was mass grief, apply a month ban and file for perma. Check for multikeying, etc.

You see a player playing a Xeno larva/chestburster run towards the frontlines straight from the Xeno hive the second they burst and die.
I would inform the larva that larvae are forbidden from being near dangerous places unless absolutely necessary (hive is under assault, they try to flee, etc). I would apply a rule 8 note for roleplay/suicide violation, suicide as larva.

You see a Xeno memeing, saying AYYLMAO, REEEEEE etc in hivemind chat, as well as insulting the Queen
I would inform the Xeno that netspeak is not allowed. I would note them for LRP. I would also make note to tell the player that they should generally not be insulting the queen unless there’s extenuating circumstances, as they are a hivemind.

A Xeno player calls the shuttle a “dropship”. A different Xeno player ahelps that it’s low role play to call it a “dropship”.
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

I would inform the player that the hivemind is a direct translation of thoughts to English. I would also inform the player that calling it a shuttle is in the direct quotes of the rules of being permitted. I would inform them that they don’t know the names of specific things ex, factions, however generalized things such as “dropship” are allowed. I would tell them that, this, is not even an IC issue (it’s not an issue).

A Command staff player at briefing near round-start mentions there are aliens on the planet. You receive an ahelp from a marine regarding this.
I would begin by marking the ticket and letting them know I am on the case.

I would check logs, and ask the CIC player if they had any sources to learn there are aliens (fax from planetside, phone call, etc). If there are none, I would inform the player that while, this is no longer first-contact rules, they still don’t know what’s down there until they discover it.

If I were to apply a note for this, it would be for rule 2, roleplay, but I would make it extremely evident that it is a light warning, unless the player has a history with roleplay violations.

You find a Marine killing another Marine on the EVAC Pod to take the last spot and claims it was RP as he was saving himself. There are two other marines in the pod along with him.
This was a really weirdly-worded question. There were three guys on the escape pod (from my understanding) and he shot one, pulled him off, and took his spot. This is an IC issue. Risk of injury & life in the IE rule allow this. Unless this was ahelped, I don’t think any investigation is required. If it’s ahelped, I can check if other pods were available nearby (within reason). If there were, it becomes an IE issue.

A player insults you after you warn them for a minor issue and begins ranting in LOOC or dchat about staff and mentions you specifically, referring to you as an ‘idiot’ and a ‘retard’.
I would inform them that they will receive a mute if they continue the toxicity. Unless what they say is grievous, a mute should suffice.

A player ahelps saying he was hugged by a Xeno when he was ssd, and wants the larva be removed from him via admin powers. How do you handle the ahelp?
I would begin by marking the ticket.

I would inform the player that, unfortunately, nothing can be done and this was an IC issue. I would inform them that disconnecting could be manipulated for this in the future, and also tell them it likely would not even change anything - they’re still stuck in the hive.

You see a fellow staff member give wrong information in an Adminhelp or incorrectly enforce a rule.
I would tell them in asay/msay the correct information/proper enforcement. My goal isn’t to embarrass them, I wont interject in the ticket, but if they refuse to listen, I would report it to the respective manager.

Two staff are arguing in msay if an ahelp is breaking a rule. Because the staff who took the ahelp thinks the player broke a rule, they ban the player based on their interpretation of the rules, with others thinking the person was fine. What would you do?
Inform respective manager(s). As a moderator, I don’t have the authority to make finalized rulings, so getting too involved wouldn’t do anything except cause more rift or problems.

Final Details:

Why would you like to become a moderator?
I’ve been a member of digital staff for so long - I don’t know what else to do.

Just joking. I want to help push the RP-friendly atmosphere. I’d eventually love to help run/outright run my own events. I also just enjoy being staff, it helps me connect with more people in any community I’m in, which leads to making many more friends.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality for a moderator?
The ability to improve. You might be perfectly unbiased, or perfectly knowledgeable in staff tools - but what happens if you can’t improve upon your other skills, for the benefit of everybody?

Anything else you want to add?
Ask me questions, deliberately. I want to take a shot at them, even if I get them wrong, it just helps me improve for the future.


Would you say you’ve changed alot or learned from your previous infractions? Do you expect them to get in the way and hinder your application?
What would you say to the people that bring up your recent bans/punishments within the last year?

As a bonus question will your staff conduct/behavior be separate from your MP ?


Would you say you’ve changed alot or learned from your previous infractions?

Like I always stated in my appeals, I’d use the next chance to improve upon that specific issue. It’s exactly what I did. I try to tone things back to the best of my abilities, as long as things don’t get in the way. So, in short, yes.

Do you expect them to get in the way and hinder your application?

