Ban the Usage of 'Jamaican' in Reference to Yautja

I believe this has been a long time coming.

The usage of “Jamaicans” to refer to Yautja in-game has become a complete and utter meme in regards to disgracefully referring to those of Jamaican descent. I do not know where or why it first originated in CM, though it’s become quite apparent that people aren’t using it appropriately, and now that gears are turning to ban contextualized slurs, I think this can go as well. Also, the official allowance of “spook” (?) I’m not sure if that was intentionally allowed since I never noticed it before the rule condensation, but that’s also a slur.

Yautjua don’t have braids. They don’t have dreadlocks. They don’t have hair. They essentially have living tentacles, covered in scales, that even bleed if wounded - coming out of their scalps. Their skin is green, not black. They have giant mandibles sticking out of their face as well.

The resemblance between Yautja and Jamaicans is non-existent, besides the fabricated idea that their tentacles look remotely like braids. Even if they did - that has nothing to do with dreadlocks or any racial feature of any human. I don’t see any resemblance between them at all. I’m white, and I highly doubt if I styled my hair with braids or even dreadlocks it would make anyone think I’m Jamaican, or any ethnicities that are close.

I think it’s time to do away with the mockery. Human beings don’t have tentacles sticking out of their heads. Human beings don’t have lucid green blood. Human beings don’t have deep green blood. Human beings don’t have giant mandibles. What they do have, though, is the right to respect.

I also think some extra official suggestions should be thrown up like hunters or natives to give some better descriptives, considering this is supposed to be first contact/only rumored.



Allow me to stop you there before you go on anymore, yautja have been refered as jamaicans since 1984. No one and I mean it Nobody had a problem with it. Until you woke up and decided so.




Sounds like someone is salty that they have been turned into a porkchop.
For disrespecting a superior.



This is a completely stupid aurgument. As I said in the main cord I’m half Jamaican on my mums side and have a lot of family still in Jamaica + have spent a decent amount of time there. I can promise you not one single Jamaican person would find this rasict or offensive stop yapping bro.


I just don’t like how we approach RP with yautja. We are supposed to be first contact any round we see them. No one is supposed to know any information about them and report them ICly along the lines of “am I seeing things” “what the fuck is that?” or “sir, theres… something down here. They have dreads like Jamaicans or some shit.” Instead marines will just report “Jamaicans groundside” in squad or command comms like we all are supposed to know what that means. This is a similar feigned ignorance players are supposed to do with knowing Xenos are groundside or that Hijack will occur.

I personally believe it should fall under RP standards to instantly know what you are dealing with and also their entire society’s unique honor code. I don’t know if it’s necessarily racist, but some have judged it as such. Personally I just think certain interactions should just be ahelpable by the pred. Similar to how I think sexually harassing a Synth should be ahelpable. You are interacting with a WLed player held to a standard and facing no punishment for trying to outright annoy/uncomfort them. Again, similar to how metaing Hijack or Groundside Xenos is bad.


even ignoring the Jamaican side of this argument, its just goofy and LRP.


also I havent interacted with many Jamaicans but im pretty sure they dont look like this (can someone confirm?)

but in seriousness, yes, big agree. its just an LRP meme that is overdone and spammed on radio.

CM has like 3 jokes total and this is one of them, kill it


No, I will not bend the knee.


Are you serious? Just how fucking sensitive are you people?


Calling the Predator ‘Jamaican’ IS in fact racist and I can prove it.

The Predator is very clearly a product of the current racial tensions/anti-black sentiment of the time, which was 1987 for the first movie and 1990 for the second. This period of time was directly after Reagan had declared his “war on drugs” and made the southern border into a militarized zone, which was an attempt to target black people/immigrants and label them all as violent drug-trafficking criminals under the guise of “national security”. In a 1981 speech, he quite literally referred to them as “human predators”. I don’t think anybody can argue that Reagan was not targeting minorities with his policies, not in 2024.

