Basic Medbay Guide

well, i’ve decide to create this after noticing there are quite a few new medical players (This is mostly for shipside med bay and not medics).

Basic healing
So, a crit marine just got dragged off the Alamo, first thing you should do is scan for what damages they have. if they have untreated wounds patch them up using the correct trauma kits. always stop any bleeding first, then patch up the most damaged areas. remember you can also suture damaged areas even after they have been treated for some extra healing.

If it is emergency and even after being healed they using trauma kits administer Bica for brute damage, Kelo for burn, Dyloven for toxin damage and Dex for oxygen damage. all of these can be easily accessed from way-med vendors.

So, despite your best efforts the marine (lets call him Steve from here) has died but this is not the end for Steve you should continue patching Steve up until the majority of the damage is healed after this take of Steve’s armour and take out your defib, press Z with the defib in hand or click its sprite then click the defib to the dead Steve. If Steve has been healed enough he should come back to life, If not apply epi then try again or continue healing.

Round Start
First thing you should do after cryo is grab your gear obviously, everyone ahs their own preferd loadouts but i suggest:

  • Life saver rig

  • medical satchel

  • med kit pouch

  • Pressurized reagent canister (revival Mix)

In the satchel you should always have atleast a defib and a health analyser and fill the satchel with items of you choosing.

Next you should prep med bay, First open OR room shutters, Second fill the IV bags with O- blood after this you can (if you want) turn of the cryo cells in the middle of the room and fill them with beakers of cryodone that are found in the chemline room.

Chemline is quite complicated if your new to med so I suggest either Mhelping, asking a SEA or one of the more experienced Docs or nurses for help but I do suggest having the wiki page on chemistry open when you are on chemline but if your really unsure of wat do I suggest leaving it to other more experienced players since it is quite important to medics

As nurse it is your Job to help other nurse and docs treat the injured. As a nurse you can do level 1 surgeries the mane one you will be doing is IB, if all the docs are busy its up to you. If you are going to help treat somebody that another nurse, doc or medic is treating always ask if they have already been given meds, this is to avoid accidental ODs.

Steve has just been brutally attacked by a warrior despite being patched up you notice his low blood level on the scanner, to fix this give them oxy. If a surgery table is not available use a surgery bed or if really nessecery a stretcher, attach an IV to Steve then (if a scalpel is not available) use a bayonet, select the part of the body that has IB (internal bleeding) then click on Steve’s sprite with a knife, click with the knife again if no retractor is available, then click with surgical line to fix the IB then click again with surgical line to close the incision. If you want have a look at other level 1 surgery i suggest you open the surgery wiki page and have a look, remember Mentors will always be happy to help you.

Auto Docs
Now despite what many people will tell you the auto docs are not only useful for fast blood transfers, use them to treat people who still have above 30 damage of any type left after being treated they are also useful for fast dialysis. (dont tell morrow this he’ll nerf them again)

Right that concludes my basic guide to med bay this is just a guide to help evry new players get teh bones of what to do, like i said Mentors will always be happy to help you with any questions you have.

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