Yes, probably. But I don’t think that should hold me back from applying, or else they will sit around forever and do nothing but dull people down, and weigh me down.

What would you say to the people that bring up your recent bans/punishments within the last year?

I’ll try to have a lax conversation with them and try to mellow things out, but if they don’t want to, I can’t and wouldn’t try to make them do anything or force them to change their minds. Some people just don’t want to change, I wont punish them for it, that’d be really hypocritical of me.

As a bonus question will your staff conduct/behavior be separate from your MP ?

Are you asking if I will keep things IC/OOCly separated? Can you elaborate on what you’re asking?


I meant what would you say to convince them otherwise? as in, members of the community or people in this thread who will no doubt bring up your previous issues with staff/the rules.

Yes I am asking if your conduct/behavior will be separate as staff in adminhelps than as an MP, you are well known for being quite strict and harsh as MP. I assume its just a character but I’m sure other people are concerned about it in a position of authority with more power.


Since I’m sure this application is about to become very popular, some ground rules:

We are aware of the note history and community perception of this player. Their previous notes and bans are all considered, by default, by the manager who makes the call on this application.

We do not need the same thing stated 100 times by 100 different people. If you wish to ask the applicant relevant, meaningful questions that you feel the app does not cover, please do so, but do not re-ask the same “address your controversial status with the community” question over and over.

Unless you somehow expect the applicant to break down and admit their evil plan to infect staff with evil, there is literally only one way of answering questions like this and if you don’t trust the applicant, you are not going to trust that answer.

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I don’t really have anything but the truth to say; I’m focused on improvement. It’s always been my center ground and my ideal staffing mindset. I don’t disagree- there were issues in the past, and I have acknowledged and done my best to improve upon it. It’s not something that I can issue a blanket statement to, but anyone who’s willing to open a question about it on here, I’m willing to reply to.

Two separate things. I play two entirely different characters (Laurencia Beck, Eleanor Tudor), and so I don’t think it should be an issue separating this out. As I stated repeatedly in my application, I am heavily in favor of IC resolution. In my early days of online moderation - I was strict. I have learned through experience and mentorship that while sometimes it is necessary to put your foot down as staff, I don’t enjoy having to do that. I would much rather tell the player how to improve, rather than place sanctions and say what to improve (tell them how, not just that they need to). I have a really reformist approach when it comes to an OOC standpoint like this.


Hey! How are you?

Before I start the breakdown, I remember recently seeing the name Eleanor Tudor, but I am unsure.
What roles do you play as Eleanor, Ahana?


You are probably one of the more divisive and or controversial members of our community. I will start with the two MP bans. It is concerning to me particularly the second one. However, credit to you for improving. What I can’t abide is the Metacoms ban. My suggestion is to apply and become a mentor. Earn the communities trust. I will gladly +1 the Mentor app but going to have to -1 this ap.

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Your reputation on CM precedes you and you are known for being a non-community orientated and toxic MP player. But i’m not going to pinpoint that out when it’s extremely obvious and silencer has already asked the community to not go into detail about it.

Just joking. I want to help push the RP-friendly atmosphere. I’d eventually love to help run/outright run my own events. I also just enjoy being staff, it helps me connect with more people in any community I’m in, which leads to making many more friends.

i will agree with this, you play RP characters very well however I don’t believe the reason behind “wanting to run events” is a strong reason at all. Nothing to say about the other part, but it sounds like a weak reason regardless.

The ability to improve. You might be perfectly unbiased, or perfectly knowledgeable in staff tools - but what happens if you can’t improve upon your other skills, for the benefit of everybody?

This sort of answer almost seems ironic compared to the numerous infractions regarding MP and your (although fairly long ago) metagaming infraction which itself was also related to your later infractions. This makes me believe that you wouldn’t improve as a moderator, and that unless actual change in community reputation this reasoning as an answer makes no sense.

All in all I have no dislike towards you, but it’s really obvious not to point out stuff regarding your IC actions and infractions. I have a belief that you can improve, and I don’t want to not see people apply for moderator but if the standing thought of most players in the community that “beck is a toxic MP player with a ton of bans” you being moderator shouldn’t happen.

Also regarding silencers reply, my reply is essentially questioning what you will really do to improve your reputation.

Edit I second Duke’s reply, applying for mentor would be a start to showing change.


I’m doing well. I hope you are as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I play CIC/Command Roles (Auxillary Support, too)/SL with Eleanor. Otherwise, I use Beck for MP/CMP, and any subordinate positions. I also briefly played Audrey Harrison, exclusively as a Staff Officer, which I netted around 30 hours in months ago.