The Predator’s character is steeped in racial sterotype. Costume designer Stan Winston was quoted as saying it was conceived of as a “Rastafarian warrior”. Predator is depicted as a large, dreadlocked male that feels little pain and has superior strength and virility (all stereotypes of black men with roots in chattel slavery). It uses “savage” primitive weaponry such as knives and spears, and skins and dismembers its victims (parallels to the trope of savage African cannibals).

If putting the Predator in the jungle wasn’t a clear enough reference, Predator 2 takes place in the “urban jungle” of Los Angeles, which is infested with gangs and drugs. The second movie draws links between the Predator and the Jamaican gang (animal print clothing, ability to move through the “urban” jungle with ease, strange rituals), so much so that the police believe that the gruesome killings are done by the Jamaican gang (also, the Jamaican gang is depicted as voodoo practitioners, even though that’s a Haitan thing and Jamaicans are usually Rastafarian). The Predator is so clearly a caricature of the fear of a racial “Other” – or simply put, a Scary Black Man.

That point made, I’m not saying the movies are Klan material and you’re racist for even watching it. I still like the movies a lot, and I think the Predator is a cool alien character. But to literally refer to Predators as “jamaicans” is kind of putting down the movie’s dog whistle and picking up a megaphone. Frankly, I don’t think I even needed to provide historical context for this.

I think that it’s a mild, lukewarm take to say that referring to an alien with dreadlocks as “jamaican” is racist. But anybody who wants to argue and say “akshully it’s a reference to the police investigation in Predator 2!” is either kidding themselves, or actively ignoring the evidence. You can still hold the opinion that you want to call them “jamaicans” because you think it’s funny, but you can’t deny it’s also racist.

In conclusion, we should stop calling predators “jamaicans”.


Frank, K. ““Whether Beast or Human”: The Cultural Legacies of Dread, Locks, and Dystopia.” Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism, vol. 11, no. 2, 1 Jan. 2007, pp. 46–62, “Whether Beast or Human”: The Cultural Legacies of Dread, Locks, and Dystopia | Small Axe | Duke University Press. Accessed 13 Nov. 2020.

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P.S. “wow big effort” “TLDR” “look at this nerd with the citations” “who cares it’s not racist” “it’s a joke it’s not that serious” — There, I got those responses out of the way, so maybe you can formulate an actual response to me instead of just shitposting.


Hard Disagree. I’m going to call them Jamaicans and whatever they resemble most upon first seeing them. Humanoid man with dreadlocks. And you’re first thought isn’t bob marley?


It does not need to be hard :confused:


literal jamaican in thread saying he doesnt care
sjws dont give a shit

you people cant go 1 second without infantilizing minorities into some weak victim class that needs to be protected by your keyboard warrioring? you are so detached from reality its insane. do you know how many jew jokes have been made to my character? a lot. do you know how many i’ve gotten pissy at? none, because i dont get mad at text on my computer screen from a 2002 atmospherics simulator


I’m not gonna read any of the five or twenty five lines you guys wrote about it but you are all disillusioned if you think anybody calls the preds “jamaicans” because of racism or what your family has endured or anything. Stop bringing your race war shit in CM. I’m here to game and kill Aliens.


Chicago style citations, all other opinions are auto-invalid now. In all seriousness this is pretty well put together.

Do y’all really care about your LRP meme term that much? Have people get creative. Fighting to use the word Jamaican doesn’t make you a warrior for freedom’s peach, it just makes you someone using a term that really doesn’t fit in the setting.


don’t call preds jamaicans it’s fucking stupid they shouldbe able to HPC you for that, giant 8ft monsters that are clearly inhuman with fucking qills coming out of their skin and weird ass weapons and shit

just call them humanoid aliens planetside


I will continue calling them Jamaicans.

That is all.


Make a line in the sand and fight. Good on you.


Either im gonna say jamacian or im gonna say jamacian and get banned. Simple as


I’m going to take the initiative and ask people to keep their feedback sensicle and refrain from shitposting.