Allow mutiny/ riot not just for CO or the XO and changes to mutiny

Mutinies have a role similar to how MPs are a in game check on Marines mutinies should do the same. And i think having mutinies extend to MPs misconduct if severe enough would help tighten up how MPs act and apply the marine law. secondly the policy that all sides must receive medical care and revived and can’t be perma’d is just no good. If any member of command gets mutinied against then it should act as a pseudo punishment and teaching moment for them having to revive someone you ventilated and hate is silly also allow mutinies to last into hijack and to happen during hijack as mentioned in this post Make mutinies last into hijack


Half baked idea. If you allow for MP mutinies against the legitimate command, then you need to allow command to have actual control methods over the MPs because there’s really not many.

Also the “teachable moment” thing is hilarious because you shouldn’t have mutinied for a pretentious reason like to “teach someone a lesson,” do it because it’s funny and changes up the round.

Also no LOL why would you be allowed to continue living when you attempted to overthrow the lawful command of a ship. The mutiny BEs will continue until marine behavior improves.


“I hope the landlords learn from this teachable moment :-)”
-Mao Zedong


You got to keep in mind for us in CM balance is important, and some sort of it must be maintained. There are many mutinies that happen right before hijack, and OOCly we all know there is a limited amount of time for one as such before zeno crash into the Almayer. MPs are under command, but also their own dept, and depending how you take it are the IC mods for IC rules. Them arresting a SL or a spec for said person committing a major crime is something they have to carry out, else they themselves risk a job ban, etc. Command(depending on if CO is awake or not) has options over MPs as, and to an extent can get them to put down mutineers or step in to help resolve issues crew have with MPs. If command ordered the arrest of say a SL or spec for a major or capital crime, again MPs as per ML have to carry it out as in this case its a officer ordered arrest, and well anything above a mionor crime has to be carried out. Why are you trying to kill MPs over that? Talk to the CMP, MW, any MP, and talk to command. Push comes to shove you can try to mutiny command but in a situation like that you really cant fault MPs for having to carry out arrest when ML or SOP says they HAVE TO. Dont try to ruin another players round over by perma killing them too, god. let docs, and medics, etc. do their work and have them cuffed while the winning side gets shit sorted. Unless CO is there, alive and has their hand on big iron welp then guys yall might be BEed then.


No I’m referring to the XO or CO being revived same thing as mutineers I think that if a CO or XO or the mutineers fail then they should be perma’d not revived

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As @copper-wilson said, if you want to tighten up how MPs act, talk with the MW or CMP, talk with the XO or CO, send angry “MPs arrested me pls ban”-faxes to the provost, ahelp “MPs can’t arrest me for doing a funny break all windows in briefing gimmick” until you get muted and write player reports instead of baiting MPs into arresting you and then calling for a mutiny.
Another solution might be to tighten up your conduct. There are some bad MPs, but usually it’s just some marine baiting an arrest and then trying to get MPs banned for doing ther job. Don’t break windows for fun, don’t punch everyone you see, don’t strip people for no reason and you are usually fine.

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