For reference, if anybody would like easy access, here are my current playtimes:

Human (724.5 Hours)

Chief MP 232.2 hr
Chief Medical Officer 136.3 hr
Staff Officer 129.5 hr
Executive Officer 93.8 hr
Military Police 49.4 hr
Squad Leader 26.6 hr
Squad Smartgunner 7.7 hr
Squad Combat Technician 6.1 hr
Researcher 5.9 hr
Military Warden 5.7 hr
Head Surgeon 5.5 hr
Corporate Liaison 5.4 hr
Doctor 3.9 hr
Squad Radio Telephone Operator 3.2 hr
Nurse 2.3 hr
Squad Rifleman 2.0 hr
Squad Hospital Corpsman 1.9 hr
Field Doctor 1.4 hr
Intelligence Officer 1.3 hr
Cargo Technician 1.1 hr
Honor Guard 1.0 hr
Pilot Officer 0.8 hr
Survivor 0.7 hr
Ordnance Technician 0.4 hr
Maintenance Technician 0.3 hr
Predator 0.1 hr
Working Joe 0.1 hr

Xenomorph (210 Hours)

Queen 112.9 hr
Drone 29.9 hr
Burrower 15.8 hr
Runner 15.7 hr
Bloody Larva 10.0 hr
Spitter 4.7 hr
Warrior 3.6 hr
Carrier 3.2 hr
Defender 3.1 hr
Crusher 2.7 hr
Hivelord 2.2 hr
Lurker 2.1 hr
Boiler 1.8 hr
Sentinel 1.6 hr
Ravager 0.5 hr
Facehugger 0.1 hr
Praetorian 0.1 hr

Other (18.4 Hours)

Observer 18.4 hr

Combined, this is 952.9 hours total. I played extensively before the most recent playtime wipe a couple years ago. I’ll try to keep this updated and active in respect to my playtimes.

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Thank you for the credit. As I stated previously, I am committed to improvement. If you would be willing to break down what particularly your concerns are here, I would be happy to address them.

The things reported are set to reach the span of almost two years ago soon. I’m not sure what else you’d like me to say here. All I will comment is that I was just trying to get a good laugh out of my friends at the time, and I have maintained a strict, tight lip of any ongoing round of CM that I hear of or participate in.

My personal comment is that the mentor status will not clear anything, and I am going to give you my reasoning. Mentors, at this time, are volunteers. They answer on a volunteer basis- they don’t have to answer mentorhelps, they simply choose to. I don’t think this the responsibility you’re looking for - as I already do this in character. I constantly work one-on-one with MPs who are new to train them, or new nurses to teach them the basis of medicine, and so forth as a colleague or superior. I actively participate in teaching new players and helping people get accustomed to roles. I actively ahelp and grab staff’s attention if I ever see a new player aboard, so they can immediately get acquainted with the game. I already perform the metaphorical role of a mentor in-game all the time; I don’t think a mentor application will change any sort of trust because of these reasons.

I specifically chose to say something different. I could’ve said “I want to be a positive influence” or “I want to help the community”. Obviously, both are something I would strive to do. I don’t think staff should be this isolated bubble of “good”. To me, it’s very important to speak with people on a regular basis when I staff. I don’t like to isolate myself from the community. This question asked why I wanted to be a moderator - these are just things I enjoy of the benefits of. Everyone is different, which is why I don’t think you should consider it a “weak reason.”

I’m saying that it’s important for improvement to be apart of any staff member (or anyone in general, really). I responded to the infractions earlier, but if you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask. For the community reputation portion - I think it’s important to take into consideration a few things. For one - some people will refuse to ever change their stance. I could save the universe itself and people would still dislike me because I arrested them in a 2D space game years ago. Otherwise, I have consistently responded to people talking to me, and tried to alleviate and speak with them one on one. I am constantly and consistently offering advice to anyone around me in Discord, game, forums, etc. You can check all of this.

I am not saying community reputation shouldn’t be considered; I’m saying it should be taken with a grain of salt. Some people may vocally dislike me. Others may wordlessly like me. Once again, I’m not saying it shouldn’t be disqualified as a factor; I believe it just needs to be taken apprehensively.

I want to be honest and say that my reputation is not my highlight or objective. My objective is to make sure I’m being a good member of staff and of the community, and following through correctly. While, yes, I would appreciate the decrease of negativity, I am not making it a priority. As for how I would do it, though, I would do the same things I’m doing now: I’m constantly speaking to people, offering advice, changing how I fundamentally play my controversial MP, filling in for missing roles instead of playing what I enjoy, and just trying to increase my presence overall. I can only do so much - and I’m doing what I can right now.

Edit: I would like to point out that my reputation is actively changing, for the better. My name is being more consistently marked - even in LRC - with positive connotation. I’m doing my best to improve my reputation at the same time as myself, and it’s working at this point in time.

Hi Crimson,

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that your role play skills in the game are great and I always enjoy playing with you. You stay in character most of the time, which is not common for many players. However, I am a bit hesitant about your application for moderator given your history with the community. As you know, the community can be quite “passionate” and Vocal, and I am concerned that your previous colorful reputation may lead to unnecessary drama if you’re given the position of moderator.

I personally would rather have you consider starting as a mentor or SEA before jumping into the role of moderator.(Basically what duke said)

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I’m still not entirely sure if I, a random person can comment on this…

But anyway, the Crimson/Beck I have had the pleasure of interacting with is vastly different from the community boogieman that I hear about. I suspect that quite a few players are downvoting this merely on the fact of ‘they are the MP devil’.

My interactions with Beck have been that of someone who enforces Marine Law, as it’s meant to be. They are kind and polite outside of the game. Again, the complete opposite of the CM-13 version of Heinrich Himmler I was told about.

+1. I believe that if anyone could be an example of change, it would be Ahana.

Ahana, I can see you are dedicated to trying to become a Moderator and I see good in that, but there is fresh paint that is still drying and kinks that need to be rectified still.

Unlike what you think though, becoming a Mentor will certainly paint you a great path to enter Moderation. If you are an active mentor, actively being a positive force in the community to help players that are still starting, to be able to travel the right path is something that everyone looks up to! Many of those that have risen in the chain here in the Staff, that I remember, have been Mentors, made a name for themselves and have a lot of experience, and their performance was stellar to deal with players!

Sadly, for this app here, I can’t give you the greenlight.


Next time you do apply, I’m sure you’ll be under better light to be accepted.


I know my responses on applications do not mean very much anymore, but while previously staffing the server I have a few interactions with Ahana and I feel I can throw my 2 cents into this.

Ahana may not have very good standing with the current CM community and is looked down on by a majority of players as an ‘MP griefer’ ‘toxic person’ etc. However the few interactions I have had with the player, they know how to roleplay fairly well and do know most server rulings and most MP protocol very well. I do not see them ever having serious issue with dealing with intricate details of ML or server rules, however with their standing in the CM community I can only foresee serious annoyance in admin PMs from countless players that will hold a grudge against them. While this is simply dealt with by admin harassment bans, it would be completely unfair for Ahana to be a part of staff only to be consistently harassed for any of their past action and could cause un-needed stress for anyone else staffing at the same time as them.

I have dealt with a few Ahana based situations OOCly and while you did not seem to bend rules as an MP specifically to gain some form of advantage against someone, I would agree there is some degree of how you have previously applied marine law in a negative way. Staffing on the server is about applying the rules correctly to specific situations. You state that you have significant staffing history in other places such as discord and while I have no idea how rules are applied in these servers- but previous history shows how you apply in game rules on CM, I am not sure if you will appropriately apply CM’s rules to different situations as a staff member. I am not entirely sure if you will hold maximum/minimum punishment placement completely fair especially if the person in question holds grudge to you- Keeping in mind that there should be no bias from any staff member no matter the situation and that this is in no way an accusation but an opinion.

Between Ahana’s note history and community reputation currently for me is a -1 for moderation. However I do agree completely that joining as a mentor and sharing your vast knowledge of CM to the less knowledgeable members of the community is an excellent way to mend your past interactions with some people and build a good reputation. I do not think you are currently ready to be a moderator but maybe joining as a volunteer for discord staff, or/and joining as a mentor is a good start.

Keeping in mind that this reply to the application is purely based on my personal previous interactions and history of Ahana, I will be leaving a -1 for this application and hope they apply for mentor soon. Good luck.


For me personally this is an easy -1

I and many others have seen how Ahana plays MP (Beck), where she enforces ML 100% without even the slightest bit of leniency, getting people who are just generally doing harmless shit arrested and excessively punished, making them lose minutes in the round.

Are you an MT who got command comms from the SO? Arrested
Did you just move those vendors without permission from command? Arrested
Did you have a consentual knife fight with your friend? Arrested

Now imagine this type of behaviour but on a moderator that can give people notes and ban people.


For the most part @Firecharge123, and @DukeofCagliostro have covered my points well enough. Given your history, and reputation here in the community I myself along with others dont see you being ready for staff YET. I say this like Firecharge I have had interactions with you playing as Beck as CMP a few times with me as SEA, and while I admit you are good at RP and staying IC, thats not enough for me.
Personally for me its the MPs bans, the fact under rule 11 Malicious Compliance was added iirc was added because of you being while right in said cases of you applying Marine Law you were imposing excessive punishments, make an arrest on a technicality of someone non-disruptive and/or acting in good faith, etc. and the Meta-comm rule break. Feel free to correct me if I was wrong but thats a lot to mule over.
While I like to give people a chance to reform and become a better person I dont believe you are there at this point YET. Like its been stated already here, apply for mentor, do you very best to get that, and if you get it and you do good, and the mentor team, and community see that, then its only going to be easier for you to join staff down the line. As you say you have been helping players as like dept. head and training them as such, I for one would like you to apply that as a mentor and be able to help all players.
Your app looks good, but sadly as I and others have stated so far I dont think you joining staff is the right move for you at this time, you have not done enough to convince us the community to trust you if you become staff.
-1 from my side.
Best of luck regardless.

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Heya thanks for the application. I want to reply with a breakdown of some of your answers but before I do that I would like to give you a couple more questions to answer.

Besides that I am also curious what the other staff experience is, to know how relevant it is in regards to moderating CM and if it may end up causing issues with taking up too much time or something similar. I understand that you might not want to share this on the forum but if you’re willing to I’d love to hear it via a discord DM, I can assure you that it won’t be shared without your permission or anything like that if you do end up sending it to me. You can find me on the CM discord or just message me, my discord username is Clairion#8984

Now for the questions that I wanted to ask you:

The MP's are arresting people for hacking a vendor after having received approval by the CE who is acting commander as the only ranking official. The people who hacked it and were arrested are ahelping. What action, if any, do you take?

You recieve an ahelp from an MP who was captured by the xenos. They deployed and were chasing a wanted marine out of the FOB. The MP ended up getting disarmed by the marine causing them to be stunned. A few xenos show up and captured the MP while the marine fled back to the FOB. The ahelping MP is claiming that they were griefed by the marine. What action, if any, do you take?

A mess tech has set up a burger stand in the marine FOB. The XO ahelps that they didnt authorize the deployment and that they've ordered the mess tech back the the Almayer multiple times but the mess tech keeps refusing to return. There are no MPs online at the time. What action, if any, do you take?

Hello, as I said, I am committed to improving myself, and my MP conduct. You must be familiar with this, because you are currently appealing a jobban on MP yourself, for ordering the flogging, flaying, and public embarrassment of a marine as an NJP for minor DTGP. I am not certain your MP conduct suggestions will be taken without a grain of salt, but I welcome you to give me tips to improve.

This is powergaming, but not a rule breach, so I’m not sure why you’d be concerned with that according to my moderator status.

This is an IC issue, but all you have to do is ask for permission, and then you’re safe.

This is borderline LRP, but I would not take action unless I need to. Why are you trying to stab your friend? If you want to spar, there’s a gym/boxing ring.

I would just like to take this comment to make a general reply to everyone; there have been no disciplinary actions taken against me since the new year. There was a report recently which applied a note - however this was because the report had been sitting for months.

I would require more context to make a decision on this. While the CE may approve it - it is still technically illegal if MPs were not notified beforehand. Otherwise, if everything was approved accordingly, ask the MPs how they investigated this. If, for some reason, the investigation gave light that it was illegal (even if approved), I would not take action against MPs, but use IC resolution for appeal the charges places on the person. If they did not investigate, or applied the charge even if the investigation showed innocence, I would place a note and warning for rule 11 on the MPs.

The ship may only be modified with approval from the Commander. The Chief Engineer can also approve changes to the ship, but should it affect a department it requires the Head of Department to approve of it as well. The Military Police must be notified of changes being made prior to them taking effect.

As unfortunate as this is, it is an IC issue. While MPs may pursue ‘in-heat’, they are required to return if any hostiles are in view or a threat to them. While this could be technically seen as a ML breach on behalf of the MP, I would not pursue punishment to either party. I would suggest to them to take a buddy to assist next time they deploy as an MP, however this is not required in any capacity.

Should there be hostiles in the vicinity, the MP is required to abort the arrest and move to a secure area.

I would ask for help for this. In sake of honesty, I will reply before consulting anyone. If I was forced to act on the spot, I weigh two things into my decision - the fact that they are a limited role and that standards are raised because it is limited, and that they are a very low ranking marine (private/PFC). Ultimately, I would not take action based on my current understanding of the rules. I may offer IC resolution to deputize a staff officer for the XO if they go through the process of faxing, but because the mess tech is such a low ranking enlisted member, and although they are a limited slot, I don’t believe it would warrant administrative disciplinary action against them.